b"2020| GENERAL| GADENSMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:C L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C E T Y N G E OGadens Employee Program is aligned withN E G E ND O INITIATIVES: E R GROSS Sour strategic intent of being an employerI I POLICY L POLICY R M GV GGreen Star rated buildings1,002t1.9t/employeeof choice. Priority areas are:E B IR T V 4-6 starEarth HourBio wasteES I INITIATIVES: separationNFlexibilityWe recognise that staff needI Q NT +to achieve an effective balance betweenY PUBLISHED PUBLISHEDEmployer of Choice for Gender Equality 0.00% 0.00% 0.03%EEquitable Briefing Commitment (CommBar/LCA/etc)POLICY T SCOPE 3.0t their work and other commitments, andINITIATIVES:International Women's DayLaw Council D & IONE 0.30%that a flexible workplace is essential to Training - LGBTIQ+ awarenessCharterPay Equity Ambassador Training - Gender attracting and retaining high performingUnconscious bias and inclusionWear inclusionpeople.it Purple POLICYPUBLISHED 89% 0.00%33% 60% 74% SCOPE 893tDiversity and inclusionWe engageFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE TWO 89%with staff to create an environment that0.07t/m2 0.00t/m2promotes individuality and diversity. OurPUBLISHED PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGALIndigenous Intern Program has beenO GICAL W E L STAFF STAFF P E R U S A G 9.4% 1.2%operating for over 13 years (to date weO L L A E SCOPE 8t/e oy 2t/em 107thave employed over 27 interns). WeB P THREE 10.6%H CERTIFICATION: 0 . 1 e e 0 .0 e esigned up to the CareerTrackers 10x10E mpl ployCNCOSOtherProgram.Y INITIATIVES: I NHealth and wellbeingOur wellbeingSPsychological support/EAPMentalG I C AL WELL B 62,116kg 50% NETinitiatives support a healthy andP health first aid training and support S E kg/e lo ycled con 1,002t1.9t/employee Mindfulness and Stress ManagementI 1 1 8 e e R e tbalanced lifestyle, providingY INITIATIVES: N mp y c nt eTrainingR U OK? Day programs Hopportunities for staff to mentally andPDiscount health insurance Gphysically unwind through participation ErgonomicsGym in a range of activities.membershipsFitness andCYCLINwellbeing awareness and promotion E GLearning and developmentOur L&D Flu vaccinationsFruit boxes 2020 AusLSA R OFFICESFramework has been designed to MassagesTeam events participation deliver focused, career-long L&D to Work based physical fitness SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%improve skills at all levels and supportINITIATIVES: POLICY gadens 100% 100%career progression. This covers technicalE W ORand business skills training, andI B L K Pproviding support for educationX L Aassistance.L E CCorporate social responsibilityWeFCareer break/Sabbaticals E Carer's leaveFlexible hours of% of\x1fce a bilitymaintain a culture of sustainability andworkFlexible working comms andvailasound corporate responsibility. We assistsupportJob sharingPart time the communities in which we live andoptionsPhased retirementPurchase work, enhance access to the legalLeaveStudy leaveRemote working tools and systemsTime in lieu system and embrace social Unpaid leaveVolunteer leave Headcount: 526 (FTE)Floor Area: 13,573m2responsibility.POLICY263 WEEKS WEEKS 85% Gadens is a leading, independent Australian law firm with offices in Adelaide, Brisbane,A BLE G IPAID PARENTAL LEAVE RETURN TO Melbourne and Sydney. We have over 80 partners and 550 staff across Australia. Our vision is toI T V OUR COMMUNITYPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER be a preeminent, independent firm renowned for providing outstanding client service, innovativeRPUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL A ILEAVE solutions and value.H INITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:Corporate donations GOur core values are the firms foundation and reflect the essence and character of the firmtheyCExternal events and define how we interact with one another and our clients. We promote individuality andappealsInternal appeals diversity while instilling pride in the firm and our values, are committed to equality in theand collectionsWorkplace workplace. Gadens recognises that our enduring success requires economic growth thatgiving programsCT / RIS both protects and promotes social equity and ecological sustainability. We strive toL V O L UOUR GOVERNANCE D U K M create a culture where the principles of sustainability and sound corporateG A INITIATIVES: N T CORPORATEN A Eresponsibility are embraced and lived by our people every day. We seek to make aE EO N LSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: Blood donationsBoardsGIVINGC POLICY A difference in the world by contributing to the development of the communities Charity events and appeals R PROGRAMGadens has an Operations and Risk Management Framework thatin which we live and work.NGeneral Community F G IO OVolunteeringHost or leadNis underpinned by our values and prescribes our approach toWe are committed to giving back, and our people participate inexternal eventsSecondments to corporate governance, risk management and compliance with legalE projects that make a difference. We recognise the importanceNGOsStudent tutoring andGNand regulatory requirements. The framework incorporates extensiveE mentoringMof fostering sustainable communities, minimising our business continuity and disaster recovery protocols. Our interactionD Eimpact on the environment and taking with clients, contractors and suppliers is guided by this framework.O N responsibility for our environmental For each decision that is to be made, we undertake an analysis ofC CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR T footprint. NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGALCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGthe impact that a particular risk or group of risks may have on theTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIESfirms operations, and ensure that mitigating controls and / or actionsNA G AL PRO B O N US RECO N C Iare put in place to minimise such impact.USTAI M BLE L E O N O L IS INFurtherIn support of our actions, we have a significant number of policies andA A N A information E ATYG I G Tprocedures in place that govern the firm and ensure our complianceH from AusLSA LI C INITIATIVES: Iwith all relevant laws. Our Operations and Risk ManagementBI R E SUPPLIER E The below icons provide limitedDAffirmative procurement programs OFramework covers the following areas:A P Y MN O STANDARDS COVER: bono commitment. More extensiveNInternship and employment programs NL information about the firms legal pro I P E IGovernance and Ethics, Communityinformation is reported by the Australian Pro NAIDOC Week activitiesNational A PRT T N Reconciliation WeekNon Legal volunteering Quality,I U and secondmentsPro bono supportWorkplace Health and Safety (WHS),DevelopmentEnvironmentalBono Centre and on individual firms websites.S N ImpactsFair Labour Practices TSustainability,SGender EqualityHuman RightsSTRATEGYReconciliation Action PlanProcurement, andUIndigenous Inclusion POLICY RAPS GBusiness Continuity.PROMOTED PRO BONOOur Boards and Executive Management Teams operatePUBLISHED CENTRE REFLECTSUSTAINABLE STANDARDSSTAN DARDS FEDERAL TARGET ACTION PUBLISHEDwithin the above governance framework and are accountablePLAN LEVELSUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO AP PLY TO LEGISLATIONfor their respective areas of responsibility. Equity and otherMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEW PARTICIPATIONSUPP LIERS SUPPLIERS IN DEVTpartner meetings are held as required.108"