b"JACKSON MCDONALD BACK TO NAVIGATIONOUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A E NDER EQUALI N M E A N A E NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C C T ON D POLICY L POLICY G Y G E N Jackson McDonald have a number of staff who V G O GROSSI I E E RR T R M G participate and drive environmental initiatives through E B INITIATIVES: SS I ICitySwitch Green Office 248t1.9t/employeeI Q out the firm. VT +Green Star rated buildings 4-6 starEINITIATIVES: NEarth HourWorld Environment Day N We have recycling facilities available and actively used Y Gender Pay Gap AnalysisHosting and/orPOLICY T SCOPE 0.00% 0.00% 0.18% 0.44t by staff including paper, glass, plastics, batteries and E leading external programsInternal networksONE 0.18% toners. Sensor lighting is installed throughout our and/or committeesInternational Women's Day premises along with perimeter lights that dim toTraining - Gender inclusionadjust to bright outside light. 35% 62% 69% 93% 0.00% Further, double sided printing is set as a default for all FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE SCOPE 230tTWO 93% printing and electronic filing is strongly encouraged GENDER 0.07t/m2 0.00t/m2 across all areas.EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGALGICAL W TARGET STAFF STAFF E R U S AL O E L P G SCOPE 6.0% 1.3% 18.1tO L A E THREE 1t/e ploy 2t/emplo 7.3%B PH CERTIFICATION: . 1 e e .0 e0 0y eC EFSCNCOS mINITIATIVES:YBeyond Blue programs I NSPsychological support/EAP G AL WELL 6,808kg 99% NETPMental health first aid training andI C B 248t1.9t/employeesupportR U OK? Day programs S E g/e loy ycled conRY I N 5 1 mp e tk e e c t e nPOLICY P H GINITIATIVES: ErgonomicsFlu vaccinations YCLISTAFFC NSURVEYS Proactive health checksWorkE Gbased physical fitness 2020 AusLSA R OFFICESPOLICY SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%STAFF I B LE W OR K SURVEYS X P L A 100% 100%L E CF INITIATIVES: E % of\x1fce ailability Carer's leave va Flexible hours of workJob sharingTime in lieuUnpaid leavePOLICY1412WEEKS WEEKS 78% Headcount: 133 (FTE)Floor Area: 3,401m2PAID PARENTAL LEAVERETURN TOPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTERCARER CARER PARENTAL Jackson McDonald is Western Australias largest independent law firm employingBLE LEAVE over 140 people including 26 partners. By offering a full range of commercial legalR I TA G I V OUR COMMUNITYservices for over 97 years, we have played an integral role in shaping the State.A I NWe believe our depth of knowledge combined with breadth of service sets us apartH INITIATIVES: G SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C One of Jackson McDonalds core values is itsCharitable Foundationin the WA legal market. We provide our clients with clear, concise legal advice that Corporate donationsis tailored to all of their commercial and operational needs by delivering strongcommitment to the community. This includes the partner engagement and utililising our unmatched connections within Westernlegal profession, charitable groups and specific CT / RIS Australia.A L V O L U N CORPORATE community programmes designed to address community issues and concerns - particularly here OUR GOVERNANCE D U K M Our local presence enables us to service our clients on demand. We areG T GIVING in Western Australia. N A E E PROGRAMN ideally placed to advise companies, whether established or looking toL INITIATIVES: E The Community Committee is responsible for SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:OBlood donationsC POLICY A grow their operations in our resource-rich State.BoardsOrganisedR managing the firms community work, which NIF G O volunteering activitiesN includes fund raising, volunteering activities and O E G developing ongoing support relationships with N E M certain community partners which reflect the firms E focus and values. DNON-PROFIT/ NON LEGALO N PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES It is important to the Community Committee that COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGC T the firm supports disadvantaged groups within our CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP community and embraces matters that are TRAINING MECHANISM PLAN AINA E G AL PRO B O N O US RECO N C I important to our staff. UST M BLE L O N L I The Community Committees focus is on the S AINA N Further A following identified areas: H A ETYG I G Tinformationfrom AusLSA ILI R C E INITIATIVES: I access to learning (generally in relation to the B E The below icons provide limitedD OA P Y MAffirmative procurementlaw or for disadvantaged groups) O L information about the firms legal proN programsCultural awarenessNI N P bono commitment. More extensiveI trainingInternship and employmentenvironmental issues and sustainability R E information is reported by the Australian Pro P N programsNAIDOC Week activitiesA Bono Centre and on individual firms websites. human health, research and welfare (which is a UT T National Reconciliation WeekReconciliation S REPORT N S T STRATEGY Action Plan broad group encompassing youth issues, IU MODERN POLICY RAP depression, disease and illness, indigenous S G SLAVERY issues, disabled people and homelessness) PROGRAMIN DEVT PRO BONO animal welfare INNOVATECENTRETARGET ACTIONalleviation of povertyPUBLISHED PLAN LEVEL 119"