b"2020| GENERAL| LANTERN LEGAL GROUPMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A E NDER EQUALI N M E A N A E NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C C T Y INITIATIVES: G OOur people are our greatest assets, theyN E G E NI OECO-BuyEarth Hour E R GROSS Sbring a wealth of experience, talent andD M GRI POLICY L POLICY 234t1.9t/employeeE B I POLICY Ecommitment to the firm. We are dedicatedV GVto their development, wellbeing, and beingR TNable to provide a workplace withI Q N 4.0% 5.6% 0.69%S Iopportunities for progression.Y E IMPROVEMENT SCOPE 24.3tT + INITIATIVES: ENV. T Hosting and/or leading external programs IN DEVT TARGET ONE 10.4%We encourage our people to further theirINITIATIVES:International Women's Daystudies and attend regular training provided LGBTIQ+ Awareness training POLICY 40% 60% 90%through our CPD (Continuing ProfessionalFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE 86% 0.00%Development) Program. This includes bothSCOPE 202ttechnical skills and soft skills. We havePARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL TWO 86%PUBLISHED 0.05t/m2 0.00t/m2external presenters who discuss self careSTAFF STAFFprograms with our staff and present onGICAL W E R U S Amental health.L O E L A P G SCOPE 2.8% 0.49% 7.6tLantern Legal Group continues toO INITIATIVES: L B P E THREE 5t/e 1t/e oy 3.3%H CERTIFICATION: 0 .0 mplo e 0 .0 mpl ey e eencourage flexible working arrangementsCPsychological support/EAP EFSCNCOSwith 33% of people working flexibly. OurYMental health first aid trainingI NOTHERcontinually expanding Works PerksS and supportMindfulness andAL WEL 6,941kg 0% NETStress Management TrainingR UG Lprogram, and rewards and recognitionP OK? Day programsSalaryS I C B E k g/e y ycled n 234t1.9t/employeeprogram provides weekly morning teas,continuanceSignatory - Minds CountY I N 5 mplo Rco6 e e e c e n tfresh fruit, breakfast daily, and monthly staffTJMF Guidelines H Gtrecognition awards. In addition to this staffPOLICY P INITIATIVES:receive life and income protection insurance ErgonomicsFlu vaccinationsE CYCLIN GLantern Legal Group is committed to2020 AusLSA R OFFICESbenefits. Fruit boxesattracting and retaining the best legal talentPOLICY SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%and professional service managers.We believe our commitment to our people is our point of difference. We do this byI B LE W OR K Pproviding a supportive and dynamicL A 0% 100%E Xworkplaces that recognises achievement and shares success. L INITIATIVES: CFCareer break /Sabbaticals E % of\x1fce a Carer's leaveFlexible hours ofvailabilityworkJob sharingPart time optionsStudy leaveRemote working tools and systemsTime in lieuUnpaid leaveVolunteer leavePOLICY Headcount: 125 (FTE)Floor Area: 4,238m2122 WEEKS WEEKS 100% PAID PARENTAL LEAVE RETURN TO The Lantern Legal Group Pty Ltd is the parent company of the law firms trading asBLE PUBLISHED PRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER A OUR COMMUNITYCARER CARER PARENTAL Harwood Andrews and Sladen Legal.I T G IR VLEAVEWe take an approach that is client driven and collaborative and work in partnershipA IINITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: with our clients to ensure the advice and service we provide is specific to individualHCharitableGneeds.C FoundationCorporate donationsWorkplace We have a team of 145 talented individuals who work both full time and part timegiving matchingWorkplace CT / RIS including principals, special counsel, lawyers and professional service managersA L V O L U N giving programsK who work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for our clients acrossTOUR GOVERNANCE D U M their business and personal legal needs. We are committed to not onlyG INITIATIVES: 50%N A E Eoperating for the benefit of shareholders, but also for the benefit of theL E CORPORATE PARTICIPATIONO N BoardsCharity events SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:GIVING IN CORPORATEC POLICY A environment, the community and our people. and appealsGeneralR PROGRAM GIVINGNAll of our people within the firm are responsible for assisting theF G Community Volunteering I NOO Gfirm to meet its community, social and environmental goals. Organised volunteering We will continue to advance community, social and environmentalN for employeesE activitiesPaid volunteer time consciousness across the firm. This will include:E MContinuing a pro bono program in which not less than 1% ofD E 30%ONour budgeted revenue is devoted to pro bono matters.CTNON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONProviding our talents and services to community organisationsCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGIN NON LEGALCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGby sitting on their boards of management and/or committees.TRAINING MECHANISM PLAN AL PRO B OPromoting our corporate social responsibility andSTAINAB E G Nenvironmental policies across the firm.S U IN M A LE L Further OBenchmarking our resource and energy use through AusLSA orH A N A informationfrom AusLSAsimilar organisations.ILITY R C G EB E The below icons provide limited In particular, our pro bono program and commitment toA P LY SUPPLIER M information about the firms legal pro community organisations will seek to benefit disadvantagedI N O P STANDARDS COVER: bono commitment. More extensive sectors of the communities in which the firm practices.A R PCommunityE N information is reported by the Australian Pro UTo the extent possible, we will attempt to measure theT T DevelopmentEnvironmentalBono Centre and on individual firms websites.ImpactsFair Labour Practices Toutcomes both for the firm and the community of ourS N SHuman Rights STRATEGYIengagement. This may include seeking feedback from ourUemployees and the community regarding our community,S REPORT Gsocial and environmental performance.SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDSSUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TOMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEWCSR PROMOTED SUPPLIERS SUPPLIERS124"