b'PEOPLE| LEGAL SECTOR| 2020SUSTAINABILITY INSIGHTLGBTIQ+ INCLUSIONDiversity and inclusion initiatives that visibly acknowledge and support LGBTIQ+ inclusion in the workplace are a feature of an organisation that values a broader culture of inclusion and respect for all employees. Welcoming and including all people based on their ability and contribution, regardless of their personal characteristics, has become essential to effective, productive, innovative and engaged workforces.The public 2018 national conversation around marriage equality in Australia provided a voice for the LGBTIQ+ community and the opportunity to build a greater community understanding. The result was a improved awareness of the lived experiences of the LGBTIQ+ community and an acceptance of our responsibilities to overcome misconceptions, prejudices and otherwise unconscious biases. Employees who are out at work are more likely to innovate, provide excellent customer/client service, and work highly effectively in their teams. By encouraging employees to bring their authentic selves to work, organisations see benefits in productivity, talent attraction and retention, and enhanced organisational reputation. In November 2017 the United Nations launched the Standards of Conduct for Business encouraging companies to take five important steps to tackle discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace:1. RESPECT the rights of LGBTIQ+ through effective policies, due diligence and effective grievance mechanisms;2. ELIMINATE discrimination against LGBTIQ+ employees in the workplace through sensitizing staff and managers, equalizing benefits,and eliminating discrimination from hiring and workplace practices;3. SUPPORT your LGBTIQ+ employees at workby creating an affirming, inclusive environment for LGBTIQ+ employees, and supporting LGBTIQ+ staff groups;4. PREVENT discrimination and related violations against LGBTIQ+ suppliers, distributors or customers by using leverage to insist that business partners also uphold equality;5. ACT in the public domain through standing up for LGBTIQ+ people in everywhere you do business.2020 AusLSA Member PerformanceOverall, AusLSA members are reporting a growth in the strategic management and program-based response to promoting LGBTIQ+ inclusion. This continues with another year of growth in 2020.Eighty-eight percent of firms reported having an LGBTIQ+ inclusion policy (up from sixty-two percent in 2016).However, only fifty-eight percent of firms have decided to make their commitments public bypublishing their commitment on their external website.Eighty-four percent of firms created specific accountabilities for the implementation of their policies and programs, an increase from sixty-three percent in 2016 to this year. Well governed committees are an important factor in the way that firms engage with their people to create cultural change and ninety-one percent convened workplace-based committees which is an increase from sixty-four percent in 2016.Ninety-four percent of AusLSA members participated in a range of different work-based activities and initiatives to support LGBTIQ+ support and inclusion. The average number of activities or initiatives undertaken at each firm increased by fifty-two percent to seven activities and initiatives annually. Twenty-one firms (up from fifteen in 2017) ran activities for IDAHOBIT and twenty-five for Wear it Purple (up from eight in 2017). Seventeen firms (fifty-seven percent) reported being members of Pride in Diversity, an extensive program supporting employees to implement LGBTIQ+ inclusion programs. Of these, fifteen reported participating in the Pride in Diversities Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) which is a comprehensive evaluation and benchmarking process. Nineteen firms provided LGBTIQ+ awareness training (up from thirteen in 2016).FORMAL POLICY PUBLISHED POLICYPOLICYPUBLISHEDYes 87% No 13% Yes 53% No 43%Not Reported 4%30'