b"MCINNES WILSON LAWYERS BACK TO NAVIGATIONOUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C C G E T Y N G EE O NN E McInnes Wilson Lawyers is passionate about D O INITIATIVES: E RI I POLICY M G GROSS SV R making a positive difference to the environment. In E IEarth HourWorld336t1.3t/employeeR supporting this passion and commitment, the firm S V Environment DayMobileEI Muster Recycling Program has developed a sustainability action plan which NT INITIATIVES: NY PUBLISHED International Women's Day participantWGEAPOLICY SCOPE 1.1% 0.00% 0.85% 6.6t aims to guide and support the firms sustainability INITIATIVES: E T agenda. The firms sustainability action plan is Pay Equity AmbassadorThe \x1frm conducts an annualONE 2.0% LGBTI Awareness trainingIDAHOTgender pay gap analysisMCW Exceptional Femaleclosely aligned to our core business strategy and Week ParticipationMcInnes WilsonLawyer Award ENV. provides a framework for understanding and member and holds annual eventsPOLICY IMPROVEMENT 77% 0.00% managing environmental impacts. Lawyers is a Diversity Council AustraliaPUBLISHED TARGET5% 63% 63%that mark diversity FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE SCOPE 258t The following initiatives and programs have been TWO 77% executed:GENDER0.06t/m2 0.00t/m2EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGALPUBLISHED TARGET STAFF STAFF Use of sensor lighting and technology to reduce O GICAL W E L P E R U S A G 20.4% 0.77% our energy consumption O L L A E SCOPE 6t/e 1t/e y 71t Server virtualisation technology INITIATIVES: B P THREE 21%H 0 .2 e 0 .0 eE mploy e mplo e Teleconference equipment to reduce the need CSignatory to the TJMFfor travel YRUOK programs participantI N 23,684kg 0%SCon\x1fdential professionalL WEL k g/e y ycled n NET Weekly collection and recycling of paper, cans, psychological supportMental healthG A L B locoP I C 8 9 mp R e t 336t1.3t/employee plastics, steel and aluminium e ne e c\x1frst aid trainingBuilding resilienceS I tEtraining H Y INITIATIVES: N Use of earth friendly cleaning products and POLICY P checksFlu vaccinationsWorkG ErgonomicsHealthconsumable goods based physical \x1ftness DietaryRecycling of toner cartridges and electronic STAFFconsultations Mindfulness sessions2019 AusLSA R E CYCLIN G waste PUBLISHED SURVEYSand educational programsWeeklyOFFICES Use of recycled paper or sustainably sourced group \x1ftness and yoga classes SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 80% paperCorporate massagesPOLICY Electronic filing and automated work flow systems I B LE W OR K P STAFFMcInnes Wilson Lawyers will continue to measure, X L A PUBLISHED SURVEYS20% 40% monitor and regularly review our sustainability L E INITIATIVES: C initiatives in order to report on environmental FFlexible hours of work E performance. This will ensure we continue toPart time workJob sharing% of\x1fce availability achieve our primary goal of reducing carbonTelecommutingUnpaid leave emissions.Carers leaveStudy leaveCeremonial leaveCompressed working hours POLICY Headcount: 267 (FTE)Floor Area: 4,252m2132 WEEKS WEEKS 100% PAID PARENTAL LEAVE RETURN TO McInnes Wilson Lawyers is a national law firm with offices located in Brisbane, Sydney, PRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER BLE PUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Southport, Maroochydore and Parramatta. The firms vision isI TA G I OUR COMMUNITYLEAVE to be a leading full service legal and advisory company and employer of choice, withR VA INITIATIVES: I Ninternational affiliations and a commitment to quality client service, value and responsiveness.H SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: We are a full service law firm with a wealth of experience in a broad range of specialised legalCCorporate donationsG FoundationsStaffMcInnes Wilson Lawyers is committed to making services representing local, national and international clients.givingSubsidised charitymeaningful contributions in the community. Our The firm is proud to be an affiliate of Globalaw, a leading worldwide network comprising ofevent participation lawyers offer an extensive range of pro bono legal U CT / RIS 110 independent law firms with more than 4,500 lawyers practising in over 85 countries.L V O L U advice to a number of organisations and individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford premier OUR GOVERNANCE K with our clients to understand their priorities and desired outcomes. The firm has aN CORPORATE legal assistance. N D M We take a strategic approach in providing commercial legal solutions, working closelyG A TA proven track record of providing quality and cost effective legal services as wellE INITIATIVES: E PROGRAM As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility O N EGIVINGC POLICY as delivering outcomes for local governments in all regions.LBoardsNon Legalprogram, the firm has a pro bono aspirational SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: A N RF G volunteering programsI target in which each lawyer volunteers weekly pro OO McInnes Wilson Lawyers prides itself on providing technicallyN bono work to disadvantaged people and the E excellent, tailored legal services and delivering value to our E NM G not-for-profit sector. clients through a diverse and well experienced workforce.D E The firm is a signatory to the National Pro Bono NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGALON COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING Aspirational Target. As part of this initiative, the firm C T provides training to lawyers in the provision of pro PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIESCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP bono legal services and reports annually to the TRAINING MECHANISM PLAN G AL PRO B O N US RECO N C I National Pro Bono Research Centre on its activities E O O L and progress. L N IFurtherE AOur involvement with Self Representation Service is I G Tinformationfrom AusLSA one way that this commitment is demonstrated.A BILITY R E The below icons provide limitedD INITIATIVES: I O This Service aims to assist those who are self-P O information about the \x1frms legal proN N represented in civil matters in the Supreme, District NCultural awareness trainingNAIDOC I bono commitment. More extensiveI and Federal Courts. This also extends to the R information is reported by the Australian ProWeek activitiesInternship and employment A programsMcInnes Wilson Lawyers is aQueensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. T T Bono Centre and on individual \x1frms websites.S I N member of Reconciliation QueenslandPro bono work is an important part of our U STRATEGY Incorporated professional responsibilities and connection with S G POLICY the wider community. In addition, the firm is PROMOTED PRO BONO committed to sponsoring and cooperating with PUBLISHED CENTRE local, national and international charitable TARGET IN DEVT community groups."