b"2019| EXECUTIVE| MCCULLOUGH ROBERTSONMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:C L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: D POLICY POLICY C E T Y N G E OOur people strategy is aligned with ourN I L E G E NV G O INITIATIVES: E R GROSS Spurpose of Unlocking Success. TogetherI E B M GS T R 1,157t3.4t/employeeRwith a focus on enhancing the employeeI I IGreen Star rated buildings 4-6experience.Y PUBLISHED PUBLISHED INITIATIVES: VT EstarEarth Hour NNINITIATIVES: 0.01% 0.00% 0.39%Our culture is our differentiator, and our Pride in Diversity MembershipLGBTI WGEA Employer of Choice for GenderPOLICY 5.6t International Women's Day participant E T SCOPEengagement efforts are certainly focused onAwareness trainingAustralian WorkplaceEqualityWGEA Pay Equity AmbassadorONE 0.49%celebrating that culture, yet enhancing thoseEquality Index (AWEI) reportingIDAHOT Male Champions of ChangeSponsorship Program ENV. ENV.areas that need work.Week ParticipationOut for Australia IMPROVEMENT MANAGEMENT Strong Ally NetworkGrif\x1fthPOLICY TARGET SYSTEM (EMS) 49% 0.00%We know that retaining quality employees isUniversity Partnership Mentoring23% 67% 79% IN DEV Tkey to us achieving this, hence our focus onProgramDays of CelebrationFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE SCOPE 565tincluding Wear itGENDERTWO 49%working hard to keep our employees. OurPurple EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL 0.08 0.00PUBLISHED t/m2 t/m2strategy sets out the direction for growthTARGET STAFF STAFFand retention, and gives every employee anO GICAL W E L P E R U S A G 48% 2.3%opportunity to get involved and beL A SCOPE 586tchallenged.O INITIATIVES: L B P E THREE t/em y 8t/em lo 51%H E CERTIFICATION: 1 .6 e e 0 .0 e eplo p yOur achievements include WGEA EmployerCSignatory to the TJMFPEFCNCOSChoice for Women, being the 2019 winner ofYBeyond Blue programsI Nthe Queensland Law Society Diversity &S participantBlack Dog programsG I C AL WELL B kg/e ycledparticipantRUOK programs30,057kg 68% NETInclusion Large Law Firm and awardedP participantCon\x1fdential professionalS E loycon 1,157t3.4t/employeeI 8 8 e R ec n tQueensland Mental Health Achievementpsychological supportMental healthY INITIATIVES: N mp e t eH\x1frst aid trainingHealthy Days policyAward for 2016 as well as a finalist in thePErgonomicsHealthGLegal Innovation Index Awards in 2017 arePOLICY checksFlu vaccinationsWork very important to us. They are importantand eye testingHealthy Days Policy 2019 AusLSA E CYCLIN Gbased physical \x1ftnessNutrition because they tell us to continue theSTAFF Domestic Violence Policy andRinvestment and effort that goes into makingPUBLISHED SURVEYStraining SUSTAINABILITY PROFILEOFFICEScultural change across organisations and thePOLICY 100% 100%broader industry as well as telling us to keep going. E W OR STAFF We continue to have numerous finalists andI B L K P PUBLISHED SURVEYS25% 100%winners in the various legal awards acrossX L Athe industry and extensive recognition inL E Cindustry journals and publications. F INITIATIVES: E Flexible hours of work % of\x1fce a ilabilityva Time in lieuPart time work Job sharingTelecommuting Unpaid leaveCarers leavePOLICY122 WEEKS WEEKS 88% Headcount: 342 (FTE)Floor Area: 7,248m2RETURN TOPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER McCullough Robertson is a leading Australian independent law firm with industry specialists PUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL BLE LEAVE combining legal expertise with deep industry knowledge and foresight. With offices inI TA G I OUR COMMUNITYBrisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and Melbourne, the firm provides innovative,R VA Irelevant and commercial legal solutions to major corporate, government and high net worthH INITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: individuals across Australia and internationally.CCorporate donationsG FoundationsStaff Established in 1926, the firms major focus areas are the resources and renewables, foodgivingWorkplace giving and agribusiness, technology, telecommunications, tourism, infrastructure, real estate,programsMatched givingU CT / RIS K government and financial services sectors.L V O L U N 90%OUR GOVERNANCE D M We use deep industry knowledge and foresight, combined with technicalA T CORPORATE PARTICIPATIONN A excellence, to provide the best possible outcomes for all who work with us. ButE G ESUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:O E GIVING IN CORPORATEC POLICY LN theres more to our people than their brilliant mindsits what they have toINITIATIVES: PROGRAM GIVINGA offer outside the boardroom that makes McCullough Robertson truly BoardsNon LegalRWe adopt a corporate leadership model with senior managementF G N volunteering programsspecial.I NOresponsibility resting with the Executive Committee, ManagingOAllocation of paid volunteer Partner (MP) and Business Unit Leaders (BULs). The Executive (fourE We are entrenched in our communities and take great pride intime for employeesE NM Gequity Partners, one of whom is the Chairman) sets the strategicwhat can be achieved when you put people first. We are direction and reviews performance. The BULs are responsible forD E passionate champions of our business, we10%Oday to day management, implementing the strategic plan andN celebrate diversity and we look forNON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONCmanaging financial performance. Industry Groups coordinate our CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR T sustainable solutions. COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGIN NON-LEGALmarket facing approach and report to the Executive and MP. OurPARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPChief Operating Officer (COO) works with the MP, Executive andTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN AL PRO B O S RECOBULs and is responsible for the Business Support Services functions.E G N O U N C IOur committees report to Executive:L Further O E N L IEthics: assess and manage potential conflicts of interest andinformation AG Tfrom AusLSA ethical issuesILITY R I IThe below icons provide limitedD INITIATIVES: ORisk: monitor claims, complaints, risk management programA B E P information about the \x1frms legal proNoutcomes and other risk issues, identify trends, implementO bono commitment. More extensiveNN IReconciliation Action Planstrategies to minimise risk and continuously improve our riskI R information is reported by the Australian Pro NAIDOC Week activitiesNational management systemsA Bono Centre and on individual \x1frms websites. Reconciliation Week activitiesInternship T T and employment programsDiversity and Inclusion: review and change work practices toS I N STRATEGYmake McCullough Robertson a competitive and desirableU POLICY RAPplace for all staff and where professionals can develop theirS GcareersINNOVATEPROMOTED PUBLISHED PRO BONO ACTION CENTREInnovation: consider, approve, prioritise and driveTARGET PUBLISHED PLAN LEVEL implementation of innovation projects and ideas, andLegal Environmental Action Forum: develop sustainability policy and goals to reduce our environmental footprint and raise environmental awareness."