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Working collaboratively to promote sustainable practice across the legal sector

Sustainability Framework

AusLSA's Sustainability Framework is a map of the most important features that influence the broader value created by the Australian Legal Sector. 

The Sustainability Framework developed by AusLSA has been developed to reflect management and reporting frameworks commonly applied in Australian and international organisations.

Whats included in the Sustainability Framework?

 People-Workplace  Community  Environment  Governance 
 Gender Equality  Pro Bono Environmental Management Public Sustainability Reporting
 Flexible Working  Non Legal Volunteering Climate Action  Sustainable Supply Chain Management including modern slavery statements 
 Diversity and Inclusion  Corporate Giving Greenhouse—gas-emissions from  Electricity and gas   Ethics and Conduct
 LGBTI Inclusion  Indigenous Reconciliation  Greenhouse-gas-emissions from Travel Risk Management and Continuity
 Physical Well-being  Paper Use and selection
 External Reporting
 Psychological Well-being     Waste and Recycling  
 Learning and Development

   Renewable Electricity and Carbon  Offsets Purchased  

How was the Sustainability Framework Developed?

The current Sustainability Framework represents the evolution of Australian law firm's sophistication and capacity to identify, commit to and manage their most important sustainability aspects. The 2017 Sustainability Framework is the result of ongoing advice and consultation with AusLSA members and industry stakeholders and reflects a commitment to growth an ongoing improvement to the report.  

 The AusLSA Sustainability Reporting Framework has been being developed with reference to existing sustainability reporting methodologies including;

  • the Global Reporting Initiative

  • the UN Global Compact
  • Sustainable Development goals and 
  • Australian GHG Protocol 

The development of AusLSA’s Sustainability Framework is also greatly assisted by ongoing input from a group of key organisations who provide related programs and thought leadership.  AusLSA has benefited greatly from the leadership shown by these organisations and groups and is grateful for their ongoing assistance in developing our framework: 

  • The Australian Pro Bono Centre - legal pro bono programs
  • The Workplace Gender Equity Agency - gender equity and flexible working
  • Workplace Giving Australia  - giving and non-legal volunteering
  • Pride in Diversity - LGBTI inclusion
  • The Legal Profession Reconciliation Network - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander reconciliation and 
  • The Minds Count Foundation - psychological well-being \
  • World Wildlife Fund - sustainable paper certifications 
  • EcoBuy - sustainable supply chain management
  • Ernst & Young 

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