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Working collaboratively to promote sustainable practice across the legal sector

AusLSA Policy on Members' Communication

Improvements in the operational efficiency and environmental profile of your firm provide excellent opportunities to engage with both internal and external stakeholders. AusLSA encourages Members to celebrate and communicate their successes and their involvement with AusLSA; however, we request that Members refrain from the following:

  1. Referencing or making a direct comparison to another Member’s environmental report.
    The AusLSA Legal Sector Environmental Insight Report is not intended to provide a competitive framework whereby firms reproduce data and compare footprints. The size and structure of each firm has a significant impact on their footprint: larger firms, with multiple locations and a diverse client base tend, unsurprisingly, to have larger environmental footprints on a per capita basis.
  2. Communicating your firm’s results prior to the release of the AusLSA report.
    We appreciate that firms receive their own report upon submission in August and might be keen to promote their results as soon as possible. We believe it is preferable for all Members to delay their communications until after the release of the AusLSA report as it provides context and additional leverage for your firm’s story. This approach also ensures that all Members have an equal opportunity to promote their successes. AusLSA commits to publishing the Annual Report in early November each year.

AusLSA aims to provide a collaborative environment where all Australian law firms are encouraged to participate and contribute to improving the sustainability of the Australian legal industry.

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