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Working collaboratively to promote sustainable practice across the legal sector

2023 AusLSA Member's Sustainability Insight

The latest sustainability report from the members of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance was released on 27 November. The report explores the issues, commitments and performance of legal firms across the areas of people, community, environment and governance.

Sustainability Reporting

As part of a commitment to the AusLSA Principles, members of AusLSA are encouraged to measure and monitor their sustainability. 

AusLSA's member sustainability reporting is based on a Sustainability Framework developed for and by AusLSA's  Australian law firm members and stakeholders. AusLSA's Sustainability Framework is based on four sustainability pillars of People, Community, Environment and Governance.

Members voluntarily provide standardised data into the  AusLSA Sustainability Reporting and Analysis Tool which is used to prepare the standardised Annual Legal Sector Sustainability Insight report

Why do AusLSA members report?

AusLSA’s members believe that reporting is a key part of their commitment to sustainability and responsible business. 

Our members are part of a growing corporate community who understand how their citizenship and the purpose they demonstrate contribute to their business strength and competitiveness. Public reporting is one method that AusLSA members use to articulate the common elements of their sustainability approach and to demonstrate their commitment and endeavour to improve performance in these areas. 

A disciplined and standardised approach to regular public reporting allows firms - to not only monitor their progress against their own expectations - but also to compare themselves against the standards and leadership within their peer group. This information can be used to manage the allocation of effort and management focus to improve in chosen areas.

  Reporting for Members
Information on the reporting process for AusLSA Members, including access to the reporting tools, is available on the
 Sustainability Reporting and Analysis Tool page 


Review any of AusLSA's twelve annual reports or reporting guidelines


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