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Working collaboratively to promote sustainable practice across the legal sector

Environmental Management System


Membership of AusLSA and participation in AusLSA Reporting can be used to communicate with your stakeholders, demonstrating that your firm has a strong commitment to sustainability. Many clients, however, are asking their suppliers to take the additional step of implementing of an Environmental Management System (EMS).

An EMS is an internationally recognised management tool that allows environmental impacts to be identified and has a compliance framework at assist in the management of those impacts.

To help law firms meet the expectations of clients, AusLSA has developed an EMS framework, that is rigorous, but also appropriate for the environmental risks of legal practice.  

About AusLSA EMS

  • tailored for the legal sector,
  • simple and easy to implement,
  • web based compliance tool,
  • provides templates and guidance, and
  • recognised across the finance sector.

AusLSA EMS has a simple, web based interface to allow question/answer responses to all compliance elements of the EMS. It also has the ability to upload supporting documentation and provides an on-going repository for this data to be quickly accessed.

Click on the image above to see a demonstration version of the AusLSA EMS

AusLSA EMS Certification

Once AusLSA EMS has been used to complete data entry, firms may optionally have their submission reviewed, and where appropriate, EMS Certification can be awarded which must be renewed every two years.

Currently Certified Firms 


EMS Extension

AusLSA EMS has been designed to allow the addition of new tiers and modules which might include:

  • More detailed EMS criteria
  • Supply chain engagement
  • Monitoring and managing social impacts

These extensions will be developed in line with the broadening AusLSA agenda and member interests.


AusLSA Members

(26+ Legal Prof.)

AusLSA Members

(1 - 25 Legal Prof.)

Initial program subscription Free Free $3500.00
Certification (biennial) $1000.00 $500.00 $1500.00
Total $1000.00 + GST $500.00 + GST $5000.00 + GST

Sustainability in finance sector procurement

Westpac - Responsible Sourcing Code of Conduct

ANZ - Supplier code of practice

The Westpac Group Resonsible Sourcing Code of Conduct states that "The Westpac Group expects its suppliers to minimise the environmental impacts associated with their products and services, and from their operational footprint, including offices, manufacturing and processing facilities, and transport and distribution. Impacts relating to greenhouse gas emissions, air quality, energy efficiency, water and wastewater, waste and hazardous materials, biodiversity impacts, lifecycle impacts of products and services, and packaging, where relevant, should be measured, monitored, managed and minimised. Suppliers are encouraged to source and supply credible third-party certified products".
    ANZ's Supplier Code of Practice states that suppliers must "Implement and maintain an environmental management system and or processes appropriate to their business to support compliance with local government regulations and environmentally responsible business practices".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


    CBA - Supplier Code of Conduct

    NAB's Group Supplier Sustainability Principles

    includes  "Suppliers to NAB must have an environmental management system or plan to identify, assess and reduce their environmental risks, impacts and dependencies".

    The CBA Supplier Code of Conduct states that "The group requires that our suppliers will assess and manage the environmental impact across their operations, transport and supply chain and take responsibility for minimising the negative impact of their goods and services throughout their lifecycle".

    For more information
    T: 03 9655 2612

    AEMS has been developed in conjunction with Net Balance Foundation.

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