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  • 17 July 2013 2:49 PM
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    17 July 2013Lander & Rogers

    Below is a summary of some of today's discussion - please feel free to add more, or comment!

    Thanks to Stephen Reardon from ECO-Buy for attending to provide paper expertise. 
    ECO-Buy offers a wide range of services to enable organisations to make sustainable procurement ‘business as usual’, including membership, consulting services, training, resources, and events - More info on Associate Membership

    Clearly the 3 issues of interest were:

    • what paper to choose
    • how to engage with staff on paper issues, and 
    • reducing reliance on paper

    Stephen identified the issues with paper choice to include:

    1. Fibre source (Recycled or FSC-certified is preferred)
    2. Bleaching (EFC)
    3. Carbon Neutral
    4. Origin (eg Australian Made)
    Reflex have a new limited supply paper which is 100% recycled, carbon neutral and Australian-made (link) which is currently being used by the NAB. 

    Forestry Certifications

    • FSC - Forestry Stewardship Council - International organisation of cross-sectoral stakeholders including environmental NGOs. Arguably the more rigorous standard. 
    • PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification. International organisation with local standards
    • AFS - Australian Forestry Standard - the local standard under PEFC
    Paper Manufacturing
    Chlorine bleaching of paper risks creating dioxin toxin which are environmentally disastrous. Look for ECF paper as a minimum.
    • ECF - Elemental Chlorine Free, or 
    • TCF - Totally Chlorine Free
    • PCF - Processed Chlorine Free, relating only to recycled papers (no additional cholrine used)


    Using recycled content in your paper reduces the need for virgin pulp and makes the most of paper as a resource. It also helps divert paper away from landfill. 

    Carbon Neutral

    Paper production is very energy intensive and carbon neutral papers utilise waste from forestry to power their plants. 


    • At Allens, using recycling paper aids with staff engagement
    • Holding Redlich are trialling paperless practice in some of their practice areas, lead by key personnel
    • Norton Rose Fulbright are considering reporting on individuals adoption of e-filing
    • Russell Kennedy have adopted electronic bill authorisation

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