OUR PEOPLE OUR GOVERNANCE SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: 201 SUSTAINA AusLSA GENERAL MEMBER: F L E XIBLE WORKPLA C E I N C LUSIVE WORKPLA C E GENDER EQUALITY • International Women's Day participant • WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality • Client events discuss gender equality • Targeted programs to support our working parents balance work/family commitments • Strategic initiative focused around flexibility INITIATIVES: C O D E O F C O N DUCT / RISK M A N A G E M E N T • Pride in Diversity Membership • LGBTI Awareness training • Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) reporting • IDAHOT Day participant • Talent Council • Diversity Committee • Wear It Purple Day participant INITIATIVES: • Human Rights • Labour • Environment • Fair Operating • Practices • Consumer Issues • Community • Indigenous Inclusion • Gender Equality S U S T A I N A B L E SUPPLY CHAIN M A N A G E M E N T POLICY • Flexible hours of work • Part time work • Job sharing • Telecommuting • Unpaid leave • Carer’s leave • Emergency Childcare Policy • Working parents programs INITIATIVES: P H YSICAL WELLBEI N G • Ergonomics • Health checks • Flu vaccinations • Work based physical fitness INITIATIVES: P S Y C H O LOGICAL WELL B E I N G • RUOK programs participant • Confidential professional psychological support • Domestic violence policy • Internal health & wellbeing program • Managing mental health training, resources and guideline INITIATIVES: S U S T A I N ABILITY REP O R T I N G CODE OF CONDUCT TRAINING BCP OR ERP COMPLAINTS & GRIEVANCE MECHANISM RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN SUPPLIER STANDARDS COVER: PROMOTED STAFF SURVEYS D I V E R S I T Y POLICY PUBLISHED L G B T I POLICY PUBLISHED SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT STANDARDS APPLY TO EXISTING SUPPLIERS STANDARDS APPLY TO NEW SUPPLIERS POLICY PUBLISHED GENDER EQUITY TARGET POLICY PUBLISHED POLICY IN DEV’T STAFF SURVEYS POLICY IN DEV’T MINTER ELLISON MinterEllison is an international law firm, he as one of the Asia-Pacific’s premier law fi Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK We have a clear goal – to be our clients’ be centre of everything we do and partner wi solutions. We also think beyond the law, offering c disciplinary and industry-facing to help the grasp business opportunities and create MinterEllison is committed to sound envi of our broader commitment to corpora while actively seeking to minimise the n business on the environ Headcount: 1,751 (FTE) MinterEllison’s focus is to build a high- performance culture that values individual contribution, teamwork, innovation and productivity regardless of background, ethnicity, disability, gender, faith, sexual orientation or family structures. Through the many programs within MinterEllison, the firm aims to encourage and support the ongoing development of high performing agile teams where diversity of thought is embraced as a differentiator and people are performing at their best. When we define “at our best” it is ultimately answering the questions about where and how we work to : • Be our clients’ best partner • Meet and exceed the obligations to our colleagues and teams • Manage the challenges of busy work and personal lives. In this way flexibility and agility are viewed as commercial imperatives that deliver innovative outcomes. MinterEllison’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) affects its procurement decisions and influences its selection of suppliers. All suppliers and service providers, contractors and business partners are encouraged to pursue a like minded approach to their business in the key areas of environmentally friendly products, policies and initiatives; workplace practices; community involvement; environment; and supply chain management. As part of this wider commitment to CSR, MinterEllison periodically assesses the social, ethical and environmental impact of its own supply chain so all parties can continue to seek new opportunities to improve environmental performance and collaboratively benefits from the relationship.