OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: 17 AusLSA ABILITY PROFILE BACK TO NAVIGATION I N D I G ENOUS RECONCILI A T I O N RECYCLING 100% 100% 25% 100% E N V I R O N M ENTAL MANA G E M E N T • Green Star rated buildings 4-6 star • Earth Hour INITIATIVES: LEGAL PRO BONO PRO BONO CENTRE TARGET C O R PORATE GIV I N G • Corporate donations • Foundations • Staff giving • Matched giving INITIATIVES: N O N L E GAL VOLUNT E E R I N G • Boards • Non Legal volunteering programs • Allocation of paid volunteer time for employees INITIATIVES: • Reconciliation Action Plan • NAIDOC Week activities • Internship and employment programs INITIATIVES: OFFICES P A PER USAG E 1 2 6 kg/emplo y e e 50,476kg 12% CERTIFICATION: • FSC STRATEGY ENV. IMPROVEMENT TARGET ENV. MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) IN DEV’T POLICY NON LEGAL VOLUNTEERING ACTIVITIES NON-PROFIT/ COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION PUBLISHED CORPORATE GIVING PROGRAM PARTICIPATION IN CORPORATE GIVING 100% ACTION PLAN LEVEL RAP INNOVATE POLICY PUBLISHED 6.2t 0.64% 599t 62% 361t 37% G REENHOUSE GAS EMISSION S SCOPE ONE SCOPE TWO SCOPE THREE 62% 0.08t/m 2 0.00% 0.00t/m 2 0.17% 0.00% 0.46% 35.0% 0 . 8 4t/emplo y e e 2.3% 0 . 0 6t/emplo y e e GROSS 966t – 2.4t/employee NET 966t – 2.4t/employee The below icons provide limited information about the firm’s legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual firm’s websites. Further information from AusLSA R e c ycled con t e n t % office availability ndependent law firm with industry specialists y knowledge and foresight. With offices in the firm provides innovative, relevant and government and high net worth individuals n 1926, the firm’s major focus areas are the ess, technology, telecommunications, and financial services sectors. , combined with technical excellence, ho work with us. But there’s more to at they have to offer outside the ertson truly special. We are great pride in what can be re passionate champions of we look for sustainable Floor Area: 7,495m2 McCullough Robertson’s environmental initiatives are coordinated by an Environmental Committee made up of the Chief Operating Officer, a Partner, three lawyers, a Graduate and an IT representative. The key responsibilities of the Environmental Committee are: • providing prioritisation and recommended next steps for ideas to be worked on by environmental teams • endorsing processes to be followed by each environmental team to investigate, analyse and implement ideas • determining information requirements for each type of idea e.g. investment budget, business case determinants, risks and internal and external resources • establishing metrics to track progress by Environmental Teams and the Environmental Program overall and • oversight of appropriate communications and engagement activities to ensure all staff are kept informed and involved. Our strategy includes pro bono work, Partner and staff donations through the McCullough Robertson Foundation, sponsorships, staff community activities, fundraising and volunteering. Our broad priority areas cover: • Access to justice • Health and mental health • Indigenous education • Rural and remote communities and their activities • Community arts; and • Diversity and inclusion. Examples of our programs and activities include supporting new and start-up nonprofit and community based entities, governance and training for new and existing organisations and mentoring and supporting Indigenous organisations and programs. We also encourage our lawyers to take up board roles with community organisations. We have signed up to Pro Bono Australia’s Aspirational Target because the vision matched our own. Our activities include: • establishing charitable entities • tax concession endorsement advice • employment relations • intellectual property • privacy, and • property. As a founding member of the Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House (QPILCH), now known as LawRight, we accept pro bono matters referred from LawRight through a number of its clinics. We have established a number of long-term partnerships with community organisations, which provide our staff with opportunities to get involved in tangible ways. In 2009 we established the McCullough Robertson Foundation as a vehicle to formalise our charitable activities.