47 BACK TO NAVIGATION 2017 AusLSA Member Performance All reporting firms have a specific code of conduct in place that deals with ethics, including; bribery, corruption, fraud, workplace bullying and sexual harassment. They also had a documented complaints and grievance mechanism to address both internal and external issues. Ninety percent of these firms provide specific training to partners and employees regarding their code. All reporting firms have developed and operate a formal risk management plan that is reviewed regularly by the leadership team. All reporting firms also have a documented Business Continuity Plan or Emergency Response Plan which is regularly tested. Challenges and Opportunities In law firms, universal standards for the management of risks, continuity, ethics and the codes of conduct are guided by government regulation, state law societies, customer expectations and industry standards. The high levels of performance and compliance in these areas that are outlined by this report do not indicate clear or immediate improvement needs. RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN 97% 97% 3% 3% Yes Yes Not Reported Not Reported