OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: 17 AusLSA ABILITY PROFILE BACK TO NAVIGATION I N D I G ENOUS RECONCILI A T I O N RECYCLING 100% 100% 0% 100% % office availability E N V I R O N M ENTAL MANA G E M E N T • Sustainability Advantage (NSW) • CitySwitch Green Office • Green Star rated buildings 4-6 star • ECO-Buy • Earth Hour INITIATIVES: LEGAL PRO BONO PRO BONO CENTRE TARGET C O R PORATE GIV I N G • Staff giving • Matched giving INITIATIVES: N O N L E GAL VOLUNT E E R I N G • Boards • Non Legal volunteering programs • Allocation of paid volunteer time for employees INITIATIVES: • Reconciliation Action Plan • Cultural awareness training • NAIDOC Week activities • Internship and employment programs • National Reconciliation Week activities INITIATIVES: ACTION PLAN LEVEL RAP STRETCH OFFICES P A PER USAG E 1 8 6 kg/emplo y e e 100,669kg 20% CERTIFICATION: • AFS STRATEGY NON LEGAL VOLUNTEERING ACTIVITIES CORPORATE GIVING PROGRAM POLICY PUBLISHED PUBLISHED ENV. IMPROVEMENT TARGET ENV. MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) EMS CERTIFICATION POLICY PUBLISHED 15.8t 0.48% 1,332t 40.7% 1,925t 58.8% G REENHOUSE GAS EMISSION S SCOPE ONE SCOPE TWO SCOPE THREE 40.7% 0.08t/m 2 0.00% 0.00t/m 2 0.00% 0.00% 0.48% 58% 3 . 5t/employ e e 1.2% 0 . 0 7t/emplo y e e GROSS 3,273t – 6.1t/employee NET 3,273t – 6.1t/employee The below icons provide limited information about the firm’s legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual firm’s websites. Further information from AusLSA R e c ycled con t e n t iness law firm providing clients with an e across four capital cities nationally. third of the ASX 100 companies or their take great pride in our reputation as a do business with. It is our priority to w them so that we can understand innovative legal solutions that are ially focused. Floor Area: 17,177m2 DLA Piper is committed to the highest standards of sustainable procurement throughout its extended supply chain and requires agreement to the DLA Piper Sustainable Procurement Policy. The Policy is divided into three sections that cover: Human Rights, Environmental and Anti-Corruption standards, and is based on the following international standards: • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights • UN Global Compact Ten Principles • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights • The Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). • The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code DLA Piper was also the first law firm to achieve ISO 14001 certification in every office, committing us significantly to reducing our impact on the environment. The initiative is sponsored by Board members with representation from Risk Management, Responsible Business, Facilities and Property Management, IT, Procurement, Travel Management and partners from our Environmental legal services. Through addressing all operational aspects of our environmental impact, the group is able to implement strategies to reduce our negative impact in four key areas: energy, waste, travel and sustainable procurement. In 2016, our lawyers and staff contributed more than 239,000 hours towards pro bono and community engagement initiatives. Of this, we donated more than 217,000 hours of pro bono legal work globally, making us one of the largest providers of pro bono legal services in the world. Our global focus areas are child justice, displaced people and rule of law. In Australia alone in the last 12 months, 88% of all fee earners undertook pro bono work and 31% undertook more than 35 hours, consistent with DLA Piper’s target. In 2016, DLA Piper launched a new Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), which builds on our previous RAP and includes stronger commitments and targets across all offices in Australia. Break into Law is DLA Piper’s global initiative focused on removing barriers to careers within the legal sector for underrepresented young people. Improving equality, diversity and inclusion within the legal profession is a significant priority for us. In Australia the program includes CareerTrackers Indigenous internships, workshops with The Smith Family, and a ‘B.Inspiring’ three-day conference for high school students.