OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: 17 AusLSA ABILITY PROFILE BACK TO NAVIGATION I N D I G ENOUS RECONCILI A T I O N RECYCLING 100% 0% 100% E N V I R O N M ENTAL MANA G E M E N T • Earth Hour INITIATIVES: LEGAL PRO BONO C O R PORATE GIV I N G • Corporate donations • Staff giving • Matched giving INITIATIVES: N O N L E GAL VOLUNT E E R I N G • Boards INITIATIVES: • Internship and employment programs INITIATIVES: OFFICES P A PER USAG E 1 1 7 kg/emplo y e e 9,581kg 18% CERTIFICATION: • AFS • NCOS • Other STRATEGY POLICY NON-PROFIT/ COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION IN DEV’T CORPORATE GIVING PROGRAM PARTICIPATION IN CORPORATE GIVING POLICY IN DEV’T PARTICIPATION IN NON LEGAL VOLUNTEERING IN DEV’T 15% 1.4t 0.74% 165t 89% 18.9t 10.2% G REENHOUSE GAS EMISSION S SCOPE ONE SCOPE TWO SCOPE THREE 89% 0.07t/m 2 0.00% 0.00t/m 2 0.00% 0.00% 0.74% 8.6% 0 . 1 9t/employ e e 1.6% 0 . 0 4t/emplo y e e GROSS 185t – 2.3t/employee NET 185t – 2.3t/employee 100% The below icons provide limited information about the firm’s legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual firm’s websites. Further information from AusLSA R e c ycled con t e n t % office availability mid-sized commercial law firm offering ctice areas and industry groups. With 14 s’ businesses grow for over 30 years. ommercial, corporate and property law family law, estate planning and other onal services. or both our excellent client service t. We also have a number of attorneys and agents to assist business landscape and the ess in Australia. Floor Area: 2,261m2 As a firm committed to our green initiatives, both simple and complex, we have introduced stationery recycling drives, waste recycling and reducing power usage through such initiatives as lighting reductions and utilities such as follow me print to avoid unnecessary printing. We are currently developing a paper-lite program to encourage everyone to reduce paper use. We have a dedicated Sustainability Committee that is charged with ensuring AusLSA certification, continual improvement and new initiatives. The Sustainability Committee is also responsible for executing the five pillars of Sustainability, people, environmental, community, pro bono and supply-chain. We have a formal sustainability charter which includes focus on pro bono and community engagement. A structured alliance with the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation and Lifeline for whom we do pro bono work is an important aspect of our commitment to community contribution. We are working towards formalising and better streamlining our sustainability charter across the firm with respect to pro bono and community focused activities so that we have an internal formal strategy and focus. Work experience students are taken on and a number of our partners have built relationships through University alumni to support law students as they progress through their university journey. Involvement in the not for profit sector is actively encouraged and we provide support and resources when requested by employees around organisations about which they are passionate. We partner with Corporate Citizen for our workplace giving program. We hold a number of fundraising events throughout the year and any money raised during firm activities is matched by Partners.