9 BACK TO NAVIGATION correlate with a number of the Sustainable Development Goals. There is also a second set of impacts and opportunities that will be more specific to the individual business and strategic priorities of different law firms. This may include their market focus but also the focus of community programs including pro bono and corporate giving etc. The alignment of AusLSA measures with the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable Development Goal AusLSA Reporting Sustainable Development Goal AusLSA Reporting Sustainable Development Goal AusLSA Reporting Physical Wellbeing Psychological Wellbeing Carbon Offsets Renewable energy Energy use Travel Offsets and Renewables Paper use Professional Development Diversity LGBTI Inclusion Gender Equality Indigenous Reconciliation Sustainable Supply Chain Energy use Travel Carbon Offsets and Renewables Gender Equality Energy efficiency building initiatives Legal Pro bono Ethics and Conduct Sustainability reporting AusLSA membership and participation It is important that AusLSA and its members can visualise and articulate their sustainability commitments through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals. SDG aware firms will also be able to demonstrate to their clients and other stakeholders how their commitments contribute to a recognised set of global priorities. Other Sustainable Development Goals In addition to those Sustainable Development Goals covered directly by AusLSA reporting, AusLSA also measures additional actions and activities undertaken by members that influence the remaining goals which are also measured in AusLSA’s reporting. These activities include: • Legal Pro Bono Programs • Non Legal Volunteering AusLSA members also make strategic decisions about the type of business partnerships and markets they wish to develop and prioritise which also help to demonstrate the firm’s values and achieve its purpose. Through their working relationships with their clients, law firms help to facilitate and deliver many projects and assist organisations that help deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals and targets. • Corporate Giving • Sustainable Procurement