OUR PEOPLE OUR GOVERNANCE SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: 201 SUSTAINA AusLSA GENERAL MEMBER: F L E XIBLE WORKPLA C E I N C LUSIVE WORKPLA C E GENDER EQUALITY • International Women's Day participant • WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality • WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador • Male Champions of Change INITIATIVES: • Flexible hours of work • Part time work • Job sharing • Telecommuting • Unpaid leave • Carer’s leave • Purchased Annual Leave INITIATIVES: P H YSICAL WELLBEI N G • Ergonomics • Flu vaccinations • Work based physical fitness INITIATIVES: P S Y C H O LOGICAL WELL B E I N G • RUOK programs participant • Confidential professional psychological support • Mental health first aid training INITIATIVES: D I V E R S I T Y POLICY POLICY POLICY PARTNERS LEGAL STAFF NON-LEGAL STAFF 28% FEMALE 55% FEMALE 86% FEMALE POLICY GENDER EQUITY TARGET RETURN TO WORK AFTER PARENTAL LEAVE PRIMARY CARER SECONDARY CARER 2 WEEKS 13 WEEKS POLICY 95% RUSSELL KENNEDY Russell Kennedy is a leading mid-tier law fi committed to making a difference for its c people and creating positive lasting Russell Kennedy is committed to providin solutions to its clients, guided by market lea focus. These sectors align with the industry l of our lawyers, while enforcing Russell Kenn The backbone of Russell Kennedy is the stro with its clients and its people. RK provides t to help its clients achieve their objectives list of clients from a range of industries, countries. Headcount: 235 (FTE) Russell Kennedy recognises the importance of maintaining a balance between work and family home life. The firms greatest assets is its employees, therefore it is important that the firm creates an environment that supports a diverse and flexible workforce. The firm has introduced a gender equality strategy which details the commitment to ensuring the workplace policies support and enable gender diversity. The firm regularly introduces new initiatives such as the Russell Kennedy Get active challenge’ which includes yoga sessions and PT training which is in addition to the firm health & wellbeing program. Corporate Governance is taken very seriously at Russell Kennedy and we are committed to achieving Best Practice Standards. There is a well established code of conduct and a business continuity plan which incorporates an emergency management plan. Russell Kennedys Code of Conduct is comprised of the following; • a behaviour statement that aligns with the firms Purpose and Values and which incorporates, Integrity, Commitment and Work Ethic; • a sexual harassment policy; • a workplace bullying and violence protection policy; • and a complaint and grievance procedure policy statement. Our Business continuity plan is comprised of 3 core areas; • a Emergency Management Plan; • a Disaster Recovery Plan; • and a Business Continuity Plan. Russell Kennedy does not have a formal supply chain management policy or programme in place but does work collaboratively with its suppliers to ensure that environmentally sustainable products are purchased and takes into account the following factors; • source of production; • a manufacturers ethical practices such as Fairtrade; • packaging; • whole of life cycle impacts such as product use, consumption (low versus high yield) and end of life disposal.