43 BACK TO NAVIGATION CODE OF CONDUCT 2017 AusLSA Member Performance This year AusLSA started collecting information on how its members collected and reported their sustainability information. The report includes participation from eighty-three percent of AusLSA members who chose to publicly provide their sustainability report. This participation rate has been maintained over the last three years despite the substantial expansion in the levels and scope of information collected. Last year however only twenty-eight percent of members promoted their AusLSA report on their own websites (although an additional sixteen percent of firms have advised they are preparing to publicise their report in 2018). In addition to reporting publicly this year, forty-four percent of firms collected and included additional standalone reporting of their sustainability and corporate citizenship priorities (or were preparing to do so). Challenges and Opportunities AusLSA member law firms have greatly increased the scope, depth and communication of their sustainability reporting over the last three years through participation in the AusLSA annual Sustainability Insight. The AusLSA report is carefully compiled and designed to suit a diverse audience of stakeholders. However, only twenty-eight percent of firms have benefitted by promoting their involvement in the AusLSA report through their own communications including the promotion on their websites or communications with customers or employees. Firms need to increase the profile of their involvement to enjoy greater advantages from their public sustainability reporting. AusLSA’s voluntary report is also designed to allow a common approach to reporting that is appropriate to a wide range of different firm types and sizes. This sometimes limits to how much detail and depth that can be provided across all the areas covered. Firms should consider collecting and profiling their own information about their commitments and performance of specific sustainability programs and initiatives. This provides additional depth of information that is tailored to their specific priorities and audiences. Some firms choose to do this by developing a standalone corporate social responsibility style report but increased information can also be simply incorporated throughout relevant sections of their own website. SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING UNDERTAKEN 7 3 3 3 0 2 4 6 8 Separate CSR report published CSR commitments, targets & performance on website CSR commitments on website Environmental commitments on website Number of firms