OUR PEOPLE OUR GOVERNANCE SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: 201 SUSTAINA AusLSA GENERAL MEMBER: F L E XIBLE WORKPLA C E I N C LUSIVE WORKPLA C E GENDER EQUALITY • International Women's Day participant • 2017 - Celebrating Ten Years of the Coleman Greig Western Sydney Women in Business Networking Forum INITIATIVES: C O D E O F C O N DUCT / RISK M A N A G E M E N T • LGBTI Awareness training INITIATIVES: POLICY • Flexible hours of work • Time in lieu • Part time work • Job sharing • Telecommuting • Unpaid leave • Carer’s leave • Volunteer Leave • Study Leave INITIATIVES: P H YSICAL WELLBEI N G • Ergonomics • Health checks • Flu vaccinations • Work based physical fitness • Quarterly Wellness Week • Gym membership • Massages INITIATIVES: P S Y C H O LOGICAL WELL B E I N G • RUOK programs participant • Black Dog programs participant • Confidential professional psychological support • Quarterly Wellness Week • Stress Down Day INITIATIVES: S U S T A I N ABILITY REP O R T I N G BCP OR ERP COMPLAINTS & GRIEVANCE MECHANISM RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN PARTNERS LEGAL STAFF NON-LEGAL STAFF 20% FEMALE 50% FEMALE 87% FEMALE POLICY RETURN TO WORK AFTER PARENTAL LEAVE 75% D I V E R S I T Y POLICY L G B T I POLICY STAFF SURVEYS STAFF SURVEYS REPORT SAP POLICY PUBLISHED Coleman Greig is located in Parramatta and Norw economic region. We are proud of the reputatio Sydney’s premie Our values (people, purpose, vision and community more than simply a great law firm with highly exper the community, working with our clients and our bu and value-adding initiatives that meet the evolvin today. Our clients range from personal clients, through medium sized enterprises and subsidiaries of majo Australia’s most well recognised franchise chains of our expertise and the results of our vision an From expert legal advice and representatio briefings, networking forums, fundraising a charities, our goal is to integrate ou community in the broadest sense a best possible service to clie Headcount: 92 (FTE) People are at the core of our business and we are committed to making Coleman Greig the employer of choice in Western Sydney. We offer a work environment that is stimulating - one that supports individuals while they pursue their chosen area of law. As a firm we value innovation and creativity and continue to encourage our staff to contribute ideas that might improve our services or work environment. The Coleman Grieg “Big Ideas” Program provides regular opportunities for staff members across the organisation to meet and share ideas that they believe will facilitate continuous improvement. Our deliberately flat management structure encourages communication flow throughout the firm, the transfer of ideas and the ongoing promotion of skills and talent within. We believe in the importance of innovation in a successful practice, and encourage every staff member to take up the challenge of continuous improvement through innovation. The organisational structure at Coleman Greig reflects the value we place on every individual and their contribution to the firm’s success. We recognise and value vision and leadership in individuals and we encourage those qualities at all times and at all levels of the organisation. Coleman Greig has been established as an incorporated entity for over 10 years. The Board provides strategic direction for the firm and is made up of Directors and a Non Executive Director. The Board is committed to improving the overall performance of the practice whilst achieving our client service targets, growth ambitions whilst actively managing business risk. In recent years we have encouraged Directors to undertake the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) program and are newly appointed Directors have recently completed and passed the AICD program. A commitment to Law 9000/ISO best practice has ensured Coleman Grieg’s commitment to incremental innovation & continuous improvement has remained at the forefront of operations. Key teams advising the Board include the Risk Management Committee and the Remuneration Committee. COLEMAN GREIG