b"2020| GENERAL| DAVIES COLLISON CAVEMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:C L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: Davies Collison Cave is committed toN D POLICY L POLICY C G E T Y N G EE O Nmaintaining a healthy, engaged, andI E B O GROSSV G INITIATIVES: E R SI EM GS I RGreen Star rated buildings 929t4.7t/employeeR Tinclusive workplace through the delivery ofI Q I 4-6 starNational Greenhouse andEcompany-wide initiatives with a particularY PUBLISHED PUBLISHED V Energy Reporting (NGERs) compliant T +NINITIATIVES: NINITIATIVES:Hosting and/or leading externalreportingEarth Hourfocus on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.0.00% 0.00% 0.05% Wear it PurpleWorld Aids Day programsInternational Women's DayE T SCOPE 0.46tWorking with senior management, ourPOLICY ONE 0.05%representative Committee takes ownership Law Council D & I CharterTraining -EMSof the strategy and the implementation ofGender inclusionEMSthe program by engaging with ourIN DEVT CERTIFICATION 62% 0.00%POLICY 19% 45% 88% IN DEVTemployees. The Committee comprises threeFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE SCOPE 572twork streams led by a senior Principal toTWO 62%drive our priorities which are to grow ourPARTNERS LEGAL0.09 2 0.00 2t/m t/minclusive culture, promote working flexiblyALSTAFF NO N-LEGAL U SGIC W STAFF E RAand support well-being.L O E L A P G SCOPE 38% 0.00% 357tOur wellbeing program is named Be andO INITIATIVES: L B P E THREE t/empoy 0t/emplo 38%H 1 .8 0 .0 eCERTIFICATION: e esupports healthy living, by promoting greatCPsychological support/EAPE l y emental and physical health. This isYHosting and/or leadingI NPEFCunderpinned by an Employee AssistanceS external programsMental healthAL WEL 9,396kg 70% NETProgram.P first aid training and supportMentalG I C L B k g/e ycled 929t4.7t/employeeHealth Champion/ManagerS E loyconI 4 7 R e tOver the last twelve months, we have runY INITIATIVES: N mp e e ct e n Mindfulness and Stress Management HTrainingR U OK? Day programs some key initiatives which include workshops MeditationYoga PErgonomicsFitness andGon Resilience, Mindfulness, Meditation, andwellbeing awareness and weekly Yoga practice. Given the currentPOLICY promotionFlu vaccinationsFruitE CYCLIN Gpsychological support for those with peopleSTAFFparticipationWork based physical2020 AusLSA R OFFICESpublic health crisis, we provided targetedboxesMassagesTeam events management responsibilities.SURVEYSfitness SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%To keep us informed of how well our staffPOLICYmanage the impacts of the COVID situationE W ORand restrictions we have been undertakingL K SURVEYS0% 100%I B P STAFF quarterly pulse surveys with follow upX L Aactions and communications, such as aE INITIATIVES: CF L Efortnightly online huddle and email updates. Bush fires and COVID LeaveCarer's leaveFlexible% of\x1fce aWe have recently launched an onlinehours of workJob sharing vailabilitylearning platform named iQ which has a Purchase LeaveReligious and broad range of tools to enable staff to upskillCeremonial LeaveStudy leaveor gather knowledge.Remote working tools and systems Time in lieuUnpaid leave Headcount: 199(FTE)Floor Area: 6,383m2POLICY122WEEKS WEEKS 100%Davies Collison Cave provides an extensive range of strategically focusedBLE PAID PARENTAL LEAVE RETURN TO intellectual property services including expert advice in patents, trade marks,I TA G I OUR COMMUNITYLEAVE domain names, trade secrets, copyright, and design protection, as well as licensing,R VPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTERCARER CARER PARENTALA I Nlitigation and related legal and commercial matters in Australia, New Zealand,H G SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: Singapore, Asia Pacific and internationally.C INITIATIVES: External events and We are wholly owned by QANTM Intellectual Property Limited, an AustralianappealsInternal appeals CT / RIS Securities Exchange-listed company. A L V O L U N and collectionsWorkplace giving matchingOUR GOVERNANCE D U K M G INITIATIVES: TN A L E E EO NSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: BoardsCharity events C POLICY A N and appealsGeneralRDavies Collison Cave is a subsidiary ofF G Community Volunteering I NOOSkilled volunteeringStudentGQANTM Intellectual Property (QIP) and reports to the QIP Board and is subject toE N tutoring and mentoringGovernance policies which apply group- E Mwide.D E 5%ONCThe oversight for Davies Collison Cave isNON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONTCOMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING IN NON LEGALprovided through the three directors and aCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPNational Management Committee whichTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN IN DEVT AL PRO B O S RECOcomprises the Group Managing PrincipalSTAINAB L E G N N O U N C I(who is also the Managing Director), TheS U IN M A LE Further O L IManaging Principals of each business groupH A N A information E AG Tfrom AusLSA (who are each Directors) and PrincipalILITY R C G I I Orepresentation from each of our offices.A B E E The below icons provide limitedDP Y MO L information about the firms legal proN NAll Principals and Senior Managers (ofI N P bono commitment. More extensiveI INITIATIVES:finance, P&C and marketing) also attend aA R P E N information is reported by the Australian Pro Cultural awareness trainingquarterly Principals meeting. SeniorT T Bono Centre and on individual firms websites.Reconciliation Action PlanUS N S TManagers within the business also meet withREPORT I STRATEGY POLICYthe Group Managing Principal regularly. U MODERN FEDERALGS SLAVERY LEGISLATIONPROGRAM PARTICIPATION DATE SETIN DEVT IN DEVT IN DEVT IN DEVT PRO BONO IN DEVTCENTRETARGET 100"