b"2020| GENERAL| HALL & WILCOXMEMBEROUR PEOPLE L U SIVE W OR K E M E NTAL M NHOUSE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:P L A ND R EQUALI A N A MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C D C E T Y N G E GROSS OHall & Wilcox is proud of its culture.N I POLICY L POLICY E G INITIATIVES: E NI V G O E R 1,049t1.4t/employee SWe are committed to creating a workplaceE BNational Greenhouse andM GRIR TT + V Energy Reporting (NGERs)E SCOPE 12.5tS Ithat is welcoming, inclusive and supportive.I Q INITIATIVES: 0.00% 0.00% 1.2%Y compliant reportingEarth HourNOngoing development of our people is a Employer of Choice for Gender EqualityWorld Environment Day N ONE 1.2%Ekey priority.INITIATIVES:Equitable Briefing Commitment T We are committed to building and Hosting and/or leading external programs (CommBar/LCA/etc)Internal networks orPOLICY IDAHOBIT DayLGBTIQ+ AwarenesscommitteesInternational Women's DayNSW Law58% 0.00%supporting a learning culture which featurestrainingWear it PurpleWear it PurpleSociety CharterStructured female advancementSCOPE 608tstructured learning and development Midsumma/Mardi Gras Recognition programTraining - Gender inclusion ENV. ENV. TWO 58%IMPROVEMENT MANAGEMENT 0.06 0.00programs aligned to the firms strategy, Trans Awareness Week PUBLISHED TARGET SYSTEM (E MS)t/m2 t/m2POLICY IN DEVTcreating a high performance learning30% 60% 83%culture. This includes supporting our peopleFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE SCOPE 38% 2.6% 428tGENDER to work flexibly to balance their professional,EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL THREE 41%personal and family life, health andO GICAL W E L PUBLISHED TARGET STAFF STAFF P E R U S A G 0.55t/employ e e 0.04t/employ e ewellbeing. This includes formal flexibleO L L A Earrangements and informal arrangementsH INITIATIVES: B P CARBON 0% 100%CERTIFICATION: OFFSETS &such as agile working. This is central to ourCPsychological support/EAPEFSC RENEWABLESongoing commitment to the wellbeing of allYMindfulness and Stress I Nof our people.SManagement TrainingR U OK?L WEL 36,177kg 98%Day programsSalary continuance G I C A L B k g/e ycled NETPS E mployconWe advocate a holistic approach to Signatory - Minds Count TJMF0.00t0.00t/employeeRwellbeing to support our people both in andINITIATIVES: I 4 9 e e c n tGuidelines Y N eH t eoutside the workplace. This is also achievedPOLICY PErgonomicsGymGby our pro bono practice and ourmembershipsFitness andYCLIengagement with not-for-profit communitywellbeing awareness andE C N Gcoordinated pro bono practice thatPUBLISHED boxesMassagesProactive health2020 AusLSA R OFFICESSTAFFpromotionFlu vaccinationsFruit groups, individuals and charities. We run aSURVEYS acknowledges the time spent by our peoplechecksWork based physical fitness SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%on pro bono matters. Recognising that therePOLICYis a compelling unmet need for these legal services in our community, we encourageLE W OR K P STAFF and give full credit for pro bono work toI B L PUBLISHED SURVEYS50% 100%everyone at the firm. E X INITIATIVES: ALCareer break/Sabbaticals C EFCarer's leaveFlexible hours of% of\x1fce aworkJob sharingPurchase Leavevailability Religious and Ceremonial LeaveReturn from leave concessionsStudy leaveRemote working tools and systemsTime in lieuUnpaid leavePOLICY184 WEEKS WEEKS 100% Headcount: 733 (FTE)Floor Area: 10,622m2 PAID PARENTAL LEAVE RETURN TOPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER Hall & Wilcox is a leading independent Australian law firm of around 750 people, including more PUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL BLE LEAVE than 90 partners, delivering outstanding legal services to corporate, public sector and privateI TA G I V OUR COMMUNITYclients, both Australian-based and those offshore doing business in Australia. Our purpose is toRA Ienable our clients, our people and our communities to thrive.H INITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:Corporate donations GOur success depends upon the success of our clients, our people, and the communities inCExternal events and which we live. Were renowned for our Smarter Law approach, which means we look beyondappealsInternal appeals the status quo to think differently and find solutions that are better, faster and cheaper.and collections RIS Smarter Law includes enabling technology, challenging business models, innovativeL V O L U NCT / pricing and creative resourcing. We work with clients across sectors who lead, challengeA IN DEVTOUR GOVERNANCE D U K M and reshape their own industries. We build strong and enduring client relationships.G INITIATIVES: T CORPORATE PARTICIPATIONN A E EL GIVING IN CHARITABLEO NClients tell us they value our commerciality, our responsive and personal service Blood donations E PROGRAM GIVINGSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: BoardsCharity events andIN DEVTC POLICY A and our interest in their business and industry. Our collegial culture, shaped byappealsGeneral CommunityRour Hallmarks, guides the way everyone at Hall & Wilcox works every day.N Volunteering IThe Hall & Wilcox Board of Partners (Board) is responsible forF G NO Organised volunteering activities O E Gfirm strategy, firm governance, firm clients, firm performanceWe contribute to our communities through many areas, including Skilled volunteeringand risk management. The Board discharges its responsibilityour substantial pro bono work, community initiatives andNStudent tutoring and mentoringfor risk management via the firms Legal Excellence & RiskE M partnerships, sustainable environmental and supply Committee (a subcommittee of the Board) as regards client/ D E chain practices and our Emerging ArtistsIN DEVTlegal risks, and via the COO, the Managing Partner and theO N Program. NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONfirms Corporate Services managers as regards all otherC CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR T COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING IN NON LEGALCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGcategories of risk.TRAINING MECHANISM PLAN IN DEVT IN DEVTAL PRO B O S RECOResponsibility for individual risks is allocated in accordanceSTAINAB L E G N N O U N C Iwith the firms Risk Register, which is maintained by the COOS U IN M LE Further O L Iand the General Counsel. The Risk Register allocatesH A A N A information E AG Tfrom AusLSAresponsibility for business continuity risk to the COO, asILITY R C G I INITIATIVES: I Oregards physical risks to building and equipment, and to theA B E Y SUPPLIER E The below icons provide limitedDCultural awareness trainingIT Manager, as regards technology risk.N O L STANDARDS COVER: bono commitment. More extensiveNInternship and employment programs NP M information about the firms legal pro I P E IThe firms Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is responsibleA PEnvironmental ImpactsFairN Reconciliation WeekReconciliation Action RCommunity Development information is reported by the Australian Pro NAIDOC Week activitiesNational Ufor collaborating in leading the firm and its practices.T T Consumer and Competition Bono Centre and on individual firms websites. PlanScholarships and/or student mentoringThe ELT is responsible for managing firm operations.S N SGender EqualityHuman Rights STRATEGYYalari charity I PracticesFair Labour Practices TResponsibility for managing individual firm policies thatUIndigenous Inclusion RAPG POLICYSgovern the conduct of firm personnel is allocatedDATE SETPROMOTED PRO BONOprimarily to the relevant Corporate Services manager.PUBLISHED CENTRE REFLECTEach policy will be overseen by either the Board or the ELT,SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS MODERN FEDERAL TARGET ACTION in conjunction with the relevant firm committee (ifSUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO SLAVERY LEGISLATIONPLAN LEVELMANAGEMENT NEW PROGRAM PARTICIPATIONapplicable), depending on the subject matter of the policy. SUP PLIERS IN DEVT112"