b"2020| GENERAL| JACKSON MCDONALDMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:C L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: A key priority for the firm is to recruit,N D POLICY L POLICY C G E T Y N G EE O NV G O GROSSI I E E Rdevelop and retain the highest qualityR T R M GE B INITIATIVES: SS ICitySwitch Green Office 248t1.9t/employeeemployees who share and demonstrate ourI Q I EVT +Green Star rated buildings 4-6 star values, and to provide an environment thatYEarth HourWorld Environment Dayenables every employee to optimise theirINITIATIVES: N N 0.00% 0.00% 0.18%contribution to the firm and the legalE POLICY T Gender Pay Gap AnalysisHosting and/orSCOPE 0.44tleading external programsInternal networksONE 0.18%community. and/or committeesInternational Women's Day Training - Gender inclusionIn line with this, the firm is committed to providing a work environment where all35% 62% 69% 93% 0.00%employees can expect to pursue their workFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE SCOPE 230tin a safe and respectful environment, freeTWO 93%GENDER 0.07t/m2 0.00t/m2from discrimination, harassment, andEQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGALbullying.GICAL W TARGET STAFF STAFF E R U S AAs such, we require all employees to displayL O E L A P G SCOPE 6.0% 1.3% 18.1tthe highest standards of workplaceO L B P E THREE 1t/e y 2t/e o 7.3%H CERTIFICATION: 0 . 1 e e 0 .0 e ebehaviour including maintaining proper andINITIATIVES: E mplo mpl yCFSCNCOSprofessional working relationships at allYBeyond Blue programs I Ntimes.SPsychological support/EAP G AL WELL 6,808kg 99% NET Mental health first aid training andI C B 248t1.9t/employeePS E g/employ ycled conEqual opportunity refers to the principle thatsupportR U OK? Day programsI N 5 1 e R e e n tall employees shall be treated on theirY k e ctPOLICY Hmerits without regard to factors unrelated toP INITIATIVES: Gtheir capacity to perform the duties of their ErgonomicsFlu vaccinations YCLIposition and will not be discriminatedSTAFF Proactive health checksWorkE C Nagainst based on factors such as gender,SURVEYSbased physical fitness Grace or religion etc. 2020 AusLSA R OFFICESPOLICY SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%STAFF I B LE W OR K SURVEYS X P L A 100% 100%L E CF INITIATIVES: E % of\x1fce ability Carer's leave vaila Flexible hours of workJob sharingTime in lieuUnpaid leavePOLICY1412WEEKS WEEKS 78% Headcount: 133 (FTE)Floor Area: 3,401m2PAID PARENTAL LEAVERETURN TOPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTERCARER CARER PARENTAL Jackson McDonald is Western Australias largest independent law firm employingBLE LEAVE over 140 people including 26 partners. By offering a full range of commercial legalR I TA G I V OUR COMMUNITYservices for over 97 years, we have played an integral role in shaping the State.A I NWe believe our depth of knowledge combined with breadth of service sets us apartH INITIATIVES: G SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C Charitable Foundationin the WA legal market. We provide our clients with clear, concise legal advice that Corporate donationsis tailored to all of their commercial and operational needs by delivering strong partner engagement and utililising our unmatched connections within WesternL V O LCT / RIS K Australia.A U N T CORPORATEOUR GOVERNANCE D U M Our local presence enables us to service our clients on demand. We areG GIVINGN A E E PROGRAMideally placed to advise companies, whether established or looking toL INITIATIVES: ESUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:O NBlood donationsC POLICY A grow their operations in our resource-rich State. NBoardsOrganisedRExecutive Members of the Firm , PartnersF G volunteering activitiesI NOO Gand Senior Management undertake continued professional development aroundE Ncorporate governance best practices toE MDensure our approach is relevant. They attendE COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGNON-PROFIT/ NON LEGALOaccredited training around this. We have aNPARTICIPATION ACTIVITIESfemale member on our Board. C CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR TCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN STAINA L E G AL PRO B O N N O US RECO N C IU M BLE O L IS INA N FurtherH A A E ATYG I G Tinformationfrom AusLSA ILI R C E INITIATIVES: IB E The below icons provide limitedD OA P Y MAffirmative procurement O L information about the firms legal proN programsCultural awarenessNN P bono commitment. More extensiveII R E information is reported by the Australian ProtrainingInternship and employment A P N programsNAIDOC Week activitiesUT T Bono Centre and on individual firms websites. National Reconciliation WeekReconciliation S REPORT N S T STRATEGY Action PlanIU MODERN POLICY RAPGS SLAVERYPROGRAMIN DEVT PRO BONO INNOVATECENTRETARGET ACTION PUBLISHED PLAN LEVEL 118"