b'BACK TO NAVIGATIONCommunityModern communities are increasingly made up of people and groups who are drawn together based on their shared interests, objectives and values. To be a recognised and respected part of the community, law firms need to articulate and demonstrate aligned values and participate in its strengthening. A law firms success relies on establishing and building valued relationships with fellow members from various formal and informal communities including customers, employees, regulators and suppliers. A clear ethical and social purpose attracts employees, customers, suppliers and other partners who value working with people who share their perspectives and values.Law firms can contribute to communities in three main areas:running their organisation based on a business vision, mission and objectives that serve the interests of the community and avoid community risks or adverse social impactsproviding core services and products that meet community need and provide community valuecontributing additional services or resources to communities that improve the community or redress specific social problemsLaw firms and lawyers have a well-established culture and a history of providing strong community support, ranging from assisting groups and individuals on social justice issues to contributing to a vibrant community as patrons of the arts, philanthropists and volunteers.39'