b"MINTERELLISON BACK TO NAVIGATIONOUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:C L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: D POLICY L POLICY C E T N E OI G G Y G E GROSS NN V B E As a provider of commercial legal services, our I E T O E R 2,888t1.3t/employee SR I G overall environmental footprint is relatively small. S Q R INITIATIVES: MT PUBLISHED + PUBLISHED I 0.07% 0.02% 0.91% Where our electricity does not form part of our IY VEarth Hour EINITIATIVES: N SCOPE 29t lease, we use 100% green energy. Where possible, INITIATIVES: N POLICY ONE 1.0% we aim to minimise our use, and maximise our E AWEI reportingIDAHOBIT DayEmployer of Choice for Gender Equality Tre-use of resources, including challenging ourInternal networks and/or committeesHosting and/or leading external programs Pride in Diversity MembershipInternational Women's DayPay Equity Ambassador 35% 0.00% landlords to provide green alternatives in ourSpecific LGBTIQ+ EAPTraining - Structured female advancement program PUBLISHED SCOPE 1,003t tenancies. LGBTIQ+ awareness unconsciousTWO 35%bias and inclusion POLICY 29% 57% 80% 0.02t/m2 0.00t/m2 We continue to seek new opportunities to improve Wear it Purple FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE our environmental performance and reporting 59% 5.2% progress to our clients and the wider community.GENDERSCOPE 1,856tEQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGALPUBLISHED TARGET STAFF STAFF THREE 64% We are committed to assessing the environmental, O GICAL W E L P E R U S A G 0.7 4t/employe e 0.07t/employ e e social and economic impacts of our purchasing O L L A E decisions. In doing so, we seek to purchase H INITIATIVES: B P CARBON 2,310Mwh products that:Psychological support/EAP E CERTIFICATION: OFFSETS &CHosting and/or leading external PEFCFSCNCOS RENEWABLES minimise greenhouse gas emissions; Y I NS programsOctober Mental HealthL WEL 143,367kg 7.6% maximise sustainability; MonthMental health training and supportG I C A L B kg/e ycled NETPMindfulness and Resilience TrainingE utilise sustainable content in production;Resilience@Law memberR U OK? DayS I loycon 2,888t1.3t/employee6 3 e e R e n tY N mp cprogramsSalary continuanceSignatory -H INITIATIVES: t e are recyclable at life end; Minds Count TJMF GuidelinesDiscount health insurance G Corporate Mental Health AllianceP minimise the use of water; Australia founding member ErgonomicsGym membershipsFitness andCYCLIN minimise toxicity; POLICY wellbeing awareness and promotion E G and source from producers and/or suppliers withFlu vaccinationsFruit boxes 2020 AusLSA R OFFICES a proven record of environmental managementMassagesTeam events participation STAFF Work based physical fitness SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 84% and product stewardship. PUBLISHED SURVEYSPOLICY We also seek to work with suppliers who: I B LE W OR K P provide an assurance that no form of abuse or L STAFF43% 100% exploitation is permitted within their supply chain X A PUBLISHED SURVEYSand comply with modern slavery legislation; E INITIATIVES: CF LAgile workingSupportingE offer Fair Trade products where appropriate, and caregivers advice/support % of\x1fce availability share our commitment to creating social benefitsCarer's leaveChild Care Flexible hours of workJob sharing from unused or decommissioned products. Part time optionsPurchase Leave Study leaveRemote working tools and systemsTime in lieuUnpaid leavePOLICY Headcount: 2,290 (FTE)Floor Area: 41,191m2143 WEEKS WEEKS 99%PAID PARENTAL LEAVE MinterEllison partners with clients to provide integrated, innovative solutions. Its RETURN TO A BLE G IPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER teams collaborate across Australia, Asia and the UK to deliver exceptional serviceI T OUR COMMUNITYPUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL R VLEAVE and new insight to a large, diverse client base that includes public and privateA Icompanies, leading multinationals operating in the region, global financialH INITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:Corporate donations Ginstitutions, and government and state-owned entities.CInternal appeals andMinterEllison has a long-standing Community collectionsWorkplaceInvestment Program that focuses on breaking MinterEllisons network comprises the offices of MinterEllison (Sydney,giving matchingWorkplace Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hong Kong,giving programs cycles of disadvantage in key areas - CT / RIS Shanghai, Beijing, Ulaanbaatar and London) and offices that operate asA L V O L U N homelessness, disadvantaged youth, alleviation of D U M G poverty and access to justice - as well as working OUR GOVERNANCE K members of the MinterEllison Legal Group (Gold Coast andINITIATIVES: T alongside our RAP, Diversity & Inclusion and N A MinterEllisonRuddWatts Auckland/Wellington).L E E E CORPORATE Sustainability initiatives. O NSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: Blood donations GIVINGC POLICY A MinterEllison acquired ITNewcom, a boutique technology BoardsCharity eventsR PROGRAM By engaging with the community, MinterEllison N IF G consulting firm on 1 July 2017 O and appealsOrganisedN seeks to inspire its people and those with whom it O E volunteering activitiesStudentG works. We prioritise long-term community N tutoring and mentoringE M partnerships featuring a blend of Pro-Bono legal D E work, skilled volunteering, financial assistance and N in-kind support. These partnerships recognise that ONON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL expertise exists within the community sector and CTCOMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES that social impact is best achieved through CONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN NA G AL PRO B O N US RECO N C I collaboration. USTAI BL L E O N O L Major partners include Australian Business and S IN M A N E Further I Community Network, Justice Connect, the Public A E ATYG I G TinformationH A from AusLSA INITIATIVES: Interest Advocacy Centre and LawRight. WeILI R C I provide significant Pro-Bono assistance to social DB E E The below icons provide limited Affirmative procurement programs OA P LY MSUPPLIER information about the firms legal pro Cultural awareness trainingInternshipenterprises and help to grow that sector. N O STANDARDS COVER: bono commitment. More extensiveN and employment programsNAIDOC WeekNI P E I MinterEllison is a signatory to the National A R PCommunityinformation is reported by the Australian ProactivitiesNational Reconciliation WeekProPro-Bono Target and has exceeded the target for T T DevelopmentEnvironmentalN Bono Centre and on individual firms websites. bono supportReconciliation Action Plan I U ImpactsFair Labour PracticesScholarships and/or student mentoringthe past seven consecutive years. We are proud to S N SGender EqualityHuman RightsT STRATEGYCollaboration for reconciliation have been recognised with multiple awards for U Indigenous InclusionS G POLICY RAP community work, including a Prime Ministers TARGET MET Business Community Partnerships Award for the PROMOTED PRO BONOCENTRE INNOVATE unique partnership with Australias CEO Challenge, SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDS MODERN NSW STATE FEDERAL TARGET ACTIONan organisation dedicated to ending domestic and PUBLISHED PLAN LEVELSUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TO SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATION family violence, and we are proud of the impact we MANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM PARTICIPATIONPARTICIPATIONSUPPLIERS SUPP LIERS IN DEVT make in peoples lives. 129"