b"SPARKE HELMORE BACK TO NAVIGATIONOUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A E NDER EQUALI N M E A N A E NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C C G T Y G E O NN D L The Environmental Management System, currently I I POLICY POLICY E O E RV G G GROSS SR T R INITIATIVES: ME B in development, will be implemented and overseen S I I 1,538t 1.9t/employeeI QEarth Hour E by a national committee and will focus on reducing T + INITIATIVES: VY N our environmental footprint, ensuring we areEmployer of Choice for Gender Equality N POLICY 0.00% 0.00% 0.54% sourcing environmentally sustainable products and INITIATIVES:Equitable Briefing CommitmentE T SCOPE 8.3t implementing systems and procedures to monitorHosting and/or leading external(CommBar/LCA/etc)Hosting and/or leadingONE 0.54%external programsInternal networks and/orENV. ENV. and manage our resource consumption. A pilot programsIDAHOBIT DayLGBTIQ+committeesInternational Women's DayPay EquityIMPROVEMENT MANAGEMENT program is being trialled in our Sydney office to Awareness trainingTraining PUBLISHED TARGET SYSTEM (EMS)AmbassadorStructured female advancement programIN DEVT commence more efficient resource and waste - LGBTIQ+ awareness unconscious Training - Gender inclusion 65% 0.00%bias and inclusionWear it SCOPE 995t management processes.Purple POLICY 62% 78% TWO 65%34%FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE 0.06t/m2 0.00t/m2 GICAL WGENDERE R U S AO E L EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL P G 33% 1.8%L TARGET STAFF STAFF A SCOPE 535tO L E THREE 3t/e 4t/e 35%INITIATIVES: B PH CERTIFICATION: 0 .6 mplo e 0 .0 mplo ey e y eCBlack Dog programs EPEFCFSCNCOSYPsychological support/EAP I NOTHERSMental health first aid training andG AL WELL NETP supportR U OK? Day programs I C B 73,464kg 35% 1,538t1.9t/employee Salary continuanceSignatory -S E I k g/e ycledY N mploy RconMinds Count TJMF Guidelines 9 1 e tH G e e c t e nINITIATIVES:POLICY PErgonomicsFitness and wellbeing awareness and promotionFlu vaccinationsFruitE CYCLIN GSURVEYS Team events participationWork2020 AusLSA R OFFICESSTAFFboxesProactive health checksbased physical fitness SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE89% 100%POLICYI B LE W OR K P STAFF X L A SURVEYS22% 44%L E INITIATIVES: CFCareer break/Sabbaticals E Carer's leaveFlexible hours of% of\x1fce a abilityworkFlexible working comms andvailsupportJob sharingPart time optionsPhased retirementPurchase LeaveReturn from leave concessions Study leaveRemote working tools and systemsTime in lieuUnpaid leave Volunteer leave Headcount: 804 (FTE)Floor Area: 16,184m2POLICY142 WEEKS WEEKS 75%Sparke Helmore Lawyers has a client first approach to everything we do. We are a PAID PARENTAL LEAVE WORK AFTER A BLEOUR COMMUNITYPRIMARY SECONDARY RETURN TO firm with nine offices across Australia, serving the needs of the insurance,I T G I VLEAVE government, financial services, technology, mining, construction and propertyRCARER CARER PARENTALA IINITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: sectors.HCorporate donations GOur expertise spans corporate and commercial to construction, workplace toC appealsInternal appealsOur focus is to have a positive impact on our localExternal events and insurance, IP to IPOs, mining to manufacturing, and property to procurement. and collectionsWorkplacecommunities. Through our Pro Bono Program we giving matchingWorkplaceprovide legal assistance to individuals who have CT / RIS We provide support and build connections through our pro bono legal andA L V O L U N giving programs difficulty accessing justice and assist charities and K community investment programs.T not-for-profits so their income can be directed to OUR GOVERNANCE D U M We are dedicated to taking action to assist our local communities,G INITIATIVES: IN DEVT further advance their valuable services. N A E E ESUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:O ensuring a positive and supportive workplace for our people, and weLBlood donationsBoardsGIVING GIVINGN CORPORATE CORPORATE In the 19/20 FY, we completed 15,046 hours of pro C POLICY ACharity events and appeals R PROGRAM VOLUNTEERING bono legal work. We collaborated with Marrickville consciously operate to maintain a business that is environmentallyNGeneral Community Volunteering IF GOrganised volunteering activities N Legal Centre on a low bono project. This sustainable. OPaid volunteer time for employeesOSkilled volunteering innovative service provides legal assistance at a NE G E M significantly reduced fee to the missing middle - a D E IN DEVT large section of the community who cannot afford N legal assistance but who do not meet Legal Aid or ONON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATION pro bono eligibility tests. C T COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING IN NON LEGALCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP The goal to assist in closing the gap in accessing TRAINING MECHANISM PLAN NA G AL PRO B O N US RECO N C I justice for low-income earners, while increasing USTAI M BLE L E O N O L I funds to help run the Centre. We have been S INA N Further providing 30 hours support every week through A E ATYG I G TinformationH A lawyer secondments, and a 6-month secondee who from AusLSA ILI R C E I helped with the initial set up. A B E Y SUPPLIER The below icons provide limitedD ON O STANDARDS COVER: bono commitment. More extensiveN NP L M information about the firms legal proINITIATIVES: We run several non-legal initiatives through our I P E INAIDOC Week activitiesPro bonoCommunity Program. Our staff are actively involved A R PEnvironmental Impacts N information is reported by the Australian Prosupport, Internship and employmentin a range of community organisations, from the REPORT I U Rights grassroots level to the boardroom. During T TGender EqualityHumanBono Centre and on individual firms websites. programs S N S T STRATEGY POLICY COVID-19, we have organised webinars for US G organisations to share their wonderful work with our TARGET MET staff and promote giving options.CSR PRO BONOCENTRE IN DEVTTARGETSUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDS MODERN NSW STATE FEDERALSUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TO SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATIONMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM PARTICIPATIONPARTICIPATIONSUPPLIERS SUPP LIERS IN DEVT 133"