b"2020| GENERAL| FPA PATENT ATTORNEYSMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C C E T Y N G E OFPA is focused on recruiting, retaining andN E G E Nengaging the best minds. This is fundamentalI D L O E R GROSS SI POLICY POLICY R M Gto FPAs operations and underpins our coreV G I INITIATIVES: 243t3.7t/employeeVE B Evalues of Excellence, Collaboration, Care andR TEarth HourS I INITIATIVES:NAccountability. FPA is proud of its industryT PUBLISHED +Gender sensitive promotion and recruitment N 0.00% 0.00% 0.09%I Qleading policies as an employer of choice,YInternal networks or committeesInternationalPOLICY T SCOPE 0.23tE comprehensive rewards/ benefits/ recognitionINITIATIVES: Women's DayStructured female advancementONE 0.09%initiatives as well as our learning and Training - LGBTIQ+ awareness programTraining - Gender inclusiondevelopment programs focused on bothunconscious bias and inclusion IN DEVTprofessional and personal skills development. Gender sensitive recruitment POLICY 30% 53% 85% 40% 0.00%FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE SCOPE 96tKey areas of focus over the past 3 yearsGENDERTWO 40%include diversity and inclusion programs,EQUITY PRINCIPALS LEGALNON-LEGAL 0.07 2 0.00 2PUBLISHED TARGET STAFF STAFF t/m t/mraising awareness around workplaceICALR U Sbehaviour, challenging unconscious biasesO G W E L P E A G 60% 0.71%and promoting positive mental health in theO L L A E SCOPE 2t/em y 3t/e lo 146twork place.INITIATIVES: B P THREE 60%H CERTIFICATION: 2. e 0 .0 eE plo e mp y eWe have been well supported by our PeopleCPsychological support/EAPPEFCand Culture team, who have collaboratedYMental Health Awareness MonthI Nacross the QANTM group to create anSMental health first aid training andL WEL 773kg 100% NETsupportMental Health Champion/G I C A L B 243t3.7t/employeeimpressive and proactive approach toP ManagerResilience and StressS E kg/e lo ycledconI 1 1 Re e n tsupporting our people.Many of the programsManagement TrainingR U OK? DayY INITIATIVES: N 9 mp y e c e.tthey have implemented have been worldprogramsSalary continuance H Gclass.So, it is very pleasing to confirm thatPOLICY PErgonomicsGymDiscount health insurancetheir expertise has been recognised externallymembershipsFitness andE CYCLIN- QANTM IP has been shortlisted as a finalistwellbeing awareness and promotion R Gin the AFR BOSS Best Places to Work list. STAFF Flu vaccinationsFruit boxes 2020 AusLSA OFFICESSURVEYS The finalists are chosen from companies Proactive health checksTeam events100% 100%based in Australia and New Zealand who areparticipationWork based physicalSUSTAINABILITY PROFILE fitnesspioneering best practices in areas such as wellbeing, flexibility and equality. To learnE W OR POLICYmore about the awards, please click here. I B L K P L 100% 100%This past year we have focussed on mentalX A SURVEYS STAFF health & well-being initiatives which willL ECareer break/Sabbaticals CINITIATIVES:continue into 2021. FCarer's leaveChild Care E % of\x1fce a Flexible hours of workFlexiblevailabilityWe have 100% engagement in our annualworking comms and supportJob performance appraisal process to ensuresharingPandemic leaveDomestic abuse leavePart time optionsPhased retirement timely feedback and development of staff. Purchase LeaveReligious and Ceremonial This is supporting by mentoring programsLeaveReturn from leave concessionsStudy leaveRemote working tools and and 1 on 1 coaching initiatives. Our staffsystemsTime in lieuUnpaid leaveHeadcount: 65 (FTE)Floor Area: 1,393m2turnover rates are well below the industry Volunteer leaveaverage. FPA has a dedicated P&C functionPOLICY 183FPA Patent Attorneys is an independent, top tier, Australian based, private incorporated committed to looking after its people. WEEKS 100% BLE PAID PARENTAL LEAVE RETURN TO registered attorney firm that is wholly owned by QANTM Intellectual Property Limited, aI TA G I V OUR COMMUNITYWEEKSPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER publicly listed company. We provide expert advice from some of Australias mostRCARER CARER PARENTAL experienced patent attorneys on the creation, management, enforcement andA INITIATIVES: I N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: HLEAVEcommercialisation of intellectual property rights, including patents and designs. CCharitable Foundation G Corporate donationsExternal events and appealsInternal appeals and collectionsWorkplace giving CT / RIS A L V O L U N matchingWorkplace giving programsOUR GOVERNANCE D U K M G INITIATIVES: TN A L E E EO N Blood donationsBoards SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: Charity events and appealsCORPORATEC POLICY A NGeneral CommunityR GIVINGFPA Patent Attorneys (FPA) is a subsidiary of QANTMIF G VolunteeringHost or leadN PROGRAMO Oexternal eventsOrganised Intellectual Property (QIP) and reports to the QIP Boardvolunteering activitiesPaid regularly. The oversight of FPA is provided through theN volunteer time for employeesE GManaging Director who heads up the 2 AustralianE M Student tutoring and mentoringoffices and the Singapore office. There is accountingD E IN DEVToversight through our systems. Senior ManagementO Nmeet with the Managing Director on a regular basis. C CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR T NON-PROFIT/ PARTICIPATIONCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP COMMUNITY IN NON LEGALTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN G AL PRO B O PARTICIPATIONVOLUNTEERING US RECO NUSTAINABL L E N O N O C ILS AIN M A N E Further IH A E ATYG I G Tinformationfrom AusLSA ILI R C E IA B E The below icons provide limitedD OP Y MO L information about the firms legal proN NI N P bono commitment. More extensiveI INITIATIVES:A R P E N information is reported by the Australian Pro Cultural awareness trainingU POLICYT T Bono Centre and on individual firms websites.S N S T STRATEGYIUG MODERN FEDERALS SLAVERY LEGISLATIONPROGRAM PARTICIPATIONIN DEVT IN DEVT IN DEVTIN DEVT PROMOTED106"