b"DENTONS BACK TO NAVIGATIONOUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:C L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: D POLICY L POLICY C E T Y N G E O NN I G G E Dentons ISO 14001 aligned Environmental I E B O INITIATIVES: E R GROSS SV ER T M G Management System (EMS) and incorporated S I RCitySwitch Green Office 1,070t2.2t/employeeI Q I Sustainable Procurement program is maturing. Y PUBLISHED INITIATIVES: VEarth HourWorldET +INITIATIVES:Employer of Choice for Gender Equality N Environment Day N 0.00% 0.00% 0.68% This system formalises our commitment to andAWEI Gold AccreditationAWEI Small Gender Pay Gap Analysis E POLICY T SCOPE 7.3t impact on our environment by setting targets and Employer of the Year 2020AWEI reporting Gender sensitive promotion and recruitment ONE 0.68% objectives that are monitored and reported into anIDAHOBIT DayInternal networks and/or International Women's Day Environment Committee on a quarterly basis. committeesLegal supportLGBTIQ+ Pay Equity AmbassadorENV. ENV.Awareness training Pride in DiversityIMPROVEMENT MANAGEMENT Our identified areas of environmental impact MembershipTraining - LGBTIQ+TARGET SYSTEM (E MS) 31% 0.00% include the depletion of our natural resources awareness unconscious bias andPOLICY SCOPE 328tinclusionWear it 33% 57% 83% through the procurement process, the generation Purple Day FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE TWO 31%0.03t/m2 0.00t/m2 of office waste, in particular paper and e-waste, and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions GICAL W PUBLISHED PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL E R U S AO E L STAFF STAFF P G 68% 1.1% generated through our consumption of energy and L L A E SCOPE t/em 2t/e 735t travel. O INITIATIVES: B P THREE y lo 69%H CERTIFICATION: 1 .5 e 0 .0 e Our recent commitment to CitySwitch is an E plo e mp y eCBlack Dog programs PEFC additional accountability measure to track our goals YPsychological support/EAP I N to reduce waste, electricity consumption and the SMental health first aid training andG AL WELL 29,358kg 0% NETP supportMental Health Champion/I C B kg/e ycled 1,070t2.2t/employee use of single use plastics. ManagerMindfulness and StressS E loyconRI 6 0 e e n t We proactively manage our environmental impact Management TrainingR U OK? DayY N mp e c etprogramsSignatory - Minds Count TJMFH INITIATIVES: G by: Guidelines P ErgonomicsFitness andadopting of the principle of avoid, reduce, POLICY wellbeing awareness andCYCLIN re-use, recycle and dispose promotionFlu vaccinations E GSTAFFbased physical fitness 2020 AusLSA R OFFICES behaviourProactive health checksWorkpromotion of environmentally sensitive SURVEYSPOLICY SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100% raising awareness with our staff of various environmental issues, and E W OR STAFFsourcing products that are environmentally X I B L K P L SURVEYS0% 100% sustainable and dealing with suppliers who have E A made their own commitment to sound L INITIATIVES: C E environmental management.FCarer's leaveFlexible% of\x1fce ahours of workJob sharingvailability Phased return from Parental LeaveStudy leaveTime in lieuUnpaid leaveVolunteer leave POLICY Headcount: 492 (FTE)Floor Area: 9,894m2162 WEEKS WEEKS 73% PAID PARENTAL LEAVEPRIMARY SECONDARY RETURN TO Dentons is the worlds largest law firm, connecting talent to the worlds challenges and WORK AFTER BLE CARER CARER PARENTAL opportunities in more than 75 countries. Dentons legal and business solutions benefit fromI TA G I OUR COMMUNITYLEAVE deep roots in our communities and award-winning advancements in client service, includingR VA INextlaw, Dentons innovation and strategic advisory services. Dentons polycentric andH INITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: purpose-driven approach, commitment to inclusion and diversity, and world-class talentCCorporate donations Gchallenge the status quo to advance client and community interests in the New Dynamic. Workplace givingAt Dentons, we recognise that enduring success matching requires economic growth that both protects and In Dentons Australasia Region, we have more than 70 partners and 500 employees.promotes social equity and ecological CT / RIS Offices in Australia are located in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. WeA L V O L N 9% sustainability. We strive to make a positive impact also have an office in Auckland, New Zealand and Port Moresby in Papua NewU in our communities, and use our skills and OUR GOVERNANCE D U K M Guinea. Our lawyers are repeatedly recognised as leading legal service providers inG INITIATIVES: T CORPORATE PARTICIPATION resources to do so. N A E EL GIVING GIVING We believe in the power of partnerships and are Chambers Global, Chambers Asia Pacific, The Legal 500 Asia Pacific, BestE PROGRAM IN CORPORATESUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:O N Lawyers and IFLR 1000. BoardsOrganised C POLICY A R actively committed to building long-lasting N volunteering activitiesIF G Known for our service excellence and innovative legal solutions,N collaborations with non-profit organizations, OO E GDentons has built enduring relationships with some of the largest,NGOs and social entrepreneurs to tackle some of most successful companies in the Financial Services, RealN todays most pressing issues. E M Estate and Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Energy andNON-PROFIT/ NON LEGALD E COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING We understand that social ills are the result of not N Intellectual Property & Technology sectors PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES one but a number of underlying causes. OIN DEVTC CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR T We work with our community partners to provide CONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP needs-based supportthrough volunteering, TRAINING MECHANISM PLAN STAINA L E G AL PRO B O N N O US RECO N C I financial sponsorship, pro bono legal assistance, U BL O L targeted organisational advice or other meansS AIN M A N E Further E I so they can most effectively achieve their mission. H A information ATYG I G Tfrom AusLSA Dentons community partnership engagementILI R C INITIATIVES: IA B E Y SUPPLIER E The below icons provide limitedDInternship and employmentO focus areas include: health, socio economic, N P O L STANDARDS COVER: M information about the firms legal proN programsNAIDOC Week activitiesN indigenous, refugees, the Arts, and the I P bono commitment. More extensiveIR PCommunity Development E information is reported by the Australian Pro National Reconciliation Weekenvironment. A NReconciliation Action PlanLetter of T TEnvironmental ImpactsFairBono Centre and on individual firms websites. SupportUluru Statement from the HeartAn example of our long term commitment is UN Consumer and CompetitionTS S PracticesFair Labour PracticesSTRATEGY10x10 Career Trackers Initiative demonstrated by our 5+ year commitment to the IUGender EqualityHuman RightsWatarrka Foundation, with whom we co-host an GIndigenous InclusionUNPOLICY RAPS annual staff and client partnered volunteer trip to REPORT Global compact and SDGsPRO BONO the Watarrka region of remote central Australia to CENTRE INNOVATETARGET ACTIONwork with the indigenous community in the areas PUBLISHED PLAN LEVELIN DEVT IN DEVT of education, health and sustainability.SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDSMODERN NSW STATE FEDERALSUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TOSLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATIONMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEWPROGRAM PARTICIPATIONPARTICIPATIONSUPPLIERSSUPPLIERS IN DEVT103"