b"2020| GENERAL| KING & WOOD MALLESONSMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C D POLICY L POLICY C E T Y N E OCreating a great place to work and grow isN I G G G E Ncentral to our business planning andI R T OV E E RE B GROSS SS I R INITIATIVES: M GI Q 6,118t3.6t/employeestrategic direction. Our focus is to deliverT + IVY PUBLISHED PUBLISHED INITIATIVES:Earth Hour Epeople programs and initiatives which create Employer of Choice for Gender Equalitya working environment where people acrossINITIATIVES:Equitable Briefing CommitmentN POLICY N 0.00% 0.00% 0.24%E Hosting and/or leading external programs (CommBar/LCA/etc)Gender sensitive promotionT SCOPE 14.4tthe business are valued, have access to the IDAHOBIT DayInternal networks and/or support required to do their job as well ascommitteesLaw Council D&I CharterLegaland recruitmentHosting and/or leading externalONE 0.24%supportLGBTIQ+ Awareness training programsInternal networks and/or committees ENV. ENV. EMSdevelopment opportunities tailored to their Pride in Diversity MembershipTraining - International Women's DayLaw Council D & IIN DEVT IMPROVEMENT MANAGEMENTCERTIFICATIONneeds and the chance to contribute toLGBTIQ+ awareness unconscious biasCharterPay Equity AmbassadorStructured femaleTARGET SYSTEM (EMS)and inclusionWear it Purpleadvancement programTraining - Gender inclusion 47% 0.00%something bigger than KWM. World Aids Day SCOPE 2,845tOver the past year we have seen continuedPOLICY 30% 57% 65% TWO 47%positive results from our inclusion andFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE 0.09t/m2 0.00t/m2equality efforts including our recognitionGICAL W E R U S A GENDER51% 2.2%once again as an Employer of Choice forO E L PUBLISHED EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL P G 3,258tL TARGET STAFF STAFF SCOPEGender Equality. O INITIATIVES: L A E THREE t/em oy 8t/emplo 53%B PHBeyond Blue programsBlackE CERTIFICATION: 1 .8 e e 0 .0 e eC pl yDog programsPsychologicalIPEFCFSCNCOS Y support/EAPDomestic ViolenceNS AwarenessHosting and/or leading externalL WEL 103,584kg 1.3% NETprogramsMental Health Awareness Week G A LPMental health first aid training and support I C B E kg/e ycled 6,118t3.6t/employeeS I loycon6 0 e R e n t Mental Health Champion/Manager Mindfulness and Stress Management Training Y INITIATIVES: N mp e c etH G Resilience@Law memberR U OK? Day programsSalary continuanceSignatory -PDiscount health insuranceMinds Count TJMF GuidelinesErgonomicsGymPOLICY membershipsFitness andCYCLINwellbeing awareness and promotionE GSTAFF Flu vaccinationsFruit boxes 2020 AusLSA R OFFICES MassagesProactive health checksPUBLISHED SURVEYS Team events participationWorkSUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%based physical fitnessPOLICYI B LE W OR K PL 80% 100%X A STAFF L E INITIATIVES: C SURVEYS FAgile workingCareerEbreak/SabbaticalsCarer's leave % of\x1fce a Child CareFlexible hours of work vailability Flexible working comms and support Job sharingPart time options Purchase LeaveReturn from leave concessionsStudy leaveRemote working tools and systemsTime in lieuUnpaid leaveVolunteer leave Headcount: 1,712 (FTE)Floor Area: 31,137m2POLICY183 WEEKS WEEKS 97%PAID PARENTAL LEAVE Recognised as one of the worlds most innovative law firms, King & Wood MallesonsBLE PRIMARY SECONDARY RETURN TO offers a different perspective to commercial thinking and the client experience. WithI TA G I OUR COMMUNITYWORK AFTERPUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL R VLEAVE access to a global platform, a team of over 2400 lawyers in 28 locations around theA INITIATIVES: I Nworld works with clients to help them understand local challenges, navigate throughHCorporate donations G SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: regional complexity, and to find commercial solutions that deliver a competitiveCInternal appeals and advantage for our clients.collectionsWorkplace giving matchingWorkplace As a leading international law firm headquartered in Asia, we help clients to openL V O L U giving programsCT / RIS K doors and unlock opportunities as they look to Asian markets to unleash their fullG A N T50%OUR GOVERNANCE D U M potential. Combining an unrivalled depth of expertise and breadth ofE INITIATIVES: E CORPORATE PARTICIPATIONN A relationships in our core markets, we are connecting Asia to the world, andLBlood donationsESUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:O N the world to Asia.volunteering activitiesR GIVING IN CORPORATEPOLICY NBoardsOrganisedPROGRAM GIVINGC A I NF G OSecondments to NGOsSkilled King & Wood Mallesons has a commitmentWe take a partnership approach in working with clients, focusingvolunteeringStudent tutoring Nto developing and implementing sustainableO not just on what they want, but how they want it. Alwaysand mentoring GEbusiness practices to minimise ourM pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, we are environmental impact.E 36%E reshaping the legal market and challenging our DOWe require our suppliers to demonstrateclients to think differently about what aNON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONNCT law firm can be. COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGIN NON LEGALtheir commitment to the environment and toPARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGwork with us to reduce the environmentalCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPimpact of the commercial relationship. In theTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN AL PRO B O S RECOsame way we work with our clients toSTAINAB L E G N N O U N C Iproduce sustainable outcomes.S U IN M A LE Further O L IN information E AWe purchase a significant quantity ofH A AG G Tfrom AusLSA environmentally friendly products in ourC I INITIATIVES: ISUPPLIER E The below icons provide limitedDAffirmative procurement programs Ohospitality operations and we include aY information about the firms legal pro L STANDARDS COVER: M NCultural awareness trainingInternshipNsustainability target in our office designP bono commitment. More extensiveI and employment programsNAIDOCCommunity DevelopmentE information is reported by the Australian Pro briefs. PEnvironmental ImpactsFairN Bono Centre and on individual firms websites. Week activitiesNational Reconciliation U Labour PracticesGenderWeekPro bono supportReconciliation S EqualityHuman Rights T STRATEGY Action PlanScholarships and/or student Indigenous Inclusion mentoringCollaboration for reconciliationTARGET MET POLICY RAPPRO BONOPUBLISHED CENTRETARGET STRETCHSUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDS MODERN NSW STATE FEDERAL ACTION SUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TO SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATION PUBLISHED PLAN LEVELMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM PARTICIPATIONPARTICIPATIONSUPPLIERS SUP P LIERS IN DEVT120"