b"2020| GENERAL| RUSSELL KENNEDYMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M USE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NHO MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C C E T N G E ORussell Kennedy recognises the importanceN D POLICY L POLICY G Y E Nof maintaining a balance between work andI E B OI E E RV G INITIATIVES: GROSS SM GR T RGreen Star rated buildings498t1.7t/employeefamily home life. The firms greatest assetsS I IVI Q INITIATIVES: ET + 4-6 starECO-BuyEarth Hourare its employees, therefore it is importantYthat the firm creates an environment thatINITIATIVES:Gender sensitive promotion and recruitment N 0.00% 0.00% 1.4% Employer of Choice for Gender EqualityWorld Environment Day NE Hosting and/or leading external programsInternalT SCOPE 7.0tsupports a diverse and flexible workforce. AWEI reportingIDAHOBIT DayInternalPOLICYnetworks and/or committeesInternational Women'sONE 1.4%The Firm has a gender equality strategy andnetworks and/or committeesLGBTIQ+DayMale Champions of ChangePay Equity Awareness trainingPride in Diversity as part of this strategy there is a focus onMembershipTraining - LGBTIQ+Ambassador Structured female advancementENV. programTraining - Gender inclusion IN DEVT MANAGEMENTproviding flexibility in the workplace.awareness unconscious bias andSYSTEM (EMS) 75% 0.00%As at August 1 2020, 37% of employees atinclusionWear it Purple POLICY IN DEVT SCOPE 373t34% 64% 86% TWO 75%the firm have some form of flexible workFEMALE FEMALE FEMALE 0.05t/m2 0.00t/m2arrangement. Russell Kennedy was awardedICALGENDERR U Sthe Workplace Gender Equality AgencyO G W E L EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL P E A G 20.6% 3.2%citation Employer of Choice for GenderL L TARGET STAFF STAFF A SCOPE 6t/e 6t/e 118tEquality in both 2018 and 2019 and again inO INITIATIVES: B P E THREE 23.7%H CERTIFICATION: mplo e mplo e0 .3 e 0 .0 eyC y2020. Psychological support/EAP PEFCFSCEThe firm conducts an Engagement survey toYMental Health AwarenessI Ncollect feedback from employees to ensureS training and supportMindfulnessG I C A L B kg/e ycledWeekMental health first aidL WEL 25,662kg 0% NETthat we listen to our people and provide aP and Stress Management Training S E m loycon 498t1.7t/employeeI 9 0 e R e tsupportive culture.R U OK? Day programsWellbeingY INITIATIVES: N p e c e ntH GAssessments PDiscount health insurancePOLICYErgonomicsFitness and wellbeing awareness andCYCLINpromotionFlu vaccinationsFruitE GboxesProactive health checksTeam2020 AusLSA R OFFICESevents participationWork based physical fitness SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%POLICYI B LE W OR K PX L A 0% 100%L E INITIATIVES: CFCarer's leaveFlexibleE % of\x1fce a a bilityhours of workJob sharing v ila Phased retirementPurchase LeaveStudy leaveRemote working tools and systemsTime in lieuUnpaid leavePOLICY Headcount: 285 (FTE)Floor Area: 6,842m2162 WEEKS WEEKS 100%RETURN TO Russell Kennedy Lawyers is a leading Australian law firm with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. We PRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER provide our clients with market-leading expertise, outstanding service and exceptional legal solutions.I TA BLE G I OUR COMMUNITYR VCARER CARER PARENTALLEAVEIn April 2019, Russell Kennedy (Melbourne) and Aitken Lawyers (Sydney) merged to create aA INITIATIVES: I N270-strong plus practice. This merger brings together two firms with complementary capabilitiesH SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: across practice areas including corporate and commercial, dispute resolution, property andCInternal appeals andGcollectionsWorkplace development, government, aged care and retirement living, workplace relations and employment,giving matchingestate planning, family law, rural services and renewable energy. The merger strengthens our Workplace giving programsCT / RIS client offering, allowing us to deliver a greater depth of expertise. We build long-standingA L V O L U NK relationships with our clients and work hard to attract and retain the best people.TOUR GOVERNANCE D U M Our two firms share similar cultures and values, and both are committed to making aG INITIATIVES: CORPORATEN A E Edifference through our work across industry sectors that matter to communities. TheL E GIVINGO NSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: BoardsCharity eventsPROGRAMC POLICY A two firms have long histories, both dating back more than 120 years. RussellN Rand appealsOrganisedICorporate Governance is taken very seriously at RussellF G Kennedys origins date back to 1857, while holding the Russell Kennedy namevolunteering activitiesNO OKennedy and we are committed to achieving best practicesince 1926, firms holding the Aitken name date back more than 120 years.Student tutoring and Nstandards. There is a well established code of conduct andE Gmentoringa business continuity plan which incorporates anE Memergency management plan.D ERussell Kennedys code of conduct is comprised of theO N NON-PROFIT/following; A behaviour statement that aligns with the firmsC CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR T COMMUNITYCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERP PARTICIPATIONpurpose and values and which incorporates the followingTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN AL PRO B S RECpolicies, integrity, commitment and work ethic, sexualG O N U O N C Iharassment and grievance procedures.E O O LL N IFurtherThe Business Continuity Plan comprises 3 core areas, aninformation E AI G Temergency management plan, a disaster recovery planfrom AusLSA and a business continuity management plan.The below icons provide limitedD I ONinformation about the firms legal proINITIATIVES: Nussell Kennedy does not have a formal supply chainbono commitment. More extensive ICultural awareness trainingInternship management policy or programme but does workinformation is reported by the Australian Proand employment programsNAIDOC Week collaboratively with its suppliers to ensure that where everBono Centre and on individual firms websites. activities possible environmentally sustainable products areSTRATEGY POLICYpurchased. This collaboration takes into account source of production, manufacturers and suppliers ethical processes TARGET METsuch as fairtrade, packaging materials where appropriatePRO BONOand whole of life cycle impacts including product use andCENTRE IN DEVTfit for purpose, consumption (low versus high yield) andTARGETfinally end of life disposal.130"