b"2020| GENERAL| FB RICEMEMBEROUR PEOPLE SIVE W OR K NTAL M OUSE GAS E OUR ENVIRONMENTSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:L U P L A NDER EQUALI M E A N A NH MISSI SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: C C E T Y N G E GROSS OAt FB Rice, we take our corporate citizenshipN E G E ND O INITIATIVES: E R 685t4.8t/employee Sseriously, and our commitment to theI I POLICY L POLICY R M Gcommunities in which we work is central toE B IV GGreen Star rated buildings the way we engage with clients, staff andS I V Environment Day SCOPE 1.6tR T 4-6 starEarth HourWorldE 0.00% 0.00% 0.24%NI Q INITIATIVES: NT + ONE 0.24%suppliers.YE Gender sensitive promotion and recruitment POLICY T Most of our pro-bono and philanthropicINITIATIVES:Hosting and/or leading external programs programs are started by our people, who Internal networks or committeesInternational32% 0.00% Training - LGBTIQ+ awareness Women's DayTraining - Gender inclusion ENV. SCOPE 222thave great passion and are keen to make aIMPROVEMENTunconscious bias and inclusion PUBLISHED TARGET TWO 32%contribution to the communities in which we Wear it Purple POLICY 26% 49% 82% 0.08t/m 0.00t/m2 2live and work. Pro bono IP services play anFEMALE FEMALE FEMALEimportant role in our portfolio of work, withPARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL SCOPE 67% 0.71% 461tthe Northcott Institute, Cystic FibrosisSTAFF STAFF THREE 67%Australia, the International Rice ResearchGICAL W E R U S A 3.2t/employe e 0.03t/employ e eInstitute in the Philippines, and theL O E L P GChildrens Hospital Westmead as some ofO L A E 0.00% 100%B P CARBONour longstanding pro bono clients.H CERTIFICATION: OFFSETS &C INITIATIVES: EFSC RENEWABLESFB Rice actively engages with and supportsYPsychological support/EAP I Nmany humanitarian and charitable causesSMindfulness and StressG AL WELL 2,073kg 0%through monthly charity fundraisers andPManagement TrainingR U OK? DayI C B k g/e ycled NETprogramsSalary continuance S E loycon 00t/employeeparticipation in events such as AustraliasY I N 1 4 mp e e R e tc t e nBiggest Morning Tea. This year The RFS inPOLICY H INITIATIVES: GP ErgonomicsFitness and NSW was also supported. The partnership matches these donations. The SCICSTAFFwellbeing awareness andYCLISURVEYSpromotionFlu vaccinationsFruitE C N GWildlife Conservancy, RPA Newborn Care, Team events participation 2020 AusLSA R OFFICESCochlear Implant Program, AustralianboxesProactive health checksRiding for The Disabled Assoc, MissionPOLICY SUSTAINABILITY PROFILE100% 100%Australia, Seashepherd and The Wilderness Society are just some of the causes we support.LE W OR K STAFF SURVEYS We also regularly have teams volunteeringI B P L 100% 100%E X Atheir time for events including OxfamINITIATIVES:Trailwalker, and support employees in theseLCareer break/Sabbaticals C EFFlexible hours of workFlexible% of\x1fce a ila ilityefforts through paid volunteer time.working comms and supportJobva bsharingMulti Office choicePart time optionsPhased retirementPurchase LeaveReligious and Ceremonial Leave Study leaveRemote working tools and systemsTime in lieuUnpaid leave Volunteer leave Headcount: 144 (FTE)Floor Area: 2,794m2POLICY262 WEEKS WEEKS 100% Founded over sixty years ago, FB Rice is Australias leading independent intellectual property firm.BLEPAID PARENTAL LEAVE RETURN TO FB Rice is privately owned by the partners, does not have external shareholders or shares traded onR I TA G I V OUR COMMUNITYPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER the stock market, and does not have a law firm within our practice. Nor is the firm aligned to any CARER CARER PARENTAL A ILEAVE one law firm. So intellectual property is our sole focus, which ensures the best possibleH INITIATIVES: N SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: development and protection for our clients intellectual property. We are experts in the protectionCCorporate donations G Internal appeals and of intellectual property and we work with our clients to create strategies with high commercialcollectionsWorkplace impact.giving matchingWorkplace FB Rice brings together forward-thinking individuals from a range of disciplines andgiving programsCT / RIS encourages them to look beyond the constraints of their own specialisation. Our expertiseL V O L UOUR GOVERNANCE D U K M encompasses biotechnology, chemistry, engineering, medical technology,G A N T IN DEVTN A pharmaceuticals, software and information technology and trade marks.E ESUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:O N We provide coverage across all aspects of intellectual property prosecutionLBoardsOrganisedGIVING IN CORPORATEINITIATIVES: E CORPORATE PARTICIPATIONC POLICY A R PROGRAM GIVINGThe FB Rice group is formally governed bypractice including:Preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applicationsN volunteering activitiesPaid F G I Nthe Executive Board consisting of theO in Australia and New ZealandOppositions in Australia and otherO volunteer time for employeesNManaging Partner and three other electedE countriesInfringement, clearance and validity searches andGPartners operating under formally delegatedE IN DEVTM opinionsFiling and prosecution of trade marks, registered authority. As part of their induction, all newD E designs and plant breeders rights. NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONOemployees are taken through the values andN PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGCOMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING IN NON LEGALCcode of conduct for FB Rice. This is furtherCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR TIN DEVTCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPinstilled through the formal ContinuingTRAINING MECHANISM PLAN IN DEVTProfessional Education program. STA NA L E G AL PRO B O N N O US RECO N C IU I M BLE O L IS AINA N FurtherH A E ATYG I G Tinformationfrom AusLSA ILI R C IB E E The below icons provide limitedD OA P Y M INITIATIVES:O L information about the firms legal proN NI N P bono commitment. More extensiveICultural awareness trainingA R P E N information is reported by the Australian Pro Internship and employment programsT T U Bono Centre and on individual firms websites.Non Legal volunteering and secondments S I N TPro bono supportS STRATEGYU POLICYS GPROMOTEDSUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDSMODERN FEDERAL IN DEVTSUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TOSLAVERY LEGISLATIONMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEWPROGRAM PARTICIPATIONSUPPLIERSSUPPLIERS IN DEVT 104"