b"2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE Ashurst is committed to being an outstanding employer ofAshurst recognises its responsibility to protect theWe recognise our role, as a global law \x1frm and member of theAshurst aims to show leadership in the legal sector by choice for all of our people. As a global elite \x1frm we areenvironment by ensuring the sustainable use and disposalbusiness community, in helping achieve positive social impacts inworking with clients and suppliers to positively in\x1euence committed to being the best advisor to our clients and toof scarce resources, and seeks to do so by managing itsour broader communities.their mutual social, ethical and environmental providing a diverse and inclusive workplace that concentrates onsupply chain and consumption of resources. The \x1frm takesThrough our Social Impact programme, we provide our peopleperformance. development, innovation, and \x1eexibility.a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.and clients with opportunities to share their time andGovernance is a fundamental priority for legal service We are focused on developing a high performance culture and aAshurst aims to:professional skills to support community partners. We alsoproviders, and is core to all of the \x1frms activities. It is distinguished people and client experience to attract, develop(a) Apply the principles of sustainable development,recognise our role in driving forward important social justiceimportant to Ashurst in its goal to be the most and retain the best talent in our industry.namely, development which meets the needs of theconversations; and our ability to advocate for positive socialprogressive law \x1frm and to ensure we meet client Our response to the Covid-19 environment has seen us quicklypresent without compromising the resources of the future; change. Our Social Impact programme is separate from, butexpectations. adapt to increased remote working and we see this to be acomplementary to, our global pro bono legal practice, Diversity,This approach is not only embedded in our day to day sustained way of working for us into the future to support our(b) Strive to adopt the highest available environmentalInclusion and Belonging and Sustainability Programmes.operations, but also in the conduct of each of our legal people and the communities that we operate in. standards in all areas of operations;We also understand the law as a profession that comes withpractitioners. Furthermore, the legal profession has (c) Assist in developing solutions to environmentalethical obligations, including that of ensuring the law is availablespeci\x1fc obligations and regulatory requirements to problems and support the development of public policy;to all. Our global pro bono practice provides opportunity for ourmanage governance, professional standards and ethical andlawyers to ful\x1fl this obligation and meaningfully contribute tobehaviour.(d) Undertake initiatives to promote greatercommunities. The global practice has four priority areas which environmental responsibility and engage, educate andinclude: Citizenship & Global Displacement; Gender Rights; Firm: Ashurst empower its people.Modern Slavery; and Racial Justice. We had a global result of over 62,000 pro bono hours (including coordination time) in the Headcount: 1,425 (FTE) Ashurst has launched Sustainability Goals that chart a2020/2021 \x1fnancial year.quanti\x1fable path for the \x1frm to continue to build on its Floor Area: 30,011m 2 culture of sustainability. The foundation of Ashurst's Sustainability Goals and therefore its path to Net Zero is Ashurst is a leading global law \x1frm with athe Carbon Neutrality plan, which sets out a roadmap rich history spanning almost 200 years.including initial reduction goals for the \x1frm to achieve by We have 28 of\x1fces in 16 countries and a2023 (as against 2019 levels) including: 20% reduction in number of referral relationships thatCO2 emissions from travel; 30% reduction in paper usage; and 20% improvement in water, utility and energy usage enable us to offer the reach and insightGENDERPOLICY 38% 68% 67% ef\x1fciencies.of a global network, combined with theEQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALEknowledge and understanding of local markets.PUBLISHED GENDER PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSPOLICY RAP CODE OF CONDUCT POLICYEQUITYINITIATIVES: TARGET STAFF STAFF RECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTAshurst is committed to creating a world CommBar Equitable Brie\x1fng CharterEmployer of Choice for GenderSTRETCHleading pro bono practice and aims toEqualityGender sensitive promotion and recruitmentHost or lead externalGROSS EMISSIONS ACTION PUBLISHED PLAN LEVELdo this by developing leading local proprogramsInternal networks or committeesInternational Women's DayLCA1,895t1.3t/employeeDiversity and Inclusion CharterMale Champions of ChangePay EquityINITIATIVES:bono programmes in each of\x1fce inAmbassador Female advancement, mentoring and coachingTraining - Af\x1frmative procurementCultural awareness trainingProgress Reporting 91% 0.51% 0.50% CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORAshurst's network and by developingGender awareness unconscious bias 1,742tSupply Nation membershipImplementing First Nations employmentCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPBUILDINGS strategyInternship and employmentNAIDOC WeekNationalTRAINING MECHANISM PLANcross-border pro bono projects which92% Reconciliation WeekPro bono supportReconciliation Action Plan enable Ashurst's of\x1fces to work togetherINCLUSIVED POLICY L POLICY 0.06t/m2Scholarships and student mentoringCollaboration for reconciliation I BVolunteering and secondments SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY POLICYto tackle global and regional socialWORKPLACE V G 0.00% 7.4% 0.70%Ejustice issues.R T 154t CHAIN MANAGEMENTS II Q TRAVELT PUBLISHED + PUBLISHED 8% NON LEGALAshurst is also committed to being aINITIATIVES: Y 0 .0 1t/e oy e e 0 .0 1t/employ e e VOLUNTEERING IN DEVT IN DEVTmplsustainable global law \x1frm which delivers DCA membershipHost or lead external programsInternal networks or positive impacts for its employees,committeesTraining - Cultural awareness unconscious biasAWEI reporting5% 100% NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATION IDAHOBIT DayLCA Diversity and Equality CharterPro bono legal supportCARBON COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGIN NON LEGAL MODERN FEDERAL NSWclients, profession, environment and the LGBTI awareness trainingOut for AustraliaPride in Diversity MembershipOFFSETS & INITIATIVES: PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERING SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATION PROGRAM PARTICIPATION (PENDING)communities in which it is based. The Pronouns ProjectInclusive Language GlossaryGender Af\x1frmation PolicyRENEWABLESOrganised volunteeringSkilled volunteeringStudent mentoringglobal Social Impact programme helps Wear it Purple DayWorld Aids DayAshurst to ful\x1fl this commitment. NET EMISSIONS CHARITABLE SUSTAINABILITYREPORTFLEXIBLEPOLICY 0t0t/employee IN DEVT REPORTING2626GIVINGWORKPLACE WEEKS WEEKS 95%CORPORATE PARTICIPATION ENVRETURN TO GIVING CORPORATEPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY INITIATIVES: PROGRAM GIVINGCARER CARER PARENTALINITIATIVES: LEAVE MANAGEMENTCorporate donationsInternal Appeals and CollectionsCareer break /SabbaticalsCarer's leaveChild CareFlexible work hours ENV. Flexible working promotion and supportJob sharingPart time optionsIMPROVEMENT Purchased leaveReligious and ceremonial leaveRemote working tools andPUBLISHED TARGET LEGAL STRATEGYsystemsStudy leaveTime in lieuUnpaid leaveVolunteer leave INITIATIVES: PRO BONO Closed Loop coffee cup recyclingEarth HourGreenTARGET METStar building 4-6 star These icons provide limited information about the \x1frms PSYCHOLOGICALPOLICY ENV. legal pro bono commitment. More extensivePUBLISHED PRO BONOCENTREMANAGEMENTWELLBEING SYSTEM (EMS) information is reported by the Australian Pro BonoTARGETCentre and on individual \x1frms websites.STAFF SURVEYSRECYCLING100% 100% 83% 67% Further informationINITIATIVES: from AusLSA Beyond Blue programsBlack Dog Institute programsHost or lead external(OFFICES)programsMental Health Awareness WeekMental health training and internal supportMental Health Of\x1fce ChampionPsychological support/ EAP% of\x1fce availability Resilience and stress management trainingResilience at LawR U OK? programsSalary continuanceMinds Count TJMF Guidelines PAPER 39.898kg 0%USAGE2 RPHYSICALPOLICY 8kg/e e e ycled ntmploye cconteWELLBEING PAPER CERTIFICATION:STAFF FSCSURVEYS INITIATIVES: Discount health insuranceErgonomicsGym membershipsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vaxFruit boxesProactive health checksTeam eventsWork based exercise sessions"