b"2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE Clayton Utz' vision is to be the leading law \x1frm in Australia- with ourClayton Utz has been carbon neutral since 2016, and inClayton Utz develops and maintains relationships with ourWe have a robust governance structure to support our risk clients and our people at the heart of what we do. Supported by aFY21, we have fully offset our carbon emissions in lineCommunity Partners that connects our people and uses theirmanagement approach, with a Finance Risk and Audit culture of trust, respect and cooperation, underpinned by ourwith the Federal Government's Climate Active Standardresources, skills and enthusiasm. Since 2003, the Clayton UtzCommittee sub-committee of our \x1frm Board, supported people strategy:through the retirement of carbon offset units. WeFoundation has distributed over $12.5 million in grants toby a Risk Management Team and Of\x1fce of Generala sustainable high performing workforce- designing our futurecontinuously seek ways in which we can reduce the impactcharities who address disadvantage and facilitate access toCounsel. workforce through strategic workforce planning and exploring theof our business operations on the environment and have ajustice, including $720,000 granted in FY21. Thirty-two per cent impact of technology. Focusing on attracting and selecting theteam of \x1frm-wide sustainability champions to advocateof our partners and employees partipated in our workplaceOur approach to risk and governance is set out in the best in market talent to support the workforce plan.\x1frm's Risk Appetite Statement and Risk Managementengaging people, experience and culture- enhancing ourfor new environmental initiatives. giving program this year and our people fundraised overFramework.Risk Appetite is embedded through our key Listening Strategy, analysing employee engagement andWe have implemented the AusLSA Environmental$135,000 for community organisations.policy documents including the Partner Handbook, increasing opportunities for feedback and ongoing dialogue andManagement System which has been independentlyPro bono work for low-income and disadvantaged people whoEmployee Handbook, Risk Management Handbook, ISMS connection. Continuing to enhance our employee valuerecerti\x1fed this year. This allows us to understand andcannot obtain Legal Aid, and for the not-for-pro\x1ft organisationsand WHSMS. On-boarding training and regular risk proposition and graduate program experience.manage our environmental risks, and make plans towhich support them, is fundamental to who we are as a \x1frm. It ismanagement training are provided to all partners andtalent management- developing our talent managementminimise our impacts. part of what all of our lawyers do, at every level of seniority, inemployees to ensure they are familiar with key policies frameworks to better support ongoing development, progression, recognition and contribution of our people.Our electricity consumption has reduced nationally eachevery practice group and of\x1fce, as part of their everyday legaland expectations. These training sessions aredeveloping our partners and employees- implementing a newyear for the last \x1fve years and, from FY22, the \x1frm willpractice. supplemented by regular risk management email alerts learning management system and expanding our successfulmeet 50% of its electricity needs from renewable sourcesand communications. curricula of career milestone learning and mentoring programsthrough the purchase of 100% renewable electricity for itsWe have a Diversity Council led by our Chief Executive including a greater focus on virtual delivery. Firm: Clayton Utzdiversity and inclusion- enhancing our gender, \x1eexibility, LGBTIQSydney, Melbourne and Canberra of\x1fces. Partner and whose members include the Chair of the Clayton Utz Board. It is a strategic leadership body inclusion, cultural diversity and disability programs, embeddingTo continue to reduce our environmental impacts we have Headcount: 1,505 (FTE) inclusive leadership capability and building our internal interestperforming an oversight, advisory and advocacy role in focused on cutting our waste to land\x1fll, upgraded our Floor Area: 36,909m 2 groups.printing \x1eeet nationally to a more waste ef\x1fcient system,achieving our diversity and inclusion agenda and priorities. community- continued engagement from partners and employeesand are encouraging our people view, sign and shareWe also have a Cyber Security Board which oversees our via volunteering, fundraising and providing resources. documents electronically to reduce paper use. approach to information security. This year, we achieved whole of \x1frm ISO27001 certi\x1fcation as assessed by SAI GENDERPOLICY 28% 63% 62% Global for the seventh year. Clayton Utz has a mature crisis EQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE management, business continuity and disaster recovery approach, which is reviewed, updated and tested annually.GENDERPUBLISHED EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGALINITIATIVES: TARGET STAFF STAFF Board Links ChampionCommBar Equitable Brie\x1fng CharterEmployer of Choice for Gender EqualityGender sensitive promotion and recruitmentGREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSPOLICY RAP CODE OF CONDUCT POLICY Host or lead external programsInternal networks or committeesInternational Women's DayLCA Diversity and Inclusion CharterPay EquityRECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTAmbassadorTraining - Gender awareness unconscious biasReverseINNOVATEmentoringWomen on BoardsAustralian Breastfeeding AssociationGROSS EMISSIONS ACTION PUBLISHEDAccreditationFemale advancement, mentoring and coaching 2,702t1.8t/employee PLAN LEVELINITIATIVES: Af\x1frmative procurementCultural awareness trainingIndigenous INCLUSIVED POLICY L POLICY 82% 0.23% 0.70% 2,227t employment and internshipsNAIDOC WeekNational Reconciliation WeekCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPI G BUILDINGSPro bono supportReconciliation Action PlanScholarships and studentTRAINING MECHANISM PLANWORKPLACE V B 82% mentoringSupply Nation MembershipVolunteering and secondmentsER T 0.06t/m2S II QT PUBLISHED + PUBLISHED SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY POLICYINITIATIVES: Y 0.00% 15.3% 2.3% 475t NON LEGAL IN DEVT 29% CHAIN MANAGEMENT Australian Network on Disability membershipAsian Leadership ProjectParentsTRAVEL VOLUNTEERINGAt WorkDCA membershipHost or lead external programsLCA Diversity and0 0 18%.2 7t/e e e .0 4t/e e eEquality CharterAWEI reportingIDAHOBIT DayInternal networks ormploy mploy NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONCOMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGIN NON LEGALcommitteesPro bono legal supportLGBTI awareness trainingPride in DiversityACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGconferenceMardi GrasPride BrisbaneSapphireLGBTIQ women's conferenceINITIATIVES: PARTICIPATION Pride in Diversity MembershipTraining - Cultural awareness unconscious biasCARBON 0.00% 100%Blood donationsBoardsCharity events and appealsCommunitySUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDS MODERN FEDERAL NSW Wear it Purple Day World Aids Day OFFSETS & VolunteeringOrganised volunteeringPaid volunteer timeSkilledSUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TO SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATIOMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM PARTICIPATION (PENDING) NRENEWABLES volunteeringStudent tutoring and mentoring SUPPLIERS SUPPLIERSSUPPLIER STANDARD COVER:FLEXIBLEPOLICY NET EMISSIONSHuman RightsEnvironmental ImpactsFair Labour Practices183 WORKPLACE WEEKS WEEKS 91% 0t0t/employee CHARITABLE 32%Community DevelopmentIndigenous InclusionGender EqualityRETURN TO GIVINGPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTERCARER CARER PARENTAL CORPORATE PARTICIPATION SUSTAINABILITYREPORTLEAVE GIVING CORPORATEINITIATIVES: ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY INITIATIVES: PROGRAM GIVING REPORTING Adjusted start and \x1fnish timesCareer break /SabbaticalsCarer's leaveChild CareFlexible work hoursJob sharingLeave return budget adjustmentsPartMANAGEMENTCharitable FoundationCorporate donationsExternal charity events and time optionsPurchased leaveReligious and ceremonial leaveRemote workingappealsInternal Appeals and CollectionsMatched workplace givingIN DEVT CSRENV.tools and systemsStudy leaveTime in lieuUnpaid leaveVolunteer leave IMPROVEMENTPUBLISHED TARGETINITIATIVES: LEGAL STRATEGYPSYCHOLOGICALPOLICYCitySwitch Green Of\x1fceEarth HourPRO BONO Green Star building 4-6 starWorld WELLBEING Environment Day ENV. AEMS TARGET METThese icons provide limited information about thePRO BONOSTAFFMANAGEMENT EMS PUBLISHED CENTRESURVEYSSYSTEM (EMS) CERTIFICATION \x1frms legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported by the Australian Pro BonoTARGETINITIATIVES: Centre and on individual \x1frms websites. Black Dog Institute programsCOM Violence AwarenessHost or lead externalRECYCLING100% 83% 67% 83% Further informationprogramsMental Health Awareness WeekMental health training and internal supportMental Health Of\x1fce ChampionPsychological Risk Assessment(OFFICES) from AusLSA MindfulnessGold Employer - Mental Health First Aid Skilled WorkplaceFounding Member - Corporate Mental Health AlliancePsychological support/% of\x1fce availabilityEAPResilience at LawR U OK? programsSalary continuanceMinds Count TJMF Guidelines PAPER 71,779kg 78%USAGE4 R etkg/employee cycled contenPHYSICALPOLICY 8WELLBEING PAPER CERTIFICATION:STAFF NCOSFSCPEFCSURVEYS INITIATIVES: Con\x1fdential Physical EAPDiscount health insuranceErgonomicsGym membershipsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vaxFruit boxes MassagesProactive health checksTeam eventsWork based exercise sessions"