b"2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE Gilbert + Tobin is an egalitarian, open-minded meritocracyG+T demonstrates outstanding corporate citizenshipG+T 's largest community contribution is through our nationalG+T has a board responsible for overall \x1frm governance. committed to the growth and development of our people. Wethrough its actions to mitigate the environmental impactspro bono practice. Our work focuses on issues affecting FirstWe are committed to a board with a minimum of 30% embrace change with enthusiasm and we are committed toof its business. G+T is Australias \x1frst corporate law \x1frmNations peoples, refugees and asylum seekers, people withwomen. The board meets monthly and all operational absolute excellence in everything we do. We aim to create ato source 100% of its tenancy electricity from renewabledisabilities and human rights matters. In FY2021, we completedgroups submit monthly reports. We have a Corporate positive and culturally aware workplace, where all people aresources. G+T is also a Climate Active carbon neutral29,663 hours of pro bono work - an average of 59.4 hours perSocial Responsibility Committee, Pro Bono Committee treated with dignity and respect.organisation and service. G+T's Environmentlawyer, conservatively valued at over $15 million.and People Leaders Group which govern their respective Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has always been anManagement System is AusLSA certi\x1fed and focuses onWe engage with First Nations communities through ourareas and report into the Board. We conduct quarterly integral part of our culture and the way we do business. Weits material impacts as a law \x1frmbusiness travel, paperReconciliation Action Plan, which focuses on cadetships for Firstoperations compliance reviews to test and report on currently lead the legal industry in gender diversity, with theand electricity consumption and waste management. Nations law students, career development for First Nationsinternal processes and activities.highest proportion of female equity partners (36%) among theG+T is a City Switch program signatory in Sydney andlawyers, procurement from First Nations businesses and major top-tier \x1frms in Australiahowever we know there is morePerth and maintains 5-star NABERS Energy (Tenancy)mentoring for First Nations students. We are public proponents we can do. In 2018 we introduced a target of 40% women inratings for its Sydney and Perth of\x1fces. G+T is committedof the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the campaign for an partnership by 2023 with a longer-term goal of gender parity.to implementing a high standard of environmentalIndigenous Voice to Parliament. We pay super on unpaid parental leave to men + women andmanagement that enables it to continually improve itsWe support organisations that work to empower First Nations provide employees with a work from home IT kit delivered toenvironmental performance and to con\x1fdently assert itselfpeople and young people, including the North Australian their door, to support them in embracing \x1eexibility.as a responsible contributor to its clients' supply chains. Aboriginal Justice Agency, Cape York Partnership, Ngak Min Our commitment to inclusion starts at the top and we are proudHealth Service, Football United, Creating Chances, Women's Firm: Gilbert + Tobin that our managing partner, Danny Gilbert, is co-chair of the CapeJustice Network, Shine for Kids, Monterey Secondary College, Headcount: 819 (FTE) York Partnership and has taken a leading role in promoting theand Tribal Warrior. Uluru Statement From The Heart. We are principal sponsor of the G+T Centre of Public Law at the Floor Area: 14,569m 2 University of NSW. The Centre plays an independent role in public debate on a range of issues vital to Australia's future Gilbert + Tobin is a leading Australianincluding Charters of Rights, reconciliation, constitutional corporate law \x1frm, advising clients onrecognition and native title.their most signi\x1fcant transactions, regulatory matters and disputes. G+T provides commercial and innovative legal solutions for ASX leading companies, major infrastructure and services providers as well as government andGENDERPOLICY 36% 53% 71% GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSPOLICY CODE OF CONDUCT POLICYpublic authorities across Australia andEQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE RECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTaround the world.GENDER GROSS EMISSIONSPUBLISHED EQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL PUBLISHEDAn international leader in M&A, privateTARGET STAFF STAFF 230t0.28t/employeeINITIATIVES: INITIATIVES:equity, capital markets, competition and DCA major sponsorEmployer of Choice for Gender EqualityHost or lead Af\x1frmative procurementAlliance with Chalk & BehrendtProcurement 0% 0.65% 2.7% CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORregulation and technology and digital,external programsInternal networks or committeesInternational Women's8t from ATSI businessesCultural awareness trainingIndigenous employmentCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPDayLCA Diversity and Inclusion CharterFemale advancement, mentoringBUILDINGS and internshipsInternship and employmentNAIDOC WeekNationalTRAINING MECHANISM PLANG+T works on complex issues that de\x1fneand coachingTraining - Gender awareness unconscious bias 3% Reconciliation WeekPro bono supportReconciliation Strategy and direct the market. Gilbert + Tobin is0.00t/m2Scholarships and student mentoringCollaboration for reconciliation also committed to outstandingDVolunteering and secondments SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY POLICYINCLUSIVEI POLICY L POLICY 0.00% 70% 27%citizenship; its pro bono legal team areV G 223t CHAIN MANAGEMENTWORKPLACE E B TRAVELproud proponents of social justice and,R T 97% NON LEGALS I 2 0t/e y e e .08t/e e e0 . 0I Q mplo mploysince its inception, pro bono work hasT + VOLUNTEERING IN DEVTYbeen an integral part of G+Ts practice.INITIATIVES: NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATION DCA membershipHost or lead external programsLCA Diversity andCARBON 100% 100% COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING IN NON LEGAL SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDS MODERN FEDERAL NSWG+T has a particular focus on AboriginalPARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERING SUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TO SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATIONEquality CharterTraining - Cultural awareness unconscious biasIDAHOBITOFFSETS & INITIATIVES: MANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM PARTICIPATION (PENDING)and Torres Strait Islander people andSUPPLIERSDayInternal networks or committeesPro bono legal supportLGBTIRENEWABLESBoardsCharity events and appealsOrganised volunteeringPaidSUPPLIERSorganisations, people with disabilities,awareness trainingPride in Diversity MembershipWear it Purple Day volunteer timeSecondments to NGOsSkilled volunteeringStudentSUPPLIER STANDARD COVER:refugees and human rights matters. G+TNET EMISSIONS tutoring and mentoringHuman RightsEnvironmental ImpactsFair Labour Practices has one of the highest proportion ofFLEXIBLEPOLICY 0t0t/employeeIndigenous Inclusion women partners among major Australian183 97% CHARITABLElaw \x1frms.WORKPLACE WEEKS WEEKS RETURN TO GIVING 6% SUSTAINABILITY G+T is the \x1frst corporate law \x1frm toPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY CORPORATE PARTICIPATION REPORTINGCARER CARER PARENTALINITIATIVES: LEAVE MANAGEMENT GIVING CORPORATEsource 100% of its tenancy electricity Career break /SabbaticalsCarer's leaveFlexible work hoursJob sharingENV. INITIATIVES: PROGRAM GIVING PROMOTEDfrom renewable sources and is proudly a Part time optionsPurchased leaveRemote working tools and systemsIMPROVEMENTCharitable FoundationCorporate donationsExternal charity events and long-term carbon neutral organisation.Study leaveTime in lieuUnpaid leaveVolunteer leave PUBLISHED TARGET appealsInternal Appeals and CollectionsMatched workplace giving INITIATIVES:Workplace giving Climate Active ProgramNABERS Ratings PSYCHOLOGICALPOLICY Plastic Free JulyCitySwitch Green Of\x1fceEarth HourGreen Star building 4-6 starENV. AEMS LEGAL STRATEGYWELLBEINGNGERs compliant reportingMANAGEMENT EMSSTAFFSYSTEM (EMS) CERTIFICATION PRO BONOSURVEYSTARGET METThese icons provide limited information about the \x1frmsPRO BONOINITIATIVES: RECYCLING100% 100% 75% 100% legal pro bono commitment. More extensivePUBLISHED CENTRE Mental Health Awareness WeekMental health training and internal supportinformation is reported by the Australian Pro BonoTARGET Mental Health Of\x1fce ChampionMental Health Leader TrainingMental Health(OFFICES) Centre and on individual \x1frms websites.Awareness WeekSponsoring outdoor activities & sportsResilience and wellbeing educationPsychological support/ EAPResilience and stress% of\x1fce availability Further informationmanagement trainingResilience at LawR U OK? programsSalary continuancefrom AusLSA Minds Count TJMF Guidelines PAPER 23,888kg 0%USAGE2 RPHYSICALPOLICY 9kg/employee e ycled con ntc teWELLBEING PAPER CERTIFICATION:STAFF FSCNCOSSURVEYS INITIATIVES: ErgonomicsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vax Fruit boxesMassagesProactive health checksTeam events Work based exercise sessions"