b'BACK TO NAVIGATIONRISK MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS CONTINUITY,ETHICS AND CODE OF CONDUCTChallenges and OpportunitiesIn law firms, universal standards for the management of risks, continuity, ethics and codes of conduct are guided by government regulation, state law societies, customer expectations and industry standards. This has provided comfort that this has been enough to guarantee their effectiveness. COVID and the rapidly developing climate crisis has shown how high impact scenarios can manifest rapidly and relatively unexpectedly with the deep and unexpected impacts and consequences.These two risks, while long understood amongst the health and environmental specialities, are now becoming mainstream risks to be understood and managed by both business and governments. This rapid change has shaken the sense the constants that we have relied on will stay true in the medium term. This provides a valuable lesson and highlights the real benefit of exploring new scenarios for the economic, social and environmental impacts from issues such as human rights progress, climate change, and biodiversity loss. Risk management and continuity as well as governance systems all need to take account of these risks and make adaptation plans and address the strategic and ethical issues this raises for firms.This report finds that all members have systems in place. However, from time to time there are examples where organisational systems fail to identify, avoid or properly manage breaches. Actual ethical and professional conduct and the effectiveness of a firms codes and systems is significantly influenced by organisational culture and leadership. Where these are misaligned, it is almost always creates cultural norms that can undermine policies codes and determine behaviours. It is the role of senior leadership to ensure an organisations culture demonstrates their publicly projected values and that the leadership and behaviours they demonstrate, and reward continue to strengthen these values. RISK MANAGEMENT PLANBUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN Yes 100% Yes 100%83'