b'BACK TO NAVIGATIONAt Law Firms Skilled non-legal volunteering is a critical input to the not for profit and community sector and is highly valued by recipients. Many of these organisations depend on the experience and knowledge of lawyers, managers and support staff for a broad range of non-legal roles including governance, planning, management and administration functions. Non-Legal volunteering by law firm employees provides community groups with a range of benefits Access to a different pool of volunteers, skills, knowledge and technical expertiseIncreasing service delivery for beneficiaries.An opportunity to share the organisations mission to potential ambassadors.Influence behaviours for positive social, economic or environmental impact.Access to teams of volunteers for major tasks and events.Increasing public awareness of community issues.Create corporate partnerships and potential income streams for community projects.Improve understanding between the business and voluntary sectorsIn many cases law firms combine these types of non-legal volunteering programs with pro bono legal and financial contributions through structured Community partnerships. This greatly improves the delivery of targeted impacts, a trend that also increasing in businesses across in Australia. In a similar way to pro bono legal programs, non-legal volunteering programs provide employees with an opportunity to practice different skills, build new teams and bolster the firms reputation within the community. Sharing the positive impacts and stories from non-legal volunteering is generally less constrained than for legal volunteering which provides additional opportunities for a firm to promote these achievements to internal and external stakeholders. Volunteering provides benefits to law firms which includecompany pride and loyalty from staffpositive image and recognition by external stakeholdersstaff morale, motivation, team spirit and initiativerelationships between people from different areas of the organisationemployee attendance, recruitment and retentionprofessional and skill development opportunities triple bottom line impact relationships between the company and the local community PARTICIPATION MONITORED%Yes 16% No 39%Currently in Development 45%53'