b"2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE Our people are our greatest assets, they bring a wealth ofThe Lantern Legal Group is very aware that our dailyWe are committed to change and ensuring that we have aAll Principals, senior management team members and experience, talent and commitment to the \x1frm.We areoperations affect the environment. Where possible wepositive impact on the environment and the communities inleaders within the \x1frm are responsible for assisting the \x1frm dedicated to their development, wellbeing and being able tocontinue to reduce our energy usage and water usage.which we work and live. to meet its community, social and environmental goals. We provide a workplace with opportunities for progression.We have a \x1frm-wide target set to reduce our electricityWe see it as our responsibility to use our knowledge andwill continue to advance community, social and We encourage our people to further their studies and attendusage, this is monitored on-line through the Power Corexpertise to better the community, which is why we provideenvironmental consciousness across the \x1frm. This will regular training provided through our Continuing Professionalwebsite and in Excel spreadsheets.substantial pro bono services to charities and not for pro\x1fts. Ourinclude: Development programs.This includes both technical and softAll our of\x1fces have water saving devices. We havepeople actively give back by participating as members of boards- Continuing a pro bono program in which not less than 1% skills training.recycling procedures in place for cardboard, paper,and committees in the not-for-pro\x1ft sector, allowing them toof our budgeted revenue is devoted to pro bono matters. We have external presenters speak to our people on a regularpolystyrene, batteries and Nescafe pods as well as othergrow professionally and personally while making a real difference- Providing our talents and services to community basis.We have included self-care programs with our staff andcommingled rubbish. The con\x1fdential documentwhere it is needed most. organisations by sitting on their boards of management presentations on mental health.We have a \x1eexible workforcedestruction service shreds then pulps the paper forLantern Legal Group is widely known as the leader in providingand/or committees. and listen to the individuals needs in relation to what \x1eexibilityrecycling. E waste goes to a local not for pro\x1ft grouppro bono services to the regions in which we operate. The pro they need to get their job done.where their teams dismantle electronic equipment forbono services we provide to the community include providing- Promoting our corporate social responsibility and recycling. There is an ongoing operational need to uselegal advice to a range of charities and community organisationsenvironmental policies across the \x1frm. Our continually expanding works perks program and rewardspaper, but this does not mean that we can't reduce thein our communities. We contribute in excess of 3000 hours per- Benchmarking our resource and energy use through and recognition program provide weekly morning teas, freshamount of printing that we do. Our printers have a defaultyear to pro bono services. This is on average 36 hours per lawyer,AusLSA or similar organisations. fruit, breakfast daily and monthly staff recognition star awards.Insetting for double sided printing, unless the user makeswhich is in excess of the National Pro Bono Aspirational Target. addition to this staff receive life and income protection insurancethe conscious decision for single sided. Printers alsoIn particular, our pro bono program and commitment to Firm: bene\x1fts.default to black and white. We receive invoicesWe actively encourage our people to play a meaningful role incommunity organisations will seek to bene\x1ft their region and as a result, our staff sit on over 20 charitable ordisadvantaged sectors of the communities in which the The Lantern Legal Group The Lantern Legal Group is continually striving to attract andelectronically instead of using the AusPost service where\x1frm practices. The Board will oversee the implementation retain the best people and we work hard on strategies that willpossible.not-for-pro\x1ft boards and committees. Lantern Legal Group also Headcount: 133 (FTE) keep our workforce motivated and engaged, where they canOur staff who regularly commute between our 2 mainhas a long history of supporting the local region by providingof this aspect of our strategy across the \x1frm, including bysponsorships to over 15 businesses and initiatives.incorporating as appropriate review in principal, senior Floor Area: 3,108m 2 \x1fnding a sense of purpose in everything that they do. of\x1fces in Geelong or Melbourne, use V-Line publicmanagement team and lawyer performance reviews. To transport in preference to driving their own or companythe extent possible, we will attempt to measure the The Lantern Legal Group Pty Ltd is thevehicles.outcomes both for the \x1frm and the community of our parent company of the law \x1frms tradingengagement. This may include seeking feedback from our as Harwood Andrews and Sladen Legal.employees and the community regarding our community, We take an approach that is client drivensocial and environmental performance. and collaborative and work in partnership with our clients to ensure theGENDERPOLICY 30% 50% 89% GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSPOLICY RAP CODE OF CONDUCT POLICYadvice and service we provide is speci\x1fcEQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE RECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTto individual needs. We have a team ofGROSS EMISSIONS REFLECT153 talented individuals who work bothPUBLISHED PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL IN DEVT ACTION STAFF STAFF 137t1.0t/employee PLAN LEVELfull time and part time includingINITIATIVES: INITIATIVES:principals, special counsel, lawyers and Host or lead external programsInternational Women's DayTraining -97% 0.00% 1.2%Reconciliation Action Plan CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORGender awareness unconscious bias 134t CONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPprofessional service managers who workBUILDINGS 98% TRAINING MECHANISM PLANcollaboratively to ensure the bestINCLUSIVED POLICY L POLICY 0.04 NON LEGALoutcomes for our clients across theirI G t/m2 VOLUNTEERINGV B SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY POLICYbusiness and personal legal needs. WeWORKPLACE E T 2.0% 0.10% 0.00%R I 3t NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL CHAIN MANAGEMENTSare committed to not only operating forI Q TRAVEL COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGT + 2% INITIATIVES: PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIESthe bene\x1ft of shareholders, but also forY 0 .00t/e y e e 0 .00t/e y e eINITIATIVES: mplo mploBoardsCharity events and appealsCommunity VolunteeringOrganised the bene\x1ft of the environment, the Training - Cultural awareness unconscious biasLGBTI awareness trainingvolunteeringPaid volunteer timecommunity and our people. NET EMISSIONS137t1.0t/employee SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDSFLEXIBLEPOLICY CHARITABLE SUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TOEXISTINGNEW122MANAGEMENT SUPPLIERSWORKPLACE WEEKS WEEKS 100% GIVING SUPPLIERSSUPPLIER STANDARD COVER:PRIMARY SECONDARY RETURN TO ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY CORPORATECommunity DevelopmentEnvironmental ImpactsFair Labour WORK AFTERCARER CARER PARENTAL MANAGEMENT GIVING PracticesHuman RightsINITIATIVES: LEAVE INITIATIVES: PROGRAM Career break /SabbaticalsCarer's leaveFlexible work hoursJob sharingENV.Charitable FoundationCorporate donationsMatched workplace givingPart time optionsRemote working tools and systemsStudy leaveTime inIN DEVT TARGETWorkplace giving SUSTAINABILITYREPORTIMPROVEMENTlieuUnpaid leaveVolunteer leave INITIATIVES: REPORTING Earth HourECO-Buy LEGAL STRATEGYPSYCHOLOGICALPOLICY PRO BONO PROMOTED CSRWELLBEING RECYCLING100% 100% 0% 100%(OFFICES) These icons provide limited information about the \x1frms legal pro bono commitment. More extensive % of\x1fce availability information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono INITIATIVES: Centre and on individual \x1frms websites. Beyond Blue programsMental health training and internal supportA con\x1fdential Employee Assistance program with access to online servicesPAPER 3,777kg 0% Further informationand appContinual information uploaded on IntranetPsychological support/from AusLSAEAPResilience and stress management trainingR U OK? programsSalaryUSAGE28kg/e e R e ycled tmploye ccontencontinuanceMinds Count TJMF GuidelinesPAPER CERTIFICATION:PHYSICALPOLICYFSCNCOSOtherWELLBEINGINITIATIVES: ErgonomicsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vaxFruit boxes"