b'BACK TO NAVIGATIONABOUT THE AUSTRALIANAusLSAs Executive members 2021 LEGAL SECTOR ALLIANCE AusLSA is indebted to the commitment and support of its four Executive Members and Ernst & Young. Since its establishment in 2010 AusLSAs Executive Members have been instrumental in providing leadership, strategic, logistical and financial support: AusLSA is assisted by Ernst & Young who provide executive administrative and office support.In addition, AusLSA greatly benefits from the specialist expertise Ernst & Young provides through its board appointment. Ernst & Young is the largest and most experienced sustainability consultancy in Australia operating in business advisory and assurance. Focus and Direction This year we have seen our members commitment to sustainability and social impact grow against a backdrop of some of the most disruptive and challenging times faced by Australian business as a result of the COVID pandemic. As we emerge there will be the opportunity and expectation to refine and improve the AusLSA sustainability framework and to broaden the support available to ensure that AusLSA continues to evolve and enhance its member services so that Australian law firms can remain as a global example of leading practice for corporate purpose and responsibility.Our members, sustainability thought leaders and legal service customers guide AusLSA on the importance of a more complete sustainability view and approach and AusLSA is continuing to build new capacity to help members keep pace with these developments and increased market expectations.Priorities for 2022 During 2021 the AusLSA board completed a review and rest of its 5-year strategic plan. The focus of our last plan which was completed in 2016 was to embed an evolution of AusLSAs program from a simpler environmental focus to a broader sustainability framework The new framework aligned closely with the corporate social responsibility or Environmental Social Governance approached that most organisations were transitioning to. In preparation for this years strategic plan, we spoke to the AusLSA members and thought leaders about the sustainability challenges at a law firm level and at a national and global level. We learned that interest and expectations in sustainability was increasing among all their stakeholders including the executive team, employees and clients Our members valued the tools and resources provided by AusLSA and were committed to the annual collection and public reporting of their sustainability data.We learned was that law firms had built strong internal capacity and connections with program providers across many of the sustainability issues included in the AusLSA sustainability framework. Im many of these areas firms were confident that their programs were well informed, resourced, and managed and that planned progress was being achieved. Our members told us that climate change and broader environmental management were focus areas that they were looking to increase commitments and undertake additional actions. The told AusLSA that additional support and collaboration would be needed in these areas during the next five years. AusLSAs Sustainable Reporting and Analysis tool.Continued development of AusLSAs member reporting and benchmarking tool to include;greater analytics and diagnostics to assist with internal planning and reporting, improved metrics to align with material issues and available data and, support for member tool users.AusLSA EMSThe AusLSA Environmental Management System online tool will continue to be provided to AusLSA members as part of their annual membership. Packages of additional support will be made available to firms for implementation support includes 3-4 days facilitation. Awareness of the AusLSA EMS program will be promoted to both AusLSA members and their clients. 7'