b"2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE At Holding Redlich we are committed to creating a diverse andHolding Redlich aims to promote best practiceHolding Redlichs legal practice is underpinned by a strongIt is our personal and professional duty to know the law and inclusive workplace in which all our people can thrive in asustainability commitments and performances to furthercommitment to human rights and social justice. The three mainto comply with the law. Our legal practice is governed by supportive and rewarding environment. By creating anreduce our impact on the environment by implementingcomponents of the \x1frms community work are its pro bonolaws, regulations and the common law. environment in which our people feel fully supported in allprograms and policies to improve our sustainabilityprogram, workplace giving program and Reconciliation ActionOur Client Commitment Charter outlines our commitment to aspects of their work life, we believe this in turn, allows us toimpact. Our organisation-wide approach is led by ourPlan.provide high quality client service in all interactions with our retain our people and provide the best service to our clients.Sustainability Committee, whose purpose is to supportThe \x1frms pro bono program is an integral part of its work andclients without discrimination. Our People and Development team is responsible for theand encourage all Partners and staff to improve theirculture in ful\x1flling its commitment to human rights and socialOur Quality Assurance Framework ensures we provide the creation and implementation of business critical initiatives thatenvironmental awareness and actions at work, whilejustice. The work performed through our pro bono programhighest quality and updated advice in order to meet risk support Holding Redlich in our commitment to creating thishelping the \x1frm pursue its goal of carbon neutrality. covers a number of areas of law and groups of people, includingmanagement requirements. environment; and which allows our people to feel set up torefugees and asylum seekers, First Nations peoples, women andOur Risk management team is responsible for implementing succeed. The \x1frm has several initiatives in place to drive theyouth at risk, elder abuse, the arts, employment law andrisk minimising practices and policies, conducting efforts in the space of well-being, performance, \x1eexibility, genderdiscrimination, and charities and not-for-pro\x1fts.procedures that reduce risk, as well as managing our equality, diversity and inclusion and is always considering how itThe Holding Redlich Social Justice Fund (workplace givingbusiness continuity plan. can further support our people. program) receives individual contributions from partners andOur Sustainability Committee manages the sustainability of staff, with all individual contributions being matched by the \x1frm.our services, including environmental sustainability and The Fund makes biannual donations to our charity partners, andmonitoring our supply chain for risks related to modern currently focuses on supporting vulnerable young people andslavery. Since FY2019-2020 Holding Redlich has consolidated Firm: Holding Redlich women experiencing family violence.revenue of +$100M, requiring us to report on risks of modern slavery within our operations and supply chains, and Headcount: 502 (FTE) Holding Redlich recognises that we have a responsibility to takeactions to address them. genuine action to engage in and promote reconciliation. The Floor Area: 14,629m 2 \x1frms RAP provides a framework for supporting the nationalOur policies ensure our staff have safe and \x1eexible working reconciliation movement. We are committed to respectingenvironments, with our Diversity and Inclusion Committee cultures, building relationships and creating opportunities forencouraging a workplace where all our people feel included. With origins dating back to the 1950s,First Nations peoples. For the 13th consecutive year, we have been awarded the Holding Redlich has a long history ofWGEA Employer of Choice award in 2021, recognising the delivering excellent results for our clients.\x1frms ongoing commitment to diversity and equality.We are a large national commercial law \x1frm with of\x1fces in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. We comprise more than 500 people, including partners, and our annualGENDERPOLICY 31% 72% 79% GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSPOLICY RAP CODE OF CONDUCT POLICYrevenue is approximately $100 million.EQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE RECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTGENDER GROSS EMISSIONS REFLECTWe provide practical solutions tailored toEQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL PUBLISHED ACTION PUBLISHED PLAN LEVELour clients needs, underpinned by theTARGET STAFF STAFF 952t1.9t/employeeINITIATIVES: INITIATIVES:very best legal thinking and expert CommBar Equitable Brie\x1fng CharterEmployer of Choice for Gender Cultural awareness trainingNAIDOC WeekNational Reconciliation Week 91% 0.00% 0.30% CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORindustry knowledge. But it takes muchEqualityInternal networks or committeesInternational Women's DayMale867tPro bono supportReconciliation Action PlanCollaboration forCONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPmore than great law to build enduringChampions of Change BUILDINGS 91% reconciliation TRAINING MECHANISM PLANpartnershipsour aim with every client.0.06t/m2We understand that our role is to lookINCLUSIVED POLICY L POLICY NON LEGAL SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY POLICYIafter our clients and their best interests.WORKPLACE V G 0.00% 8.2% 0.60% 84t VOLUNTEERING CHAIN MANAGEMENTE BR T TRAVELS II Q 9% NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGALWe act for a number of Australias largestT PUBLISHED + 0 . 1 6t/e oy e e 0 .0 1t/emplo e e COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGY mpl ypublic and private companies, addressingINITIATIVES: PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIESsome of their most complex and DCA membershipIDAHOBIT DayInternal networks or committeesPrideNET EMISSIONS INITIATIVES:monthMardi Gras celebrationsWear it Purple DayBlood donationsBoardsCharity events and appealsOrganisedSUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDS MODERN FEDERAL NSW952t1.9t/employee SUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TO SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATIONimportant business issues. We providevolunteeringMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM PARTICIPATION (PENDING) our clients with legal, commercial andSUPPLIERS SUPPLIERSstrategic solutions founded on our legalFLEXIBLEPOLICY SUPPLIER STANDARD COVER:182and industry experience. WORKPLACE WEEKS WEEKS 91% ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY CHARITABLECommunity DevelopmentEnvironmental ImpactsFair 30% Consumer and Competition PracticesFair Labour Practices RETURN TO MANAGEMENT GIVINGGender EqualityHuman RightsIndigenous InclusionPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTERPUBLISHED CARER CARER PARENTAL ENV. CORPORATE PARTICIPATION LEAVE IMPROVEMENTINITIATIVES: IN DEVT TARGET GIVING CORPORATE Carer's leaveChild Care Flexible work hoursFlexible working promotionINITIATIVES: INITIATIVES: PROGRAM GIVING SUSTAINABILITY and supportJob sharingPart time optionsPhased retirementPurchased Earth HourGreen Star building 4-6 starCharitable FoundationCorporate donationsExternal charity events and leaveReligious and ceremonial leaveRemote working tools and systems appealsInternal Appeals and CollectionsMatched workplace givingREPORTINGStudy leaveTime in lieuUnpaid leave Workplace givingRECYCLING100% 100% 100% 100% PROMOTEDPSYCHOLOGICALPOLICY (OFFICES) LEGAL STRATEGYWELLBEING % of\x1fce availability PRO BONOSTAFFTARGET METSURVEYSThese icons provide limited information about the \x1frmsPRO BONOIN DEVT PAPER 21,339kg 99% legal pro bono commitment. More extensivePUBLISHED CENTREINITIATIVES: information is reported by the Australian Pro BonoTARGET Mental health training and internal supportMental Health Of\x1fce ChampionUSAGE Centre and on individual \x1frms websites.43kg/e ee R e ycled e tmploy ccont n MindfulnessNutritionPsychological support/ EAPResilience and stress management trainingR U OK? programs PAPER CERTIFICATION: Further information PEFCNCOS from AusLSAPHYSICALPOLICYWELLBEINGSTAFF SURVEYS IN DEVTINITIATIVES: ErgonomicsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vaxFruit boxesTeam eventsWork based exercise sessions"