b'BACCK TK TO NO NAAVVIIGGAATTIIONONBAEnvironmentENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE2021 HIGHLIGHTSTOTALELECTRICITY TRAVELRefrigeration, Air Conditioningand On-site combustion299 tonnes CO e2Purchased Electricity Total Travel (Air, Taxis, Hire Cars,and Green Tariff Emissions Personal and Company Vehicles)22,961 tonnes CO e 3,312 tonnes CO e2 2TOTAL26,572 tonnes CO e2T C0 2 e per head T C0 2 e per head T C0 2 e per head T C0 2 e per head1.0 1.1 for total travel for \x1fights only0.01 0.01LAST 12 MONTHS LAST 12 MONTHS LAST 12 MONTHS LAST 12 MONTHS22% 58% 91% 91%PAPERPaper Consumed kg per head LAST 12 MONTHSNote: These highlights include data that has been859,897kg 38 39%significantly impacted by operational changes and decisions caused by the COVID pandemic. 65'