b"2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE As a \x1frm Carroll & O'Dea promotes equality and well-being inWe are committed to reducing our environmental impactAt Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers we have a proud and long traditionCarroll & O'Dea has a formal Principle Partner the work place. Initiatives are in place to ensure staff can easilyand promoting sustainable practices across our of\x1fces.of helping and assisting others in the community. Our solicitorsCommittee (meets monthly), All Partners forum (meets communicate with one another on both a workplace and socialThrough the implementation of our sustainability policy,do voluntary work in a range of community legal centres andmonthly), Finance Committee (meeting quarterly), level. we have created a framework for understanding andregularly take on pro-bono matters referred by the PublicRemuneration Committee, Risk Management Committee, The \x1frm holds regular Linkers Zoom Meetings, where staff aremanaging our impact on the environment, including byInterest Law Clearing House.Sustainability Committee & Diversity Committee. All have invited to come together and voice any concerns or practicalconducting green audits, to evaluate adherence to ourWe are involved in the MOSAIC Mentoring Program, whichterms of reference.suggestions for improvements that could be advantageous tosustainability policy.provides free face-to-face legal assistance to asylum seekers and the \x1frm as a whole. The \x1frm also conducts a staff survey toEnergy saving mode is set on all photocopiers andrefugees. We support The Shed at Plumpton Mount Druitt, which identify any particular areas that may require improvement. Theprinters, and we have installed meters on photocopiersprovides free legal advice and representation to people who are results of the staff survey are communicated across the \x1frm.which discourage wasteful photocopying. Our airhomeless or at risk of homelessness. Carroll & O'Dea facilitates personal counselling when necessaryconditioning shuts down after 6:00 pm on business daysThe \x1frm is also involved in the Clemente Australia Program, a through AccessEAP, a private and con\x1fdential service to supportand remains switched off over the weekend. Of\x1fce lightsuniversity education program that helps individuals from and assist staff. The diverse capability of our workforce is whatare automatically switched off after 8:00 pm on businessdisadvantaged backgrounds get a university education. positions Carroll & O'Dea to deliver high quality, tailored servicesdays and operate on a timed manual system after 8:00 pm to our diverse range of Clients.and over the weekend. As well, motion activated sensorFrom our founding partners 118 years ago to our team today, at lighting is installed in our bathrooms.Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers we are guided by the simple principle We recruit people from all background. We believe that diversityWe encourage our staff to reduce their use of of\x1fceof giving back to the community. So much so that our most encompasses different ethnicity, gender, language, age, religion,recent staff survey found that it was one of the most attractive Firm: Carroll & O'Dea socio-economic background, physical and mental ability,consumables and to recycle. Each staff member isthings about working at Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers.provided with a recycling bin at their work area and we Headcount: 221 (FTE) experience and education.have placed large communal recycling bins throughout We offer regular internal & external leaning opportunities andour of\x1fces, including in our kitchens. We encourage all Floor Area: 4,666m 2 mentoring programs. The \x1frm provides a calendar of trainingour staff to adopt sustainable practices in the workplacesessions that run throughout the year for our support staff toand to share their ideas with othersCarroll & O'Dea Lawyers, establishedfurther develop and improve their skills.121 years ago, is a modern \x1frm built on strong foundations of providing expert advice and robust advocacy for our clients. Our longevity has its roots in our continuing commitment to providing allGENDERPOLICY GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSCODE OF CONDUCT POLICYour clients with the highest level of28% 66% 88%service, skill and legal expertise across allEQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE RECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTaspects of the law.PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL GROSS EMISSIONSPUBLISHED STAFF STAFF 381t1.7t/employee INITIATIVES:Our strength is that we continue toINITIATIVES:Cultural awareness trainingevolve, uniting our family traditions with Host or lead external programsInternal networks or committees 97% 0.00% 0.50% CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR International Women's DayPay Equity Ambassador371t CONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPthe latest in technology, legal knowledgeBUILDINGS 97% NON LEGAL TRAINING MECHANISM PLANand skills that bene\x1ft our clients.D VOLUNTEERINGINCLUSIVEI POLICY 0.08t/m2To view our complete history visit visit:V NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL SUSTAINABLE SUPPLYWORKPLACE E 0.00% 1.9% 0.90% COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGwww.codea.com.au/our-\x1frm/our-history R 11t INITIATIVES: PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES CHAIN MANAGEMENTSI TRAVELTY 0 0 3%BoardsCommunity VolunteeringPaid volunteer time.0 3t/employ e e .0 2t/employ e eFLEXIBLEPOLICY NET EMISSIONS CHARITABLE MODERN121 381t1.7t/employee SLAVERYWORKPLACE WEEKS WEEK 93% GIVING PROGRAMRETURN TO CORPORATE IN DEVTPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER GIVINGCARER CARER PARENTAL PROGRAMINITIATIVES: LEAVE ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY INITIATIVES: Carer's leaveFlexible work hoursJob sharingRemote working tools andMANAGEMENTCharitable FoundationsystemsTime in lieuUnpaid leaveLEGAL STRATEGYPSYCHOLOGICALINITIATIVES: PRO BONOWELLBEINGEarth HourWorld Environment DayThese icons provide limited information about the \x1frms legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported INITIATIVES: RECYCLING100% 100% 0% 0% by the Australian Pro Bono Centre and on individual \x1frmsHost or lead external programsPsychological support/ EAPR U OK?websites.programsSalary continuance (OFFICES)Further information% of\x1fce availability from AusLSAPHYSICAL WELLBEING PAPER 29,020kg 34%USAGE1 3 R1kg/e cycled ntmployee econteINITIATIVES: ErgonomicsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vaxWork basedPAPER CERTIFICATION:exercise sessionsFSC"