b'2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE Russell Kennedy recognises the importance of maintaining aRussell Kennedy continues to make a concerted effort toLed by our Pro Bono Practice Group, we promote access toAt Russell Kennedy we are committed to compliance with balance between work and family home life. The \x1frm\'s greatestreduce its carbon foot print and reduce the impact it hasjustice by identifying key areas of unmet legal need and buildingthe law and recognise that we have a responsibility to assets are its employees, therefore it is important that the \x1frmon the environment so helping protect it for futureand maintaining expertise in those areas. Over many years, RK\'suphold the highest levels of ethical and risk management creates an environment that supports a diverse and \x1eexiblegenerations. We support environmental stewardship byPro Bono Practice has developed expertise in legal issuesstandards. We are governed by a Board comprising six workforce.utilising business processes that enables waste preventionaffecting asylum seekers and refugees, people in immigrationPrincipals. The Legal Risk and Compliance Manager The Firm has a gender equality strategy and as part of thisand promotes the effective use of resources and alsodetention, not-for-pro\x1fts and charities, wills and states, disputereports to the Managing Director, and is responsible for strategy there is a focus on providing \x1eexibility in the workplace.through business improvement process and initiatives thatresolution, and employment.the \x1frm\'s legal risk management and compliance Prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic the \x1frm had an excellentaim to further reduce our use on power and otherIn the last 7 years we have run three major test cases: SZQRB vactivities and establishing a risk aware culture. reputation for supporting its employees to have \x1eexibility in theirresources.Minister for immigration and Citizenship [2012] FCA 1053, [2013]Russell Kennedy has documented policies and roles. As at August 1 2020, 37% of employees at the \x1frm hadCovid 19 has had a signi\x1fcant, positive, impact on ourHCA Trans 323, M64 v Minister for Immigration and Borderprocedures in areas such as people and culture, \x1fnance, some form of \x1eexible work arrangement. With the changingenvironmental sustainability and has markedly constrainedProtection [2015] HCA 50 and BMF 16 v Minister for Immigrationand IT (including the requirement for cyber security of\x1fce based work landscape, Russell Kennedy has been able toour travel and resource consumption, it has also helpedand Border Protection [2016] FCA 1530 and successfully ran 11training). There is a well established code of conduct and support almost the entire workforce to work remotely and willpromote and encouraged the adoption of a number ofmedical transfer matters for refugees. More recently, the Proa business continuity plan which incorporates an continue to do so.sustainability initiatives, particularly our paper liteBono Practice partnered with Monash Law School\'s clinicalemergency management plan. Russell Kennedy does not Russell Kennedy was awarded the Workplace Gender Equalityinitiative, with our largest litigation practice which wasprogramme in running a new Climate Justice Clinic (CJC) thathave a formal supply chain management policy but does Agency citation "Employer of Choice for Gender Equality" inalso our largest consumer of paper becoming completelygives students opportunity to expand and apply their knowledgework collaboratively with its suppliers to ensure that both 2018 and 2019 and again in 2020. The \x1frm conductspaperless over the course of 2020.of climate law.where ever possible, environmentally sustainable products are purchased. This collaboration takes into Firm:Engagement surveys to collect feedback from employees toOnce the world is back to its new normal, consumption ofWe have strong links to community organisations such as theaccount source of production, manufacturers and ensure that we listen to our people and provide a supportiveresources will obviously increase, particularly that ofAsylum Seeker Resource Centre, Refugee Legal, the Human Russell Kennedy Lawyers culture.travel, taxis, energy and paper. The challenge movingRights Law Centre, Community Legal Centers, Environmentalsuppliers ethical processes such as fairtrade, packaging materials where appropriate and whole of life cycle Headcount: 278 (FTE) forward will be to keep up the momentum of theseJustice Australia, Youthlaw, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Serviceimpacts including product use and \x1ft for purpose, positive changes that Covid 19 has facilitated and not letand Justice Connect. We have also embarked on planning for consumption (low versus high yield) and \x1fnally end of life Floor Area: 6,842m 2 old habits and practices undo all the good that has beenour Re\x1eect Reconciliation Action Plandisposal. achieved. Russell Kennedy Lawyers is a leading Australian law \x1frm with of\x1fces in Melbourne and Sydney. We provide our clients with market-leading expertise, outstanding service and exceptional legal solutions.GENDERPOLICY 40% 62% 83% GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSPOLICY CODE OF CONDUCT POLICYIn April 2019, Russell KennedyEQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE RECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENT(Melbourne) and Aitken Lawyers (Sydney)GENDER GROSS EMISSIONSEQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL IN DEVTmerged to create a 270-strong plusTARGET STAFF STAFF 325t1.2t/employeepractice. This merger brings togetherINITIATIVES: INITIATIVES: Employer of Choice for Gender EqualityGender sensitive promotion and Cultural awareness trainingIndigenous employment and internships two \x1frms with complementaryrecruitmentHost or lead external programsInternal networks or committees92% 0.00% 2.1%NAIDOC WeekNational Reconciliation WeekPro bono support CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR305t CONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPcapabilities across practice areas International Women\'s DayMale Champions of ChangePay EquityBUILDINGS TRAINING MECHANISM PLANAmbassadorFemale advancement, mentoring and coachingTraining -94%including corporate and commercial,Gender awareness unconscious bias 0.04t/m2 NON LEGALdispute resolution, property and0.00% 5.0% 1.2% VOLUNTEERING SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY POLICYdevelopment, government, aged careD 20t CHAIN MANAGEMENTINCLUSIVEI POLICY L POLICY TRAVEL NON-PROFIT/and retirement living, workplace relationsV G 6% COMMUNITYWORKPLACE E B 0 .0 e 0 .0 e PARTICIPATIONand employment, estate planning, familyR T 6t/employ e 1t/employ e INITIATIVES: IN DEVTS IBoardsCharity events and appealsCPD for community sector lawyers law, rural services and renewable energy.I QT +The merger strengthens our clientY NET EMISSIONSOrganised volunteeringStudent tutoring and mentoring SUSTAINABLEINITIATIVES: 325t1.2t/employee SUPPLY CHAINoffering, allowing us to deliver a greater Internal networks or committeesLCA Diversity and Equality CharterMANAGEMENTdepth of expertise. Training - Cultural awareness unconscious biasAWEI reportingIDAHOBITCHARITABLE IN DEVTDayLGBTI awareness trainingPride in Diversity MembershipWear itGIVINGWe build long-standing relationshipsPurple Day ENVIRONMENTAL POLICYwith our clients and work hard to attractMANAGEMENT CORPORATEGIVINGand retain the best people. Our twoFLEXIBLEPOLICY ENV. INITIATIVES: PROGRAM163MANAGEMENTInternal Appeals and CollectionsMatched workplace givingWorkplace \x1frms share similar cultures and values,WORKPLACE WEEKS WEEKS 100% SYSTEM (EMS)and both are committed to making aRETURN TO INITIATIVES: IN DEVT givingPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTEREarth HourECO-BuyGreen Star building 4-6 star difference through our work acrossCARER CARER PARENTALWorld Environment Dayindustry sectors that matter toINITIATIVES: LEAVE LEGAL STRATEGYcommunities. Career break /SabbaticalsCarer\'s leaveChild careFlexible work hoursPRO BONO Job sharingPhased retirementPurchased leaveRemote working tools andRECYCLING100% 100% 0% 100% TARGET METsystemsStudy leaveTime in lieuUnpaid leave(OFFICES) These icons provide limited information about the \x1frmsPRO BONOlegal pro bono commitment. More extensiveCENTREPSYCHOLOGICALPOLICY Centre and on individual \x1frms websites. TARGET% of\x1fce availability information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono WELLBEING PAPER 14,163kg 96% Further informationUSAGE from AusLSA5 1 e R etmployecontenkg/e cycledINITIATIVES: Mental Health Awareness WeekMental health training and internal supportPAPER CERTIFICATION: Wellbeing assessmentsContact Of\x1fcer training and supportFamily FSCPEFCwellbeing sessionsWomen\'s health weekMen\'s health weekPsychological support/ EAPResilience and stress management trainingR U OK? programsPHYSICALPOLICYWELLBEINGINITIATIVES: Discount health insuranceErgonomicsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vaxFruit boxesProactive health checksTeam eventsWork based exercise sessions'