b"2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE Our people programs focus on supporting our \x1frm vision; to beTo further our thinking and reinforce our commitment to aOur focus is to have a positive impact on our local communities.Sparke Helmore is a national partnership and law \x1frm. a market-leading Australian professional services business thatsustainable future, we are currently undertaking aThrough our Pro Bono Practice we provide legal assistance toThe \x1frm's governance arrangements are set out in a our clients choose for outstanding people, legal expertise andGreenhouse Gas Emissions Audit, being conducted byindividuals who have dif\x1fculty accessing justice and assistPartnership Deed. The partners elect a Board responsible our ability to connect. This vision guides everything we do. WePangolin Associates. As part of the audit, our employeescharities and not-for-pro\x1fts so their income can be directed tofor the overall direction and strategy of the \x1frm, and the take pride in our valuesdriven culture and see it as aparticipated in a short survey seeking information aroundfurther advance their valuable services. In the 20/21FY, weBoard in turn appoints a number of Board subcommittees differentiator for our clients and our people. Our most recentcommuting habits, helping us to come up with totalcompleted 15,659 hours of pro bono legal work.to assist, including the Audit and Risk Committee. The \x1frm wide engagement survey revealed strong engagementemissions as a business. The results of the survey will helpAlong with a number of other \x1frms, we have launched a projectpartners elect a National Managing Partner (NMP) to across the \x1frm.inform the next steps for the \x1frm including considerationwith Indigenous Business Australia which focuses on providingmanage the day to day operation of the partnership and Our comprehensive learning framework de\x1fnes clearof actions such as carbon offsets. Off the back of theindividuals and small Indigenous-run businesses with access tothe partnership business consistent with the strategy and development pathways focusing on building capabilities acrossresults of the audit, we also intend to put in place an\x1fnance. This project aims to invest in the \x1fnancial success anddirection set by the Board. The NMP is advised by an legal skills and knowledge; commercial acumen and leadership toEnvironment Management Committee to work toward theeconomic independence of Indigenous Australians. For us, theExecutive Committee which includes National Practice sustain and grow high performing teams and deliver great clientlaunch of a Sparke Helmore Environmental Sustainabilityproject involves providing independent legal advice on the legalGroup Leaders. In addition, there are local of\x1fce service. We invest in leadership skills to uphold a standard ofPlan. We will also develop an Environmental Managementobligations attached to director guarantees for loans. IBAmanaging partners and client relationship partners. excellence for people managers, to facilitate collaboration andSystem, which will be implemented and overseen by theprovides loans to small Indigenous businesses that may notThe \x1frm has appointed a Risk & Compliance Manager encourage strong contributions from all.national Environment Management Committee and willotherwise be able to access \x1fnance through the mainstreamwho is responsible for implementing and facilitating the focus on reducing our environmental footprint, ensuringbanking system. Without this independent legal advice, \x1fnancemaintenance of the \x1frm's enterprise risk management We review and align our people processes and systems to ensurewe are sourcing environmentally sustainable products andcannot be provided to these businesses.framework, compliance programs, ethical business we attract top talent, facilitate high performance and embedimplementing systems and procedures to monitor and practices (including fraud and corruption management) Firm:values-based behaviour. We place strong emphasis on diversitymanage our resource consumption. We run several non-legal initiatives through our Communityand the governance of all \x1frm-wide policies and and inclusion so that we can harness the bene\x1fts of diverseProgram. Our staff are actively involved in a range of community Sparke Helmore Lawyers thinking styles, skills, and experiences. We continue to embedorganisations, from the grassroots level to the boardroom.protocols. workplace \x1eexibility of all dimensions, health and wellbeingDuring COVID-19, we have organised webinars for organisationsThese measures aim to ensure good governance Headcount: 710 (FTE)initiatives, attractive and equitable rewards and bene\x1fts, andto share their wonderful work with our staff and promote givingprocesses and risk management are at the forefront of Floor Area: 14,640m 2 facilitate mentoring, networking and career developmentoptions. everyday decision-making at all levels within the \x1frm, and opportunities for all.to assist mitigating potential fraudulent or corrupt Sparke Helmore Lawyers has a client \x1frstbusiness practices. approach to everything we do. We are a \x1frm with nine of\x1fces across Australia, serving the needs of the insurance, government, \x1fnancial services, technology, mining, construction andGENDERPOLICY 35% 62% 68% GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSPOLICY CODE OF CONDUCT POLICYproperty sectors. Our expertise spansEQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE RECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTcorporate and commercial toGENDER GROSS EMISSIONSconstruction, workplace to insurance, IPEQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL IN DEVTto IPOs, mining to manufacturing, andINITIATIVES: TARGET STAFF STAFF 994t1.4t/employee INITIATIVES:property to procurement. We provide CommBar Equitable Brie\x1fng CharterEmployer of Choice for Gender Equality90% 0.00% 1.0%NAIDOC WeekPro bono supportCODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP OR Host or lead external programsInternal networks or committees support and build connections through International Women's DayPay Equity AmbassadorFemale advancement,BUILDINGS 905t CONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPour pro bono legal and communitymentoring and coachingTraining - Gender awareness unconscious bias 91% NON LEGAL TRAINING MECHANISM PLANinvestment programs. We are dedicated0.06t/m2 VOLUNTEERING IN DEVT IN DEVTD 0.00% 7.6% 1.4% SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY POLICYto taking action to assist our localINCLUSIVEI POLICY L POLICY NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONV G 90t COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERINGIN NON LEGAL CHAIN MANAGEMENTcommunities, ensuring a positive andE B TRAVEL PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGWORKPLACE R TS I 9% INITIATIVES:supportive workplace for our people,I Q 0 . 1 1t/e e e 0 .0 2t/e y e eT + mploy mploBlood donationsBoardsCharity events and appealsCommunity and we consciously operate to maintainY VolunteeringOrganised volunteeringPaid volunteer timeSkilled a business that is environmentallyINITIATIVES: NET EMISSIONS volunteering DCA membershipHost or lead external programsInternal networks orSUSTAINABLE STANDARDS STANDARDS MODERN FEDERAL NSWsustainable. 994t1.4t/employee SUPPLY CHAIN APPLY TO APPLY TO SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATIONcommitteesIDAHOBIT DayLGBTI awareness trainingTraining - CulturalMANAGEMENT EXISTINGNEW PROGRAM PARTICIPATION (PENDING) awareness unconscious biasWear it Purple Day CHARITABLE SUPPLIERS SUPPLIERS IN DEVTGIVING IN DEVT SUPPLIER STANDARD COVER:FLEXIBLEPOLICY ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY CORPORATE PARTICIPATIONEnvironmental ImpactsGender EqualityHuman Rights14287% MANAGEMENT GIVING CORPORATEWORKPLACE WEEKS WEEKS RETURN TO ENV. INITIATIVES: PROGRAM GIVING SUSTAINABILITYREPORTCARER CARER PARENTAL IMPROVEMENT and CollectionsMatched workplace givingWorkplace giving REPORTINGPRIMARY SECONDARY WORK AFTER PUBLISHED TARGETCorporate donationsExternal charity events and appealsInternal Appeals LEAVE INITIATIVES:INITIATIVES:Earth Hour Career break /SabbaticalsCarer's leaveFlexible work hoursFlexibleCSRworking promotion and supportJob sharingLeave return budget adjustmentsLEGAL STRATEGY Part time optionsPhased retirementPurchased leaveRemote workingENV.tools and systemsStudy leaveTime in lieuUnpaid leaveVolunteer leave MANAGEMENT PRO BONOSYSTEM (EMS)IN DEVT TARGET METThese icons provide limited information about the \x1frmsPRO BONOPSYCHOLOGICALPOLICY legal pro bono commitment. More extensiveCENTRERECYCLING89% 100% 33% 67% information is reported by the Australian Pro BonoTARGETWELLBEING STAFF(OFFICES) Centre and on individual \x1frms websites.SURVEYSFurther information% of\x1fce availability from AusLSAINITIATIVES: Black Dog Institute programsMental health training and internal supportPsychological support/ EAPR U OK? programsSalary continuanceMindsPAPER 39,820kg 20%Count TJMF Guidelines USAGE56kg/e e R e ycled ntmploye ccontePHYSICALPOLICY PAPER CERTIFICATION:WELLBEINGFSCNCOSPEFCSTAFF SURVEYS INITIATIVES: ErgonomicsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vaxFruit boxesProactive health checksTeam eventsWork based exercise sessions"