b'FROM THE AusLSA CHAIRS Welcome to the 2021 AusLSA Annual Sustainability Insight During 2021 our society and economy has been forced to face some hard facts about its fragility and the urgency of action required to avoid the worst consequences from years of complacency. We have suffered through a pandemic and been startled by the urgency of addressing human rights, climate and biodiversity crises.While we in Australia look optimistically toward rebuilding and largely leaving the local impacts of COVID behind, in many nations the human impacts of the pandemic are still in full swing. Bringing the pandemic to heal will take years in many countries while their social and economic recovery will undoubtably take many more.As we publish this years AusLSA Insight, the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions are easing, cities are opening up and domestic and global travel options are easing. The operational options for law firms are already expanding very quickly. What changes law firms choose to retain versus the pressure they apply to return to business as usual will drive their organisational culture and environmental footprint for many years to come. We have learned a lot from the COVID pandemic. We learned that we can pull together nationally and globally to share our expertise and resources but we have also learned of the importance of addressing the barriers that hold us apart even when we face common threats or shared opportunities. What will this experience teach us about tackling on a problem like climate change? How will we cooperate where we all share in the responsibility, and we all share the irreversible costs of failing to act. We think the best solution is through high quality, strong and enduring leadership from those in our community with the privilege of influence and the strength of purpose to guide our businesses, communities, families and friends into accepting and rising to the challenges in front of us.Law firms are such leaders. As trusted business advisers, we have the opportunity to work with our clients to transition smoothly and to see the opportunities of being part of a sustainable future.AusLSA members have already demonstrated through their own values and purpose that they believe this is the right strategy to manage their own operations now is the time to share what we have learned to help all of Australia. Brendan BatemanKelvin OConnor Co-Chair, AusLSACo-Chair AusLSA Partner, Clayton UtzConsultant1'