b'BACK TO NAVIGATIONVolunteering is also an act of freewill and so firms also need to find and promote volunteering opportunities that are attractive and varied and allow volunteers to follow specific interests or causes where they personally value the difference they make. Firms may also need to review their risk assessments and mitigate any new or heightened risks posed by COVID-19. This should include an assessment of how volunteer insurance is impacted by the new conditions and the various state of emergency declarations.While firms pivot and respond to rapidly emerging needs, they need to continue their work on the foundations of their programs. The investment in non-legal volunteering programs or initiatives at individual law firms involve significant time and financial costs. Improved monitoring and evaluation systems will assist the firms to understand and tell the story of the benefits that come from this investment. While there are established systems in place to record and reward lawyer time provided on pro-bono legal matters, systems to record non-legal volunteering time and recognise their contribution are rare. 55'