b"2021 AusLSA OUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITYSUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: PROFILE Our people epitomise our culture at Hunt & Hunt. Our values ofAt Hunt & Hunt, following sustainable practices meansPro bono work is a vital part of our \x1frms culture. Hunt & HuntAll of our work is quality driven. Our internal quality trust, teamwork, excellence, innovation and passion are themore than token gestures. We have many practices inencourages and supports its people to use their skills to helpassurance policies and procedures deliver the highest bedrock of everything we do. These values are a solid base onplace to reduce our impact on the environment, andthose who have limited resources, or who cant access legalpossible legal product and continuous improvement via which we can continue to nurture and grow a culture that isthrough our local environment committees weassistance when they need it.our three- pronged approach to ensuring high service inclusive, friendly, fun, collaborative, open and positive. Wecontinually strive to deepen this commitment. In fact, weHunt & Hunt provides pro bono services to a number of charities.levels and performance standards. respect the values of our employees, providing conditions ofregard sustainability as a key element of Hunt & HuntsOur recent pro bono work includes acting for disability Quality peopleto ensure we recruit, motivate, train, work above industry standard and equal opportunities for all.responsibility as a business leader. We are committed todiscrimination complainants, participating in ethics reviewdevelop and retain high performing lawyers and Our employees thrive through training, developing theirintegrating sustainable business practises in our workcommittees for health organisations, and sitting on boards forsupport staff. intellectual capacity for their greater bene\x1ft and quality of life.culture and empowering our people to take personalnot-for-pro\x1ft organisations. We are also signatories to the We are not your usual law \x1frma high percentage of our staffownership of the \x1frms and their individualNational Pro Bono Target, an initiative of the Australian Pro Bono Quality serviceto ensure our service standards, have \x1eexible working arrangements at all levels of the \x1frm. Weenvironmental impact. Centre.matter management processes and approach to client focus on our employees health and wellbeing, in particular theirWe understand the threat that climate change poses torelationship management is at the industry forefront. mental health. We have a series of programs around our healththe international landscape, both economically andWe aim to select partners, suppliers and consultants who Quality outcomesto ensure our advice, and wellbeing program to assist our employees with this and weenvironmentally. As an organisation, we look togenerate positive outcomes for, and build stronger communities.documentation and representation is \x1frst-class. promote and encourage our staff to maintain a healthy work lifeopportunities to reduce and offset the energy demandsThis includes a commitment to engaging with enterprises that are indigenous or women owned. Our centralised matter management process ensures balance.of our practice and encourage our staff to engage inconsistency. This eliminates errors and creates a clear We recognise and value the differences that make each of usactivities which also aid this, such as promoting the usework \x1eow for each matter, contributing to the high public transport through fee subsidies. We also Firm: Hunt & Hunt unique. Through encouraging and promoting diverse ways ofencourage the development of adaptation strategies toquality of our work. Processes in place ensure our advice thinking, and by embracing a culture of inclusion, we will attractis always of the highest quality with a strong mentorship Headcount: 175 (FTE) and retain the best people and enable them to perform to theirreduce the effects of global warming on our environment,program in place, with respective partners reviewing full potential. and ensure our business activities are proactivelywork prior to its distribution to clients. Floor Area: 4,557m 2 responding to this risk.We believe in regularly conducting feedback sessions Established in 1929, Hunt & Hunt is awith our clients, to improve ef\x1fciencies and service delivery, as well as regular formal reporting on matters, vibrant national law \x1frm that deliversincluding progress and costs to date.tailored legal advice to clients throughout Australia. Our broad client base includes not-for-pro\x1ft organisations, large and small businesses, government (federal, state and local), major insurance \x1frms and private clients.GENDERPOLICY 34% 48% 85% GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS INDIGENOUSPOLICY CODE OF CONDUCT POLICYToday, our \x1frm has a strong nationalEQUALITY FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE RECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTGENDER GROSS EMISSIONSfootprint with 35 partners andEQUITY PARTNERS LEGALNON-LEGAL IN DEVTapproximately 250 professionals whoTARGET STAFF STAFF 149t0.85t/employeeINITIATIVES: INITIATIVES:strive to deliver the highest quality legal Gender sensitive promotion and recruitmentHost or lead external programs Af\x1frmative procurementIndigenous employment and internshipsPro 99% 0.00% 0.20% CODE OF COMPLAINTS RISK BCP ORservices. International Women's DayLCA Diversity and Inclusion CharterFemale148t bono support CONDUCT & GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT ERPadvancement, mentoring and coachingTraining - Gender awarenessBUILDINGS TRAINING MECHANISM PLANWe are a founding, and the onlyunconscious bias 99%Australian member of Interlaw, an0.03t/m2 NON LEGAL IN DEVTinternational network of qualityINCLUSIVED POLICY L POLICY 0.00% 0.40% 0.50% VOLUNTEERING SUSTAINABLE SUPPLYI G 1t CHAIN MANAGEMENTmonitored, corporate, commercial andWORKPLACE V B TRAVEL NON-PROFIT/ NON LEGAL PARTICIPATIONER T 0 0 1% COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERING IN NON LEGALindependent law \x1frms spanning moreS I .00t/employ e e .00t/employ e e PARTICIPATION ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEERINGI QT + IN DEVTthan 150 cities globally. This enables us toY INITIATIVES:provide our clients with direct access toINITIATIVES: NET EMISSIONSBlood donationsBoardsCharity events and appealsCommunityDCA membershipLCA Diversity and Inclusion CharterTraining - CulturalVolunteeringOrganised volunteeringMODERN FEDERAL NSW149t0.85t/employee SLAVERY LEGISLATION LEGISLATIONspecialty expertise in local jurisdictionsawareness unconscious biasIDAHOBIT DayInterlaw Diversity & Inclusion(PENDING)and assistance navigating the legal,CommitteeLGBTI awareness training PROGRAM PARTICIPATIONcultural and language individualities whichCHARITABLEoccur when working across countries. FLEXIBLEPOLICY ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY GIVING SUSTAINABILITY 122 90% MANAGEMENT CORPORATE REPORTINGWORKPLACE WEEKS WEEKSGIVINGPRIMARY SECONDARY RETURN TO INITIATIVES: PROGRAM IN DEVTWORK AFTERCARER CARER PARENTALCorporate donationsExternal charity events and appealsMatched LEAVE INITIATIVES:INITIATIVES:Earth HourWorld Environment Day workplace giving Carer's leaveFlexible work hoursPart time optionsPurchased leaveRemote working tools and systemsStudy leaveUnpaid leave RECYCLING100% 100% 30% 100% LEGAL STRATEGYPSYCHOLOGICALPOLICY (OFFICES) PRO BONOWELLBEING % of\x1fce availability These icons provide limited information about the \x1frmsPRO BONOCENTRElegal pro bono commitment. More extensiveTARGETinformation is reported by the Australian Pro Bono PAPER 9,780kg 50% Centre and on individual \x1frms websites.INITIATIVES: Mental health training and internal supportRegistered EAP ProgramR U OK?USAGE Further information56kg/emplo R e ycled con tyee c tenprograms from AusLSAPAPER CERTIFICATION:PHYSICALPOLICYFSCNCOSWELLBEINGINITIATIVES: ErgonomicsWellness awareness and promotionFlu vaxFruit boxesTeam eventsWork based exercise sessions"