b'2023 AusLSAOUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:PROFILE Sustainability and Social Impact is one of the firms key strategicAs a law firm, Gadens has a privileged and professional standing thatGadens has an Operational Risk Management and Compliance pillars. Gadens has also adopted the United Nations Sustainableconfers a responsibility to contribute to the betterment of ourFramework that is underpinned by our values and prescribes our Development Goals framework and pledged to reach Net Zero bycommunity. This includes our professional and ethical responsibilityapproach to corporate governance, risk management and 2030.to enhance access to the legal system, assisting disadvantaged andcompliance with legal and regulatory requirements. The Our Melbourne and Sydney Offices are certified as Carbon Neutralmarginalised people and embracing the concept of corporate socialframework incorporates extensive business continuity and by Climate Active. Gadens aims to be recognised as anresponsibility. disaster recovery protocols. environmentally responsible business that respects the environmentGadens is a signatory to the Australian Pro Bono Centres NationalOur interaction with clients, contractors and suppliers is guided by and communities in which it operates. We believe our commitment toPro Bono Target, which encourages lawyers to subscribe to athis framework. For each decision that is made, we undertake an managing our operations in an environmentally sustainable mannervoluntary target of 35 hours of pro bono work per annum. We areanalysis of the likelihood and impact that a particular risk or group will maximise value for the firm and all our stakeholders. committed to meeting or exceeding this target across the firm. of risks may have on the firms operations, and ensure that We are committed to minimising adverse environmental impactsmitigating controls and / or actions are put in place to minimise and reducing our environmental footprint by continually reviewingThe key priority areas that form the basis of our pro bono programthe likelihood of occurrence or impact. In support of our actions, operations and improving the efficiency of our natural resourceare: we have policies and procedures in place that govern the firm and consumption. ensure our compliance with all relevant laws. Indigenous AustraliansOur Operational Risk Management and Compliance Framework Our initiatives are focused around: Refugees and asylum seekerscovers the following areas:Achieving net zero emissions. Mental healthReducing our power consumption and minimising energy use. Governance and Ethics, Reducing paper usage or only using carbon neutral, acid-freeWe partner with community legal centres including; Arts Law, IARC,Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), paper from farmed trees. ASRC, Moonee Valley Legal Service, Womens Legal Service and theQuality, Moving towards a more electronic way of working across the firm. Mental Health Legal Service. Sustainability, Making environmentally sustainable procurement decisions andProcurement, and ensuring our key, discretional suppliers are adoptingBusiness Continuity.sustainable business practices wherever possible. Our Boards and Executive Management Teams operate within Improving our waste management and recycling practices,the above governance framework and are accountable for their including recycling coffee cups and providing reusable kitchenrespective areas of responsibility. Equity and other partner items to staff.meetings are held as required. CLIMATEINDIGENOUSCODE OF CONDUCT ACTIONRECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTINITIATIVES:INITIATIVES:TelecommutingGreen Star rated buildings 4-6 starNational Reconciliation Action PlanCultural awareness trainingNAIDOC Week Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGERs) compliant reporting National Reconciliation WeekInternships and employmentScholarships andTeleconferencing facilities and trainingPolicy on flight offsetsstudent mentoringFirst Nations ProcurementPro bono supportEarth HourRide to Work DayEnd of trip facilitiesClimate Active Volunteering and secondmentsCollaboration for reconciliation ProgramNABERSs Energy RatingClimate Active - Carbon Neutral Funding and donationsIndigenous Business MonthEfficient building and lighting automationRenewable ElectricityVoluntary Carbon OffsetsEnergy audits in previous two yearsCareerTrackers participation SUSTAINABLE SUPPLYCHAIN MANAGEMENTGROSS EMISSIONS NON LEGAL 661t - 1.1t per employee VOLUNTEERING 50%0% 1.1% 456t69% INITIATIVES:NFP BoardsOrganised staff volunteeringPaid volunteer timeBlood donationsSecondments to NFPsSkilled volunteering programCommunitySUPPLIER STANDARDS COVER: volunteeringArts supportCPD for community sector lawyersHuman rightsEnvironmental impactsFair labour practices 29% 1.9%Community developmentIndigenous inclusionGender equality206tModern SlaveryDiversity and InclusionFraud bribery & corruption0 0 31% CHARITABLE UN Global compact and SDGs. 3 1t/e y e e . 0 2t/e y e epo poGIVING %m l m l39% 100% SUSTAINABILITYREPORTINGINITIATIVES:Firm donation programCharitable foundationWorkplace givingMatched fundingfor employee donationsInternal appeals and collectionsExternal NET EMISSIONS charity events and appealsHost external charity events REPORTING COVERS:0t - 0t per employeeStandalone ESG/ sustainability report LEGAL Standalone environmental sustainability reportENVIRONMENTAL PRO BONO MANAGEMENT These icons provide limited information about the firms legal pro bono commitment. More extensive INITIATIVES:information is reported by the Australian Pro BonoCitySwitch Green Office Centre and on individual firms websites.Click for further information from AusLSA:RECYCLING100% 100% 97% 100% OFFICESPAPER52,145 0% USAGE 8 R4g/e e e c cled ntk mploy e ycont eINITIATIVES:Paperlite office programGreen accredited paper purchase specificationFollow me printingPAPER CERTIFICATION:Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certifiedNCOS Certified Carbon Neutral105'