b'common purpose that brings people together, creates knowledge-focussed communities of practice, and mobilises action.THE IMPORTANCE OF BRINGING PEOPLE WITH YOU TO EMBED ENDURING SUSTAINABLE BEHAVIOURSThere are many obstacles that can prevent organisations from achieving their sustainability objectives. It is critical to have executive sponsorship from the start to provide clarity on what the organisation is prepared to commit to. This is particularly relevant for Australian professional services firms, for whom SDG actions are largely voluntary. With a clear endorsement and demonstrate meaningful action, hasfrom leadership, organisations can plan and shaped our environmental response. Havingresource programs and engage their people with invested in strategic work to establish a clearconfidence. A key focus area for us has been on purpose and vision, we found using the SDGcreating a culture and operating environment framework complemented our corporate valuesthat reinforces sustainable business practices, messaging and helped accelerate and amplifywhere individuals are well informed and able to the impact of our actions. Our experience hasincorporate sustainability objectives into their day-been overwhelmingly positive when it comesto-day decision-making responsibilities. We have to engaging with our people, supply chain, andfound involving internal technology capabilities wider stakeholders about ways to improve ourand expertise to drive actions increasingly environmental impact and response. This is notfacilitates engagement from those setting strategy to say the process has been easy by any means!to those working across our offices. Accessible Weve set ambitious targets to become the firstperformance information, innovative ways for law firm to reach net zero emissions across ourengagement, and clear messaging are some entire value chain and eliminate waste to landfill.examples of how we have influenced behavioural We understand achieving these goals will requirechange on landfill waste and carbon emissions. wide collaboration, dedicated resourcing, andUltimately, achieving sustainable outcomes in a willingness to move past the status quo andbusiness over time relies on both individual continuously improve. The SDGs provide aand collective accountability, working towards responsible production and consumption. 39'