b'GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALSWhat Are They?The Sustainable Development Goals are an agreed set of critical global focus areas with common definitions and targets that include a comprehensive range of inter-connected sustainability issues.The goals were developed by the United Nations in 2015 and include seventeen goals and 169 related targets.The goals and their associated targets promote the interdependence of sustainable developments three dimensions of; environmental, social and economic and integrate them into a universal framework for global cooperation and action.This years AusLSA Sustainability Insight includes a special Spotlight Article about how law rms sustainability strategies can benet from incorporating the SGDs approach.Read it HERE Reproduced with the permission of Azote Images for Stockholm Resilience CentreWhy Are They Important? Cooperation, coordination and partnerships are three of the key determinants of how far and how fast we can move towards sustainability. The Sustainable Development Goals provide an important universal focus to address our global challenges. The United Nations, governments, corporations and non-government organisations can work more cooperatively by using goals and associated targets to identify opportunities, classify their investments and evaluate their progress in these key areas.It is also important that AusLSA and its members can see their sustainability commitments through the lens of the sustainable development goals. By aligning our own sustainability framework with the Sustainable Development Goals we can better understand these global priorities and opportunities, and our roles and obligations to address these issues as a profession and an industry.How Are They Relevant To Members?More and more organisations are learning that exhibiting an organisational purpose that improves the world we live in also inspires their staff and clients, which in turn drives profits and creates sustainable value. The international community increasingly recognises contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as creating shared common value for all stakeholders. Using a common language and shared purpose, the SDGs define a common framework of action and language that will help companies communicate more consistently and effectively with stakeholders about their impact and performance.How Are The Goals Covered In AusLSAs Sustainability Framework?There are very few corporations or industries that would address all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as significant impacts or opportunities. In reality, the nature of our industries, business purpose and professional focus means that different organisations will have stronger opportunities to contribute to different Sustainable Development Goals.Law firms by the nature of their business are exposed to certain common impacts and opportunities that arise by the nature of their profession and industry. These impacts and opportunities are generally shared by most (if not all) law firms and correlate with a number of the Sustainable Development Goals. There is also a second set of impacts and opportunities that will be more specific to the individual business and strategic priorities of different law firms. This may include their market focus but also the focus of community programs including pro bono and charitable giving etc.10'