b'2023 AusLSAOUR PEOPLE OUR ENVIRONMENT OUR COMMUNITY OUR GOVERNANCESUSTAINABILITY SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS: SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS:PROFILE Allen & Overy recognise that, as a global business, we needAllen & Overys social impact programme (encompassing pro bonoAllen & Overy is committed to the highest standards of internal to rise to the challenges and opportunities of environmentalwork and community involvement) uses the skills and time of ourgovernance within the legal profession. As an international law sustainability by continually improving our environmentalpeople to tackle pressing social issues. We organise our volunteeringfirm we have an extensive range of governance systems, performance.We measure performance across our globalwork around two major themes - social mobility and forciblypolicies and procedures that ensure that the firm operates network of offices and report this publicly in our Annualdisplaced people. We apply our resources and experience onbotheffectively whilst meeting our legal, regulatory and ethical Report. Continual improvement is achieved through themulti-jurisdictional projects and specific needs in local communities.obligations within Australia and internationally. ISO14001 certified Environmental Management Systems thatWe regularly assist on matters referred through this service, JusticeOur governance priorities include:operates in our UK and Amsterdam offices and the ISO 50001Connect. In WA, we take on referral matters from Law Access, a certified Energy Management System in Amsterdam. We aresystem designed to allocate pro bono legal assistance to people1.Fostering a strong culture within the firm from the top also members of the UK and Australian Legal Sustainabilityotherwise without access. Our community and volunteering initiativesdown, of robust compliance with the law, professional Alliances, a collective effort by law firms to take action toinclude supporting Wayside Chapel, Karrkad Kanjdji Trust, Refugeerules and internal policies and procedures;improve the environmental sustainability of their operationsAdvice and Casework Service, The Salvation Army Beacon Centre (a2.Leading thinking in the legal profession on risk and activities. support and accommodation facility for the homeless), Edmund Ricemanagement and regulatory questions;Camp for Kids WA (a non-profit community based organisation serving the needs of at risk/disadvantaged children), the Kulbardi3.Developing constructive working relationships with Aboriginal Centre (supporting their aim to increase Aboriginal andregulators, the profession and other third parties in Torres Strait Islander participation in higher education, and therelation to governance;Australian Business and Community Networks mentoring programs4.Ensuring that the firms legal structures are efficient, alongside various other activities selected by staff. Allen & Overy hascompliant and effective; anda global charity partnership that our Australian offices actively support -our current global charity partner is Women for Women5.Maintaining one of the best professional indemnity International.claims records of any peer group firm. CLIMATEINDIGENOUSCODE OF CONDUCT ACTIONRECONCILIATION /RISK MANAGEMENTINITIATIVES:TelecommutingGreen Star rated buildings 4-6 starTeleconferencingINITIATIVES: facilities and trainingECO-BuyPolicy on flight offsetsEarth Hour Reconciliation Action PlanNAIDOC WeekNational Reconciliation WeekEnd of trip facilitiesNABERSs Energy RatingClimate Active - Carbon Internships and employmentScholarships and student mentoringPro bono NeutralEfficient building and lighting automationsupportVolunteering and secondmentsCollaboration for reconciliationForced computer shutdownRenewable ElectricityFunding and donationsCareerTrackers participationGROSS EMISSIONS NON LEGALSUSTAINABLE SUPPLY 1,361t - 5.6t per employee VOLUNTEERING 0%CHAIN MANAGEMENT0% 0.08% 302t22% INITIATIVES:Organised staff volunteeringStudent tutoring and mentoringSecondments to NFPsCommunity volunteering78% 0.16% 1,059t SUPPLIER STANDARDS COVER: CHARITABLE Human rightsEnvironmental impactsFair labour practices 4 0 78%.3t/e e . 0 0 9t/e e e 0%Fair consumer and competition practicesCommunity development oy e m l yGIVINGpl pom Indigenous inclusionGender equalityModern Slavery 0% 0%Diversity and InclusionFraud bribery & corruptionINITIATIVES:Firm donation programCharitable foundationWorkplace givingMatchedSUSTAINABILITY fundingfor employee donationsInternal appeals and collectionsExternal charity events and appealsREPORTINGNET EMISSIONS1,361t - 5.6t per employee LEGALREPORTING COVERS: PRO BONOStandalone environmental sustainability reportENVIRONMENTAL These icons provide limited information about theMANAGEMENT firms legal pro bono commitment. More extensive information is reported by the Australian Pro Bono INITIATIVES:Centre and on individual firms websites. Office green teams Click for further information from AusLSA:RECYCLING100% 100% % 100% OFFICESPAPER6,386 16.0% USAGE 2 R6g/e e e cycled ntk mploy econt eINITIATIVES:Recycled paper purchase specificationPAPER CERTIFICATION:Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certifiedPEFC Australian Forestry standard77'